What is a landing page

What is a landing page?In digital marketing,A landing page can be described as a standalone website page.The landing page is used as part of a marketing/advertising campaign,You will share your landing page link in the call to action of your advert,youtube video or any other place online.

Popular traffic sources you can place your landing page link on, are Youtube,Instagram, Google, Bing, Pinterest and Twitter.

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When you put a advert online, you need to direct them to your landing page. You can also find landing page links in the description of YouTube videos, pins on Pinterest, Facebook advertising and all other social media platforms.

Once you have got a customer’s name and email address, you can build trust through a nurturing process.You can promote many products and services to them,making money in the process.

As a marketer your email list is your business,your email list is the biggest asset you have.Email marketing is still the number one way to communicate with your audience.All companies with a online presence will collect emails,this is a standard marketing practice.

Just think of all the potential sales you could get, from a email list that’s got hundreds, thousands or even millions of emails on it.

Don’t ever be conned into buying or renting email lists because,most of the email auto-responder services like AWeber have become wise to this practice.

Your landing page should be professional looking and very simple,you can also offer a free gift like an audiobook or video tutorial.

Below is an example.

The difference between a landing and home page

A home page will have lots of links to blog articles and other websites on it.Your landing page will have a simple opt-in form and basic text, with some images and maybe a video on it.You don’t want too many distractions.Make sure you have a call to action,make your page into a lead magnet by offering FREE stuff.

You can get free videos,ebooks and software from PLR-Assasin.com,or create your own materials.Then you can put the free items you want to share in a shared folder on your Google drive.Then simply put that link in your welcome email so your signups get the free items.

How to build landing pages

There are various ways to build your pages for your marketing and advertising campaigns. Clickfunnels, Aweber, Wix and WordPress are just a few to mention.

To build a page quckly using a simple drag and drop system,you can use WIX. It’s very easy to get a basic page in record time using WIX.

Just signup and then choose business templates, and scroll down to the page templates.This will give you a choice of free templates that you can use,if you upgrade to a paid membership on WIX,you can link your domain and drive traffic to it using FREE Google or social media traffic.

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aweber logo.what is a landing page.build opt-in forms for landing pages with aweber

You can also use AWeber to create a landing pages and also collect emails. Aweber uses a similar easy to use drag and drop system,with a selection of FREE templates to choose from.

You can get a 30 day free trial if you use the link below. Aweber is the most well known email marketing service in the world.They are the market leaders and have lots of features,you can also integrate Aweber into loads of apps like Twitter and other business services.

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how to install optin form on a landing page – aweber

  1. Sign into Aweber
  2. Click on the opt in form creator tab.
  3. Build your form from a template,remembering to save it.
  4. When you get get to the publish section,click on ‘I want to install the form myself’
  5. You can choose from JS or HTML,Choose HTML.
  6. You will be given you HTML code,highlight the code (Ctrl+A).
  7. Then copy the HTML code (Ctrl+C).
  8. Then you will need to go into your Landing page on your website.
  9. Add a block HTML widget or custom HTML block,where you want to put your opt-in.
  10. You then paste (Ctrl+V) the HTML code into the HTML widget/block.
  11. Then click save and publish.
  12. Test your opt-in form.

If you want to use Aweber to create a landing page,its super simple.The Aweber Pages already comes with opt-in forms.Just login to Aweber and select the landing page tab.Then choose a template,you can fully customize ever aspect of your landing page.

The drag and drop system allows you to change the background image and color.You can change the text fonts and size,you can add video and images. You can fully edit the opt-in form text and color.When someone submits a email,you can send them to a custom URL like a sales page for affiliate products.

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What is a landing page?In digital marketing,A landing page can be described as a standalone website page.The landing page is used as...
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