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Neil Patel is a successful entrepreneur and mentor, who has helped millions of people on Youtube and his website.His latest and greatest addition to his excellence in providing value to the affiliate marketing and business community world is Ubersuggest.

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Ubersuggest is a FREE tool on Neil’s website that allows it’s user to search for keywords,so you can analyse the SEO rank of keywords and search volume.

Ubersuggest detects keywords on domains

The other great feature of Ubersuggest is the domain data that you can get for FREE from competitors domains.

You can find out what keywords a domain is using and ranking for,this can help people in many ways,giving a blogger or entrepreneur the inspiration and aim in the right direction for creating content that can be seen on Google search results.

There are a lot of paid tools around these days,but a FREE tool like Ubersuggest can be a breath of fresh air.

Neil Patel’s Youtube

Neil Patel’s youtube channel has loads of great content for you to explore,it’s helped me a lot of the last couple of years.

It’s great finding people online who are all about value and content.

The best way of learning affiliate marketing is through knowledge and TAKING ACTION!!

I thought i’d share Ubersuggest with you,because it’s useful to have a FREE tool that can help so many people.

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Affiliate Marketing Tips

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