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In this trafficforme review, you will learn how you can send, targeted paid traffic to your website landing page. The problem most entrepreneurs and website owners and entrepreneurs have, is getting traffic.

This review will be exploring what they offer, and what kind of people will benefit most from this company. offers this targeted traffic to its customers for a price per click. The main niches that are MLM,M.M.O,BIZOPP and Network marketing. They also have access to to weight loss health and many other niches.

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Who are Trafficforme? is a digital traffic agency based in the USA, in the city of Las Vegas. The company was founded by Harris Fellman. are known as a solo ad broker that approaches people, businesses and entrepreneurs with large email lists.

They will then offer the owner of the list, financial compensation for placing a solo ad broadcast email.

Most people sign up as a buyer of traffic. You can also sign up as a email with provider but they are very specific and careful who they are they will work with.

How Works as traffic buyer

So like I mentioned trafficforme provide solo ads. When you sign up for traffic for me, the simply login to your account.

Once you have logged in you will come to the dashboard section. Just simply follow the steps below.

  1. Specify which market your landing page is aimed at. So you will need to choose which kind niche from the drop down menu. E.g. Bizopp,M.M.O, crypto or six other markets to choose from.
  2. Choose the quality of the traffic that you want.They have starter packages, 100% USA email traffic and super premium email traffic. These can be bought at weekly,biweekly or monthly frequencies.
  3. Fund your campaign by simply using PayPal or your credit debit card. The more traffic you buy from traffic for me, the cheaper the traffic is.
  4. Creating your promo – you will need to create your advert by using a template provided by them, or by creating your own design. You will also add your URL.
  5. Receive your traffic and view the statistics by looking under the stats section of the dashboard.

Main Good points of Trafficforme

Traffic for me monitor all of the clicks that are sent to your promo, if they detect a bot, they will not count that as a click.

They will also detect whereabouts the traffic is coming from, and tracking software. So with traffic for me you always get genuine traffic.

The traffic from this company is also no tier 1, this is for top tier of traffic. Tier 1 traffic is USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

Traffic for me also has a Loyalty Program if you choose the re-occurring billing system when you order.

How Much Does The Traffic Cost?

The traffic on starts at about 50 cents to around 80 cents per click,USD.

To get the cheaper end of the traffic you need to buy lots of it, but the great thing about this site is the starter packs.

The trafficforme starter packs are sold in 200,500,1000,2000,5000 and 10000 click packages.

It’s a similar setup when ordering the super premium and USA only traffic, the more you buy the cheaper it is.

There is no limit to the amount of traffic you can buy, you can just keep buying and buying and buying it.

Does this traffic convert

Because of the traffic that they provide is already pre-qualified, it converts very well. The traffic is also fresh traffic, unlike other solo ad providers that I have used in the past.

Like I mentioned before the traffic on trafficforme genuine tier 1 traffic.

There are many major high ticket affiliate training programs that recommend this traffic.

Legendary marketer is one of those high ticket affiliate training programs. Review Conclusion

I would say that is definitely worth checking out, especially if you have been stung with poor quality traffic in the past.

Everything that they say they’re going to do, it is exactly what you are going to get.

To make this traffic worthwhile, I would certainly consider promoting high ticket offers.

From personal experience solo ads traffic isn’t really worth it with low ticket MLM,BIZOPP,M.M.O,Network Marketing or any other low commission offers.

I would say that doing regular weekly or monthly campaigns, is essential for promoting your affiliate landing pages and offers.If you would like to visit the Trafficforme website,it’s FREE to signup and have a look around.

Just check the link below

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