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If you are a writer of content, or you are a business and you are looking for opportunities to reach the masses.Youtube tube buddy helps this to be the place to be!Imagine that you have access to billions of customers for free!YouTube has cornered the market in video content on the internet.Every smartphone, games console, Smart TV, laptop and Google Chromecast user has access to YouTube.There are many other devices that can stream video content from YouTube.This is great traffic and it’s so easy to get started, you really only need a Smartphone to do basic YouTube videos.The greatest thing about Youtube traffic is……….IT’S FREE!!!

There are apps that you can download from Google Play and the app store to edit your video content as well.You can be your own TV channel by using YouTube by creating video content.Doing YouTube videos can be a bit scary when you first start, but with a little bit of planning and some determination you can create a professional looking video.There are loads of free softwares and tutorials on the internet that can get your business loads of visitors.This is where Youtube tube buddy comes in.

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Youtube – Tube Buddy gets you views

Tubebuddy is a really useful keyword and SEO tool to get your YouTube videos to the top of search results.I use this plug-in myself and it’s a Google Chrome plug-in that allows you to do research into the best keywords, and best practices that you need to do in order to get your videos noticed on YouTube.

Why am I not getting views on Youtube ?

The main reason you are not getting views on your YouTube videos and YouTube channel and general, is because you need to use keywords that are easier to rank for.The keyword suggestion tool and the overall keyword tool in tubebuddy, can help you find keywords that not everybody else is using.

How to use Youtube Tube buddy

I have done a short tutorial on my Youtube channel CLICK HERE to view it.Remember to like,subscribe,comment and share the video and this info.

Affiliate training courses

If you want to learn all the online skills that you need to succeed, try these courses below.Clickbank University, affilorama and affiliate tuber are all designed to show you step by step everything you need to do to become successful at affiliate marketing.All you have to do is take action!!


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TUBE BUDDY YOUTUBE SEO TOOLS allow you to get loads of views on your youtube videos and youtube channel. Tube buddy is a google chrome plugin.You can try it for FREE today.
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