Max Bounty CPA networks explained – maxbounty affilate offers

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What is CPA affiliate marketing?

Max bounty is a great CPA (cost per action) affiliate network that pays commissions when customers fill out details and completing an action. Maxbounty affiliate offers are among the best affiliate offers around from some top companies.There will be affiliate offers for most countries in all niches.Get Maxbounty affiliate offers NOW!!!.It’s FREE to Join!!!!

You can get unlimited amounts of commissions by sending traffic to your links.You can even get paid in Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Maxbounty affiliate offers are well worth checking out and you even get your own affiliate manager.

Maxbounty CPA Affiliate NetworkInfo
Personal finance Niche There are plenty of loan companies and debt relief companies to promote here.
Dating NicheThere are loads of dating sites to promote for hookups and relationships
Weightloss NicheThere are lots of slimming products and diet products to promote.
Software NicheLots of technology and software products ideal for promoting.

Max bounty cpa affiliate network

When you want to make money online doing affiliate marketing,you will need affiliate offers to promote. Maxbounty affiliate offers are a great addition to monetize your blog articles and website pages.

If you have a blog post or a website and you are looking to make additional income.Maxbounty can help.

Maybe you are an affiliate marketer and you like promoting products on social media,youtube or email.

It can be hard to find good affiliate products to promote and some products are really spammy looking.

Max bounty

Some of the better affiliate networks like Max Bounty have a great reputation and also have some of the worlds major brands for you to promote. Maxbounty affiliate offers can be found in every niche and you can take advantage of some great high ticket commissions.

All you do is Signup for Max Bounty HERE you will then be contacted by one of their team,it’s totally FREE to signup.

Max bounty is a cpa (cost per action) network – Maxbounty affiliate offers

Once you have been contacted by a member of Max Bounty, they will ask you why you want to promote and what level of experience you have.

This usually only take a day or two and your all setup.

Once your registered you can then search campaigns and you will find lots of products to promote,some products are lead based where you get a set commision e.g. $100 per signup,some of the offers are a percentage based commision e.g. 10%,50%,80% of the total sale.

What is CPA Marketing?CPA stands for Cost Per Action. Unlike other marketing models where an advertiser pays for every surfer seeing their ad (CPM) or clicking on their ad (CPC), an advertiser under the CPA model pays only when a specific action is taken on their website.

The advertiser defines this action in advance and only pays when that action is taken.

This advertiser action can be as simple as filling out a form on their website or as complex as a multi-page sign-up ending with a purchase through credit card.

Generally speaking, the more involved the action, the higher an affiliate would expect to be paid for generating it.

Once you have found your affiliate product in the search campaigns sections, you get the display below.

searching for maxbounty affiliate offers.

The campaign tells you all of the allowed promotion methods such as social,email,search,mobile ads ect.

How to create a link – with Maxbounty affiliate offers

Maxbounty affiliate offers can be banners in HTML format or just plain URL links.To get these offer from maxbounty it’s really easy.

Just go down to the bottom of the page of the maxbounty affiliate offer to the ‘Creatives’ section. Then you need to select from ‘Select creative type’.Then you can choose the right affiliate banners,search and many other types of creatives.

Then you can click ‘Get tracking code’ and your affiliate link will appear.Maxbounty sometimes changes the format of their website,but it’s basically how the same process of how you get the Maxbounty affiliate offers for your blog articles and affiliate traffic sources.

Maxbounty affiliate offers are unique because you can get paid in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency but if you want to get paid directly into your bank, they offer payment via Payoneer (See picture below).

how maxbounty pays can get paid in Bitcoin or by bank transfer through payoneer

Once you have your tracking code you can promote via your chosen methods.Its a great platform and you can make lots of money using the top products and the service MaxBounty provides.

How to create an account – to get Maxbounty affiliate offers

Maxbounty is not as easy to get registered as clickbank, but all you need to say is that you have some experience, they should accept your application.

Always remember that if you want to promote maxbounty affiliate offers,it’s totally FREE to join!!!

To create a maxbounty affiliate offers account just click the link below and register for FREE

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How to drive traffic to your landing page

If you want to drive traffic to your landing page you can use solo ads by clicking the links below,it’s the fastest way to build your email list

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How build a profitable niche website – course

If you want to learn how to make the most out of Maxbounty affiliate offers,there is a course called Project 24 by Income School,teaching you how to build a profitable niche blog website using WordPress.

Income school is a website run by Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler,they run a fantastic online courses called Project 24.Passive income can be a difficult skill to learn and this is where building a business can cause a lot of people to give up before they have even got started.Learn how to build a profitable niche website in 60 steps.

I really like Project 24,because Jim and Ricky’s advice is so good and useful for building a passive income online.You can learn a lot by listening to these two guys.

The Project 24 course is there to help you every step of the way.They will run through every step from start to finish,of all of the things you need to create a passive income website.


Ricky and Jim are brilliant at giving valuable content online through Youtube videos and blogs.They are experts in SEO and have plenty of skills that can help other entrepreneurs.

They have created a network of profitable niche websites that earn them both a fantastic online passive income.Their website Income School has become famous through their online presence on Youtube.I am huge fans and have listened and taken action with the advice they give,it’s really helped me to grow my own online business.

Jim Harmer is a professional photographer from Idaho and has had plenty of success with his career.He has been a blog writer for many years and has taken his knowledge and created a great online business with his colleague Rick.

Rick Kesler is co founder of Income school and blogger,he has a background in business as well.

Jim and Rick are great motivators of people, project 24 will help any budding entrepreneurs to succeed with their niche websites and blogs.


Project 24 is a course for learning how to build a profitable niche website over a 24 month period.The first two years of a websites life can be difficult,because the major issues are web traffic and monetization.

Online business can be a mine field of false info and promises,with some shady ‘So called Affiliate marketing Gurus’ making claims they can’t back up.

Jim and Ricky have created a great course that includes a lot of content,the content they provide is tried and tested.We know this because they have used the same techniques they teach on their own websites.

They quite clear and honest about how much their websites earn in one of their Youtube videos and its not pocket change,some of their websites make $60,000 per Month.

The bogs they have created range from photography to pets and the list goes on.

.They walk through the 60 step approach to making a website that can make you money online.

The content included on the Project 24 course;

60-Step Approach to a Profitable Niche Site

A Podcast to Give You the Newest Techniques

A community of students, and also Ricky & Jim’s expertise

A library of Courses for learning Everything you need to know

Building a niche site for passive income takes lots of dedication and hard work in the beginning,so choosing Project 24 will help you reach your goal of mastering passive income a real possibility.

This course is idea for people who want to monetize their blogs, and for people who want to start from scratch as well.You can start learning step by step, how to get your website up and running and getting that all important organic search traffic from Google.

To join the Project 24 course and learn how to build a profitable niche website,just click the link below.The Maxbounty affiliate offers will come in really useful for any website you choose to create.

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