Top 4 Affiliate Networks for bloggers and website owners

There are many ways to monetize your website and blog on the internet. I will go through the top affiliate networks for bloggers and website owners in this article.

It doesn’t matter what niche your website or blog covers, these affiliate networks have all the offers that you will ever need. You can monetize your website and blog content, easily and her massive commissions.

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What is a affiliate network

Affiliate networks are websites that provide you the website owner or blog writer, with offers and products and services that you can use in your articles and website content.

The top affiliate networks for bloggers and website owners, tend to be filled with offers for most if not all niches available.

Some websites tend to concentrate just on digital products, some affiliate networks also deal in physical products.

There are also a lot of affiliate networks that will show you offers for software or online courses.

Heres another affilliate……

How to make money from blogging on the internet using affiliate marketing techniques and offers. You can make money online through affiliate networks

Top affiliate networks for bloggers and website owners,So how do you choose which affiliate network is best for you ?

Most if not all affiliate networks are free to join. Just a word of warning! If an affiliate network asks you to pay a fee, just avoid the network.

Sometimes you get websites that are just middle men looking to make a quick Buck.

Like I mentioned in previous paragraphs most affiliate networks health offers for every niche.

We will now take a look at the different affiliate networks that you can find online.

So here is the first affiliate network and….

Amazon Associates affiliate network

Amazon are by far one of the biggest companies in the world today. There are products that will fit every type of website and blog around today.

The great thing about Amazon Associates affiliate program, is that you have the trust and branding of the Amazon name and logo.

People will always trust brand names that they know about because they are more willing to part with their hard-earned cash.

You can join Amazon Associates affiliate program for free by clicking the link below.

>>>Join Amazon Associates Affiliate Network for FREE CLICK HERE<<<

The only down side to Amazon Associates affiliate program, is that the percentage of the commission is quite low, just a few percent of the total sale,with a browser cookie that doesnt last long.

The amazon browser cookie just last 24hrs and you won’t get repeat commissions either.

If your website has a lot of traffic then you would benefit a great deal from the Amazon brand by using Amazon Associates affiliate network.

Social media advertising would also work quite well with Amazon products.

EBay partner affiliate network

EBay partner affiliate network is also a great affiliate network full of products for you to promote.

It is very similar to Amazon affiliate network.

EBay is also a trusted brand with lots of buyer protection especially when customers use PayPal.

Again, there are lots of products for every niche that you can add to your blog articles and website content.

EBay partner affiliate browser cookie, lasts for up to 7 days.

This is because eBay auctions normally take 7 Days to complete.

You can join the eBay partner affiliate network by clicking the link below for free.

>>>Join Ebay affiliate partner network FREE CLICK HERE<<<

There certainly is plenty of choice on eBay and lots of high ticket items that you can make larger affiliate commissions.

Clickbank affiliate network

Clickbank is an affiliate network that has lots and lots of different offers that bloggers and affiliate marketers can use to make large commissions

Clickbank is an affiliate network that concentrates mostly on digital products that Top affiliate networks for bloggers and website owners can use for making money.

There are products from every niche on clickbank, the most popular products being weight-loss product including keto diets and exercise plans.

You can get high commission rates from clickbank products, some permissions can be as high as 70 to 90% of the total sale.

The great thing about clickbank is that you can get repeat commissions.

The more customers that you get beans the more chance of repeat commissions as well as your new commissions.

This affiliate network is definitely one of the top affiliate networks for bloggers and website owners.

Clickbank has been around for many years and a lot of the adverts you see on Facebook and other social media platforms, are normally clickbank offers.

just click the link below to join clickbank affiliate network for free.

>>>Join Clickbank affiliate network for FREE CLICK HERE<<<

Top affiliate networks for bloggers and website owners

Maxbounty affiliate network

Maxbounty is a cost per action CPA affiliate network. You can make massive commissions using maxbounty.

Maxbounty is a CPA affiliate network, that is very similar to clickbank apart from one difference.

Lots of the offers on maxbounty our CPA ( cost per action).

Cost per action basically means that when a customer enters their details or does an action, like signing up for a trial or offer, you get paid a commission.

For the Top affiliate networks for bloggers and website owners,Maxbounty is definitely my favourite affiliate network. The main reason I find that this is the best affiliate network, is because you get an account manager when you open your account.

Your account manager can help you with information on the best ways to promote certain offers, can tell you about lots of traffic methods and other ways of promoting your affiliate offers.

When you sign up for maxbounty, you will need to speak to your manager on the phone as part of your application.

It’s really not that hard to sign up for maxbounty and it is totally free, they just want to know what kind of experience you’ve had.

You can sign up for maxbounty CPA affiliate network, by clicking the link below.

>>>Join Maxbounty CPA Affiliate network for FREE CLICK HERE<<<

It’s well worth sign up for this network because of the vast amount of different affiliate products available to promote.

Maxbounty also has banners as well as just regular links for your text.


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How much do bloggers make from their websites?

According to Lifehacker the statistics are startling. The monthly earnings of a blogging site can be wide ranging and are broken down by Lifehacker.

9% of blogs make $1000 to $9999 p/m

4% of blogs make $10000 & over p/m

87% of blogs make less than $1000

It makes sense to want to be in the top 13% of bloggers who make a living from their interests and passions!!

Just small percentages of blogs make big money each month. Project 24 or will allow you to, take control of your blog and start making money from your your website, by teaching you you every step of the way.

If you start now, you can learn when what the top percentage of bloggers already know.

Education is the key to becoming success with a niche website. You can spend years with trial and error, why do that when you can learn turn the skills to to get it right right first time.

People can make a fulltime income with their websites and even make massive monthly income.


The first thing you will need to do when learning how to build a profitable niche website,is to to get WordPress.

WordPress is specifically designed for bloggers and people who want to create niche websites.

You can get WordPress, by joining HostGator web hosting services. HostGator are cheap, reliable and have 24/7 customer service.

HostGator web hosting plans, start from just $2.75 per month.

With HostGator you can use your your own domain or purchase one from them.

You can install WordPress with a simple click in the cpanel section of HostGator.

Joining HostGator will also give you you free SSL encryption, with other web hosting providers you will will be paying an extra 50 to $60 extra.

Google ranks SSL websites higher in search results. SSL website URL’s have https:// at the beginning of them.

You can install some amazing plugins for WordPress like ‘easy SSL’, that can help configure your WordPress websites SSL configuration.

WordPress also has great plug-in called yoast, that can help you with your SEO on your blog posts and web pages.

To join HostGator just click the link below.
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