TikTok Money Step By Step

If You want to make TikTok Money,Follow this step by step guide and learn the secret strategy that businesses,brands and affiliate marketers don’t want you to know about.I will walk through what you need to make money on Tiktok and how you can go viral.There are a few things you need to do, so let’s start with step 1.

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TikTok Money

Tiktok Money step 1-Create Tiktok Account

The obvious thing you need to do is download the Tiktok app from Google play or the Apple app store.Then sign up for Tiktok using the app,you can use your mobile number or email to do this,it only take a few minutes and its totally FREE.

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Tiktok Money Step 2-setup Instagram

When you want to make tiktok money,you will need two social media accounts, Instagram and Youtube. To setup your instagram account with tiktok,just go to your tiktok profile and click edit profile.Then you will need to link your instagram account,people can now visit your Instagram through Tiktok.

TikTok Money

To make Tiktok money through your Instagram account,you will need to have a landing page connected to you email list/lead magnet. You can also use a service like https://many.link/links to host your affiliate links and landing pages on,this gives you the ability to promote lots of affiliate offers. You then simply copy your many links profile URL and paste it into your Instagram profile as your website URL.

Below is an example of a many links profile

TikTok Money. Use many links to add multiple links to your instagram profile

The screen shot below shows the manylinks URL containing all of your affiliate and website links. If you want to find affiliate offers to promote on your many links profile,you can use Clickbank and Maxbounty affiliate networks.Below is an example of a manylinks profile URL on instagram enabling Tiktok Money to be made.

TikTok Money. Instagram Profile link that allows for multiple affiliate and website links,using manylinks

The great thing about tiktok is that you can also share your tiktok videos on your instagram.So you can make tiktok money from your instagram profile using the same video as on Tiktok. Although Instagram allow sharing of Tiktok videos,it will cut the video down to instagram size formats,so you might lose some text. You can play around with your tiktok video formats and find a winning style that works on tiktok or instagram.

Step 3-Setup Youtube

If you don’t have a Youtube channel,you can set one up very easily in a few minutes for FREE.Link your Youtube channel in your Tiktok profile the same way as your instagram account.

To make Tiktok money through Youtube,you can place affiliate,landing page and eCommerce links in your Youtube video descriptions. you can also link your main shop/website link through your Youtube channel settings.

You can guide people from Tiktok to your Youtube channel videos by creating a promo/teaser video for each video. If you have already gained youtube monetization through adsense,you can make money from having ads on your Youtube videos. The affiliate links in your video description is the quickest way of making Tiktok money.

Step 4-Create Videos

To create videos on Tiktok is very easy and they are in 15 or 60 second lengths. You can use the plus icon to enter video recording mode,see screenshot below.

TikTok Money

When You press this icon you will be taken through to a screen where you can record videos,choose from 15 or 60 second video lengths. When you hold down the red button,tiktok will keep on recording until you release the red button. Below is a screenshot of the record screen functions.

TikTok Money. Link your Instagram and Youtube

Once you have created your videos,you can add text,effects,stickers and sounds to your video.Tiktok videos can become viral even if they are only 15 seconds long,so you can make Tiktok money from short videos. The best Tiktok videos are funny,animals,controversial and dancing.

You can create video content about anything really,if you want to promote your affiliate or products,I would say provide some sort of value that will get people interested in visiting your Instagram or Youtube.

You can make Tiktok Money by sending massive amounts of traffic to your business/affiliate links. There are over 800 million Tiktok Users all around the world,you can tap into this FREE traffic source by learning the viral strategies below.

Hashtags can help you to reach lots of people with certain interests and hobbies on Tiktok,the secret strategy below will show you how to use them to go viral.

Step 5 – Learn The Secret TIKTOK MONEY Strategy

If you want to make some serious Tiktok money,you will need to learn about the secret strategy that has allowed some of the biggest Tiktok users to make millions of dollars all around the world.

You can learn the secret to going viral on Tiktok using #tiktokmoney and various other hashtags like #fyp .If you want to learn how you can learn to use Tiktok to generate leads/sales for your affiliate marketing,eCommerce and businesses,just click the link below to find out more.


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Tiktok Money Step By Step
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Tiktok Money Step By Step
If You want to make TikTok Money,Follow this step by step guide and learn the secret strategy that businesses,brands and affiliate marketers don't want you to know about.I will walk through what you need to make money on Tiktok and how you can go viral.There are a few things you need to do, so let's start with step 1.
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