Youtube musicians

If you are a musician or a band, and you are aspiring to get your music out there, you can use the skills that affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs use.These skills are totally transferable to your music career.

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Legendary marketer

If you want to learn the secrets of marketing that affiliate marketers use on a daily basis,you can join a training program called Legendary Marketer.This course will teach you all of the marketing traffic and techniques you will need in the Marketers club Membership.

The first introduction course is called the ’15 Day Business Builder Challenge’,this course teaches you the basics of starting a online business.The skills that Legendary can be transferred into promoting you music and collecting Fan email’s and building your own following.

To try this course and learn a new skill that might make you some money as well,just click the link below.

Join the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge

Build an email list

You will want to build email lists by collecting fan emails and using an autoresponder.

A great way of collecting large emails is using Solo ads try the links below

You will need to set up a email capture page to collect the fan emails from solo ads.

Getting traffic to your Facebook, Band website or any other conent like on YouTube, can be achieved by the online skills you can learn.

I am a musician and I understand how frustrating it can be to get your music seen by other people.I am also a youtube musician and it can be hard to make an impact.

Social media is also a great way of advertising your band, and building a email list.You can target age,gender and location to send traffic to your email capture page.

Ed Sheeran

You can achieve a great online following, artists like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift have utilised the internet for massive amount of fame,just like other youtube musicians.

I heard on the radio, that Ed Sheeran would plough his earnings back into more marketing of his music.

He would invest and reinvest in his marketing.

In fact record companies, are really marketing machines for the music industry.

Record companies and labels used many online marketing techniques, that affiliate marketers use to create a buzz about a band.

Record companies also look for youtube musicians,an example of this can be seen with Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber was found through youtube,he is a prime example of youtube musicians.

Although this is no substitute for getting out on the road and gigging, you need to do both.

What to do next if you are a Youtube Musician ?

If you want to learn the online skills and learn about traffic sources for your website, you can sign up for an affiliate marketing course.

You will learn how to build a landing page to capture your fans name and email address.

Also you will learn how to Drive traffic to your websites and fanpages.

Below are three different courses that can help a band, solo artist and manager to succeed.

Clickbank University, Affilorama and Affiliatetuber courses will help you.

Another great tool for ranking your videos on YouTube is Tubebuddy.

Tubebuddy is a SEO tool for YouTube videos and is a Google Chrome plug-in.

This plug-in allows you to choose the best keywords 4 ranking your videos to the top of search results.

Tubebuddy also allows you to optimise your YouTube videos, by showing you lots of tips and tricks such as your end screen and thumbnails.


Youtube musicians will need to write extensive articles about their music and band history,remember all publicity is good publicity.

Your articles should be at least 2000 words long, Google loves comprehensive valuable content, and so will your fans.

You should be using WordPress as this is the best platform.

Try to become the best youtube musicians you can,use the internet to it’s full potential.


Thank you for taking the time to read the short blog post, you can definitely take your music to the next level, by getting it exposed to as many people as possible.

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