What Is The AIDA model In Advertising,Sales and Marketing ?

There’s something called the AIDA model in the world of advertising and marketing. This is the best kept secret to becoming a success in affiliate marketing, sales, digital marketing and all other forms of advertising. Not many newbie people have heard of the AIDA model, but allow me to explain.

This article has the power to send your sales through the roof and beyond,just by following these simple tips contained in the AIDA model. Are you ready to get the best FREE lesson of your sales and affiliate marketing career ? Ok, let’s begin!

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aida model diagram

Introduction To The AIDA Model

When trying to convince anyone to part with their money, it can be really frustrating to get zero results from your efforts. So you might have spent hours researching and writing blog posts, video scripts and advert text (Ad copy) just to see people turn their nose up at it.

Humans are really fussy creatures and the AIDA model is here to help you improve your writing (copywriting), so you get more sales, leads and results from your content. The AIDA model was created in 1898 by E. St. Elmo Lewis. Its original scientific steps were used to optimize sales calls to customers. The legacy of Mr Lewis is over 100 years old and still being used to this day, so this tells us how important and successful it is. So what does AIDA model stand for ?

AIDA stands for the following;

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

In order to persuade people to buy anything we need to win them over, kind of like flirting. This process of working is used by all successful affiliates, sales, YouTubers, marketers, digital marketers, TV, Radio ect. In short, the AIDA model is the steps a customer goes through when purchasing a product. So let’s start with Attention.

aida model attention

AIDA Model – “Attention”

When we talk about Attention, we are really talking about the catchy headlines that makes you want to click. If you’re a YouTuber it could be a combination of the thumbnail and headline. We basically are wanting the potential customer to click on our content by getting their attention. The look and feel of the graphics and the colors used can also grab peoples attention.

The affiliate and digital marketing world is crowded, so you need to give people a reason to view your content over others. Proven examples of blog and YouTube headlines that grab attention are;

  • How to…………………..
  • Top 10………….
  • The untold truth of …………….
  • They don’t want you to see this……..
  • The Tragic Life of……

The catchy headline can really make a real difference on whether someone clicks on a blog post or advert. Sometimes humor can be a way of catching people’s attention using the AIDA model. You really need to stand out from the crowd while using this tried and tested model of copywriting.

aida model interest

AIDA Model – “Interest”

The Interest phase of the AIDA model is used to tell customers about the product. You need to use language that makes people want to continue reading or watching your content. Getting people interested in products can be done through facts and figures. You must know your product inside and out, so you can create a good basis for the next step, “Desire”.

aida model desire


This phase concentrates on engaging the customers emotions and paint points. You need to give examples on how your product will provide a solution to their needs. Testimonials can be used in this step, testimonials provide social proof. The desire step should be enticing enough to make the customer want to buy the product. Setting time limitations and scarcity can also help to create desire and Action, people hate feeling like they are missing out.

aida model action

AIDA Model “Action”

Once the customer has been aroused to want to purchase the product/service, they must be given a call to action. Examples of a call to action would be “Add to Cart”,”Proceed To Checkout”. It can also be a call to action like “Enter your Email”, when generating email leads. If it’s a Youtube video, you can direct people to click the link in the description.

Sometimes adding a discount or something FREE e,g ebook/gift can entice people to enter the buying process. “Get 50% Off for a limited time only” or “Offer ends today, get yours before they’re all gone”.

Profits can also be maximized in the sales funnel by introducing upsells. Upsells are optional products that customers can add to their shopping cart. Your funnel software will enable this, a popular sales funnel software is Clickfunnels.

Learn more About Copywriting and affiliate marketing

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Thanks for reading my short blog post on the AIDA model.

What Is The AIDA model In Advertising,Sales and Marketing ?
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What Is The AIDA model In Advertising,Sales and Marketing ?
This article has the power to send your sales through the roof and beyond,just by following these simple tips contained in the AIDA model. Are you ready to get the best FREE lesson of your sales and affiliate marketing career ?
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