TOP 5 ways to Monetize your website Today

So how do websites make money? You will learn the top 5 ways to monetize your website.There are 5 simple steps to making money from your website.Most ways are FREE as well

There are ways to monetizing your website that you might not even thought of. So allow me to present the top 5 ways to monetize your website now!

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How to monetize your website – step 1 Google Adsense

The first thing you would want to do do when monetising a website is join Google adsense.

Google adsense is free to join and this is the best of how to monetise your website.

Simply sign up for Google adsense and submit your website’s URL.

You will need to copy and paste the code they give you into the <head> google code </head> tags in your WordPress theme editor.

Just click on appearance>theme editor>header

Once you have been approved for ads, you can then copy the code for your adverts into your WordPress advertisement plug-ins settings e.g. WP QUAD,or do it manually with the <body> </body> or <head> </head> tags.

Then you can place up to three ads from adsense on each page or article,anymore than this GOOGLE ADSENSE WILL BAN YOU!!

Using Google adsense is great because it is totally passive income for your website.

You don’t need to worry about updating your ADS because Google will do this automatically.

They will also no Taylor make the adverts to fit in with your own online content.

This method of monetizing your website really is the best way building your online business.

The more or visitors that you get to your website the more you can earn.

How to monetize your website – Step 2 Affiliate commissions

Affiliate commissions can be massive,upto 90% of the products cost.

When you are writing about your niche content,you can place affiliate links to all of the products/services in your text and images.

There are affiliate networks and programs for every niche,a lot of companies also have affiliate programs.

You can do simple searches on Google and type in affiliate program after the company name.

If you want to join an affiliate network, Maxbounty and Clickbank are some of the main networks.

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How to monetize your website – Step 3 Selling advertising

Once your website has got large amounts of traffic, let’s say 20 to 30000 visits per month.

You can offer advertising on your more pages to companies and entrepreneurs.

Adverts placed on a home page can command and large fees per month.

$500 for a homepage and is not uncommon. I have approached websites like coinmarketcap and various others in the past.

These kind of websites with tens of thousands or millions of views per month, can command $10,000 and a week or more.

This kind of steady income really relies on the amount of traffic you are getting to your website.

If you are starting out then you all need to just concentrate on adsense.

Once you have grown to a large audience then you can can seriously consider this method of monetizing your website.

How to monetize your website – Step 4 Coaching and consultation

If you are writing blog posts and creating websites in a certain niche, you can offer consultation and Coaching to your audience.

Professional consultations can start with an hourly fee of $100 per hour or more, some consultations can be as high as $1000 per hour.

You can also offer services as well, like SEO or any other skill you may they have.

You have built your website and are proficient in WordPress and other forms of website builder, you obviously have some knowledge by now of how to do things.

Offering how to build WordPress websites can be a lucrative Avenue to go down.

You can also create online courses for for a monthly or annual fee.

Creating a members only area with individual login details for your subscribers can all be done in WordPress.

Creating a members only subscription service or course content relies on you providing valuable content.

Once the value of the contents is no longer useful to your paying customers, the money will stop flowing in.

How to monetize your website – Step 5 Selling merchandise and products

You can sell physical products on your website.

There are various methods to do this.

You can sign up for Amazon merch, teepublic and teespring for FREE.These websites allow you to upload designs and create listings.When you link your products through to your website,the public can buy the designs.

Then Amazon and the other companies will print your designs onto the various t shirts and merchandise,they will post the items to your customers.

If you create your own products you can add plugins to create shops on your WordPress site, with a checkout section where your customers can pay via PayPal and credit card,like the WordPress simple shopping cart plugin.

How to build a profitable niche website

Income school are a website run by Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler,they run a fantastic online course called Project 24.Passive income can be a difficult skill to learn and this is where building a business can cause a lot of people to give up before they have even got started.

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It takes training and knowledge to master the art of affiliate and digital marketing to make money online.When you go to college and learn a profession,you get taught by industry professionals.The same thing happens when you want to learn affiliate marketing and online business.

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The first thing to do before anything like Join any of the mentioned courses on this website, is get a WordPress site/blog by a web hosting company like Hostgator.

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You will need a website for promoting your affiliate offers,because direct linking of affiliate links is not permitted on social media platforms

.It also looks a lot more professional to the public and institutions if you have a website.

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