Whats Inside The 15 Day Business Builder Challenge

So whats inside the 15 day business builder challenge ? The 15-day business builder challenge is a course by Legendary Marketer. This course is an entry-level affiliate marketing course, that helps you to start a profitable online business.

The 15-day business builder challenge is a part of one of the most powerful training platforms for affiliates. Read the rest of this review to get an overview of what’s actually inside the 15 day business builder challenge by Legendary Marketer.

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Whats inside the 15 day business builder challenge – Introduction

Have you ever wondered how to gain financial freedom online? Affiliate marketing is a well-known business model that enables people to work from home or anywhere in the world.

All you need is a laptop and a smartphone, to start the business builder challenge.I will be showing you what is in the 15 day business builder challenge, so that you know what you are letting yourself in for.

whats inside the 15 day business builder challenge.Dave Sharpe
Dave Sharpe – Motivating at his event

What is the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge?

I have to say that this 15 day business builder Challenge by legendary marketer, is one of the best courses I have ever encountered.Now you might think, that because I am promoting this course, I would be biased.

This is not the case though, because I have been using Legendary Marketer products for years.The training that Legendary Marketer provides, is second to none.

The 15 day business builder challenge and other courses, have helped me grow my affiliate skills on YouTube channel, email Marketing on my blog.

The course does this by guiding you through a, step-by-step 15 day program to your first online sales.

So to put the 15 day business builder challenge into a nutshell, it’s a powerful online business and marketing training tool.

Who is Dave Sharpe?

Dave Sharpe is the founding father of Legendary Marketer and he has as made over $200 million in sales.

He started from a working class background and Dave was also a High School Dropout. Once he discovered the world of online business and affiliate marketing, his life started to improve and it has changed immeasurably.

Dave Sharpe with his family

Dave Sharpe is a entrepreneur and family man, that has created many multi-million dollar companies. His latest and greatest achievement has been Legendary Marketer. online learning course website.

He has tried many of the other poorer cousins of affiliate marketing, such as MLM,NETWORK MARKETING and a myriad of other ventures.After he discovered affiliate marketing,he was pleasantly surprised with its profitability.

whats inside the 15 day business builder challenge?….Continued!!!

So whats inside The 15 Day Business Builder Challenge?

Once you have taken action and joined the 15-day business builder challenge. You will discover day by day video tutorials towards getting paid as an affiliate marketer.

So basically the course gives you the entry level skills that you need to succeed at Affiliate Marketing.

You will also get a one to one business plan consultation, with your business advisor from the Legendary Marketer team.

You will get the affiliate domination formula which includes ad copy, email templates, video and phone scripts.

You will also get access to the Legendary Marketer private Facebook group community, that has over 18000 other students.

whats inside the 15 day business builder challenge.
Laziness will get you know where

Who is this challenge for?

I will start with who this challenge is NOT suitable for. This challenge is definitely not suitable for people who want to get rich quick.

This challenge is not suitable for the metaphorical tyre kicker or Window Shopper.

The 15-day business builder challenge is there for action takers, who want to start a online business that can potentially be life-changing.

This course is for people who have ambition and like to put into action, what they have learned.I will also say that this course has been designed for people who have a good work ethic.

This course is definitely not for lazy people, who think the world owes them something.

It’s for those people who are looking for financial freedom. Think of this course as the entry level for a road-map to success.

This course is for those who are stuck with online business, or those just starting out and who want to know how to move forward.

What you will be getting is a reputable low ticket entry level product, created by actual digital marketers.

There are so many fake gurus selling rubbish courses on the internet on YouTube, so don’t be fooled by those Jokers.

The 15-day business builder challenge is the real deal and you will get a lot of value from this course.

I am really surprised that this course is not in the hundreds of Dollars range. In the past I have bought many courses and spent upwards of $300, and those courses didn’t even have nowhere near as much value and info as this course does.

whats inside the 15 day business builder challenge?….Continued!!!

Is Legendary Marketer a MLM Or Scam?

No! Some people will think that this company is an mlm or scam, but it’s not for a few reasons.

The first reason that legendary marketer is not a scam company, is that there is no pressure to sell the products they provide.

Generally mlm schemes will pressure you to recruit other people, and sell them poor quality products.

Although legendary marketer has a fantastic high ticket affiliate program, the products they provide are all high quality and useful. Sure you can learn how to make $1000 to $10,000 in commissions promoting Legendary,but you don’t have to promote them.

Another point to mention is that the affiliate program has a free option for you to become a member, the team at Legendary will even email your leads for you. You can also download your leads to a 3rd party email marketing platform like Aweber.

Legendary marketer is not a pyramid or mlm scheme, because you simply can’t build a pyramid structure business model with the affiliate program.

They are also very open and honest, and your business advisor is very approachable. Your business advisor can be contacted via email and phone call.

Get the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge Inluded with the Ebook

15-Day Business Builder Challenge Day-By-Day

What’s Inside The 15 Day Business Builder Challenge – Day 1

When you sign up for the 15 day business builder challenge, you will see see the dashboard. You can easily navigate through all of the days on the left-hand side of the screen.

You can also so book a call with your business advisor on the tabs at the top of the screen.

On day 1 you will learn the number one secret to building a high ticket high profit business online.

You will also learn about sales funnels and why websites are not always the best way of making money anymore.

Amazon Associates have just reduced their the commission rates on most products’, so blogging has become even less profitable than it used to be! As of April 2020!

You’ll also learn about the value ladder, and why it’s important to have a value ladder in your business.

Once you have watched the video you can complete your digital marketing assessment quiz.

Don’t forget to schedule your one-on-one business plan call with your advisor!

You can also claim your free bonus scripts and templates.Don’t forget to tune into your wake up legendary calls. You can also use the Aweber share code to import pre-written emails provided by Legendary,if you decide to promote them.

whats inside the 15 day business builder challenge?….Read on!!!

Day 2

On Day 2 you will find out the top 4 successful online business models, and why high ticket products are better.

You will also find out what affiliate marketing is in fine detail and how it works.

David also talks about affiliate marketing in easy-to-understand language for beginners.

He will also talk about the five different things you need to know, before choosing any online business opportunity.

Day 3

As we move on today 3 you will learn how to sell using a power of affiliate marketing, also learning what not to do.

You will also learn how to create an email list, and why you need an email list for your online business.

You will also find out how to setup your funnel, for your affiliate marketing business. This video shows you how to build a Bridge Funnel in less than 30 minutes.

As well as all the valuable content you’ve learned, you will also get to meet the 30 plus person team behind Legendary Marketer in a video.

What’s Inside The 15 Day Business Builder Challenge – Day 4

On day 4 you will learn what your money blueprint is, and how you can change it.

Dave also talks about the best lessons that you can find in rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert kiyosaki. A brilliant book that has the secrets to wealth, and the Millionaire mindset.

You will also fill out the clarity process questionnaire, this will help you a lot in focusing on your goals.

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a highly recommended book in the entrepreneurial world, and you can order a copy from Amazon.

Day 5

Learn about Jay Abraham’s three pillars of Revenue, to grow your business online.

You will also learn why you need a business plan and get 5 questions that will help you get started in creating it.

You will also complete and submit your business plan.

Day 6

You will learn on day 6, about how to be resourceful with money.

How to use haters and people who don’t support your ideas to fuel your business.

You will also get a limited time offer to purchase the business blueprint bundle.This includes the five major programs that legendary offers plus many bonuses, for the price of just one program.

You will also get to hear from real testimonials from real people, who have gone through the Legendary marketer training system.

What’s Inside The 15 Day Business Builder Challenge – Day 7

On day 7 you’ll also get very good advice on when is the right time, to “quit your job and build your business full-time”.

Dave also talks about why patience is the ultimate key To Success in your business and your life.

Day 8

On day 8 you will learn what are high income skills, and why you need them to be successful.

You will also learn why sucking at something, can also be a vital part of creating your online success.

Day 9

In day 9 Dave talks about, “what is lead Generation” on why you need it to build an online business.

You also get lessons learned from Mark Harbert on how to generate leads online.

There is also a section you can complete, “what is your biggest challenge or question around lead Generation?”.

Day 10

On day 10 you will learn what is copy-writing, and also how to grow your business by using it.

Tips learned from Steph Perez about email marketing.

You will also complete: what is your biggest challenge or question about copywriting.

Day 11

On day 11 you will learn why sales and presenting skills are important for your online business.You will also complete: what is your biggest challenge or question around sales and presenting?

Day 12 – What’s Inside The 15 Day Business Builder Challenge

You will learn about the three core income skills, that you will need to outsource when starting an online business.

Would you like to have all your copywriting,lead Generation and other technical set up done for you?

Day 13

On day 13 you will learn how to use other people’s money to start your online business and build it.

Day 14

You get three tips that are really valuable, that will take you from being a wantrepreneur through to a entrepreneur.

Why making long-term commitments to stay focused and persistence, when building your online business are really important.

Even when you feel like giving up and things get really tough.

Day 15

On this final day of the 15 day business builder challenge you will have faith in yourself.

It’s important to believe in yourself, and build on that.You will also need to follow your business plan.

The option for applying for the Legendary marketer affiliate program, is also offered but not compulsory.

In fact you can use the skills that you learn through legendary marketer, and apply them to any niche that you want to promote.

You will also be able to Pat yourself on the back, and be proud of yourself for making it to the last day of the Challenge.

How Much Does The 15 Day Business Builder Challenge Cost?

The 15-day business builder challenge costs less than a cup of coffee, or cheeky snack at your local fast food place.

You can get the 15 day business builder Challenge for $1.99, when you purchase the insider’s guide to affiliate marketing eBook.

Other Legendary Marketer Product’s

Legendary marketer are such a good training company, that they have on vast array of training videos online.

The marketers club has thousands of hours with of amazing training. The traffic University bundle teaches you everything you need to know, about getting traffic from social media and paid ad platforms.

Theres also another entry level product called the copywriters PlayBook. This will help you when writing ad copy and other content.

You will also find some highly advanced training courses on Legendary Marketer.The business blueprint is the ultimate affiliate marketing course. There’s also a coaching and Consulting business blueprint, as well as events and mastermind business blueprints.

super affiliate classroom course.a woman at her laptop learning affiliate marketing techniques

So Now It’s Time to stop wasting money on fake courses and TAKE ACTION!

I hope you have found this review informative and packed with interesting stuff. If you want to learn more,then try the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge for yourself.

There are different ways to access it below;

Thanks for reading and if you want to read more tips and tricks,just visit my homepage


You can also find me on Youtube by Clicking the button below!

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