What is entrepreneurship

What is entrepreneurship, you can look below for its most basic definition.Th e whole question of entrepreneurship can be boiled down to a person who takes risks in exchange for financial gain.

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noun: entrepreneurship
the activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.
“the new business opportunities have encouraged entrepreneurship on a grand scale”



When we think of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship

There have been many entrepreneurs throughout human history, entrepreneurs basically take risks.

There are many many famous entrepreneurs like Thomas Edison and Richard Branson, Elon Musk and a myriad of others.

These entrepreneurs and business people have made huge sacrifices in order to expand and succeed at business.

I have heard stories of entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, sleeping in the factory and working 24 hour days in order to get the job done.

In fact everything that you see around you, products, services, are really the combined efforts of a lot of entrepreneurs.

Most people don’t want to take risks, people who are risk-averse, don’t tend to be entrepreneurs.

This is because they are worried about losing money or losing face.

They may be under pressure to please their partners or their friends, they care about what other people think.

Entrepreneurs have the amazing ability to not care what other people think about them.

They have the ability to take an idea and make it a reality.

Business models


There are lots of different business models that entrepreneurs use in the 21st century, below are a few business models that entrepreneurs use.

Shops are the most traditional of entrepreneurial endeavours, shops have business rates, rent and stock costs.
The main problem with retail in the 21st century, is the amount of competition that is growing online.

How many high street names have you seen in your lifetime, that have gone out of business.

If you get a retail outlet off the ground, you can do extremely well but changing fashions and trends can soon close your business.

I have had personal experience of helping to run shots as a manager, apart from the business costs of running a shop, there are also other considerations.
Theft by shoplifting and unwelcome members of staff are also a downside to retail.

Services – Tradespeople

I have had personal experience providing services to the general public and business.

Services can be a great way of being self-employed.

You get to meet people from all walks of life whether you are a plumber, electrician or any other kind of trade person.

Having a trade is great but you are trading time for money.

Some tradespeople can earn a lot of money, but from time to time work can dry up.

This can be because of economic climate, a change in fashions and trends or any other Factor out of your control.

Many trades can also be backbreaking work.

I used to run a removal company, and some days I was so tired I couldn’t even move.

Online retail – Dropshipping

Online retail has seen massive increases over the past 10 years.

Like I mentioned earlier on in this article major retailers on the high street have suffered.

If you find a product that people really want or need, you can make absolute Fortunes.

The way a lot of people work when selling online, is to use dropshipping.

Dropshipping is a great way of making money because, you don’t need any stock.

Dropshippers build a website/ online store, and put stock photos with item specifics on their products.

When a customer find the dropshippers website and clicks to buy the item, the drop shipper takes the money and buys the item from a place like Alibaba and AliExpress.

The prices are wholesale prices, so the dropshipper keeps the profit.

As long as the drop shipper has marked up the profits to cover all costs, he or she can make lots of money.

The only downsides with dropshipping are customer complaints and Returns.

This can be a real problem if you are buying items from China or any other country,is were sending the item back or receiving the item takes up to 4 weeks or more.

If you are dropshipping through eBay this can be a really serious issue.


Setting up a factory to create products can be a very expensive process indeed.

Profit margins can be very slim, and not to mention the costs of equipment, rent and business rates.

Another factor that you must think about, is who will run the factory.

Employment law can be a complicated set of Rules to learn.

Plus you need to set up a payroll system, in the UK we have income tax, National Insurance and work based pension scheme.

You also need employers liability insurance, health and safety and many other considerations.

Lots of companies who produce goods, struggle to compete in the Global marketplace.

This is because goods can be produced with cheap labour abroad.

This is why China will be the world’s top economy in the next few years.

Affiliate marketing

The internet is a global technology.

The great thing about the internet is that you can reach billions of people around the world.

Affiliate marketing is great because you don’t need any stock, all you need is a website and some internet traffic.

Affiliate marketing is basically the promoting of products services and getting paid a commission.

Commission rates start from 10%, right up to 70 to 80%.

This is because companies that you are promoting, try to upsell extras.

It can be quite difficult to succeed affiliate marketing, unless you have the right kind of mindset and training.

Entrepreneurship is separated into different categories cold niches.

Below are some examples of different niches;

weight loss

health and fitness

personal finance and cryptocurrency

The list just goes on and on and there are loads of different niches and sub niches.

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