WORK PLACE BULLYING How to deal with it

Work Place Bullying How To Deal With It.If you are being bullied in the workplace, There are many things that you can do to remedy the situation. In this article I will explore the different ways that people are bullied at work and online. Work place bullying is never acceptable and what you can do.

If you are being bullied at work Or you are online and you want to do something about it, There are various ways to do this. So let’s explore how we can deal with workplace bullying.

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Work place bullying.A woman crying because of work place bullying

Introduction to workplace bullying

I will now explain what workplace bullying is.

Workplace bullying is verbal, physical, emotional and any other kind of abuse that leaves the Victim Unhappy, suicidal or wanting to quit their job and the list can be endless.

I have been a victim of workplace bullying on many occasions. In the past I have not handled this very well. As I have got older and I’m now in my 40’s, I’ve managed to deal with this kind of bullying on many occasions.

Because I am older and wiser than I was when I was a child or teenager,it’s given me a unique way of dealing with this problem.

The bullying can be online so i will be covering this as well.If you are being bullied in social situations,this article can still help you.

You can also call the local police to place a complaint or get legal advice.

Step 1 Work place & online bullying

What you need to do is collect evidence of any the following;

  • electronic Communications
  • SMS texts
  • social media posts
  • photos
  • audio
  • letters
  • emails
  • Memes or skits

What bullies have a tendency to do is, always place the blame on the Victim.

If you received a text on a smartphone, Simply do a screenshot of the full text.

When you receive an email that is bullying or offensive, You need to keep a record of these emails by printing them off.

You can do the same with photographs and do a screenshot of any social media messages and posts.

If the bullying is happening in person, Use your smartphone or an audio recording device where possible. You will need to check the law, Concerning the industry you are in. This is because some Industries prohibit video on audio recording.

Work place bullying.A woman is crying and sad because her boss has been bullying her at work and on social media.

Step 2 Work place & Online bullying

Once you have compiled your evidence of the bullying in the workplace or online.

You will then need to contact your line manager or supervisor.

If you are being bullied by your line manager, you will need to contact his/her line manager,this maybe the boss if its a small company.

When Reporting bullying in the workplace, there are lots of legislation depending on what country you are from. You will need to take legal advice from a professional if you cannot sort the situation out.

If your fired

In the UK we have employment tribunals,check link below. This can be useful if you have been unfairly fired or are having problems with an employer.

In the USA the you can look at the link below for more info on unfair termination of your employement.

Work place bullying.How to deal with being fired unfairly by your boss.

Step 3 Work place & Online bullying

If the work place bullying is happening on social media,you can take lots of steps to prevent this happening.If you are on Facebook you can set your profile to private in the privacy settings.

You can also set your posts to exclude certain friends on Facebook.

The best way of preventing online bullying is to block the person doing it,you can also report them to Facebook.You really don’t need negative people on your social media!!!!

Most social media platforms have this option of blocking people or reporting offensive posts.

“the best revenge is massive success” – Frank sinatra

The late Frank Sintatra is famous for saying “The best Revenge is Massive Success”.

This is a very true statement and quite often work place bullying comes down to jealousy over some petty issues.

If your really fed up with work place bullying and really want to get your own back,you can start building a online business.

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Conclusion – work place & Online bullying

When experiencing work place bullying,you need to remain calm, and under no circumstances show any signs of aggression or make any threats.

I remember when I worked in education many years ago,I was the victim of work place bullying and I didn’t handle it in the right way.

I walked out,instead of doing what I should have done.Including the steps that are in this article.

It is worth keeping a diary of all the incidents of work place and online bullying.

This will make it easier so you have evidence if you need to take legal action you can.

This kind of abuse can and should be taken seriously,your employer has a duty of care for your well-being!Sometimes the only way to sort this problem out is to take legal advice.

Organizations like The Citizens Advice in the UK can help you with FREE info and advice,see link below.

If you are in the USA you can check the website below for more info on help

Disclaimer:This article is not legal or employment law advice.

You should always seek professional advice when you are experiencing work place bullying. The same can be said with online bullying as well.

work place bullying.The author Philip Morris
I Hope this article helps you through your difficulties – Philip Morris

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