how to buy an email list

In this short guide I will show you HOW TO BUILD AN EMAIL LIST for your business .How to buy an email list using techniques that can grow your list fast,so your email list can bring in more business

email marketing affiliate marketing online business buying an email list

buying an email list requires a landing page

The first thing that you need to do is create a landing page on your website with an opt-in form.This can be done very easily by using Aweber by selecting the opt-in form builder. When designing your opt-in form,it should have name and email Fields and a call to action e.g CLICK HERE,SUBSCRIBE NOW!! ect.

Once you have the HTML or Java code,you can then paste the code into a HTML or Java block in WordPress or any other website builder.

Join Aweber below to build optin form linked to Awebers email autoresponder

You will then need to create blog video or website content in order to have some valuable content to send to your new email leads. Your content will have any of your affiliate links and links to your website landing page, and any other offers you will be promoting.

Video seems to be a very popular medium of content, especially with the free traffic that YouTube can generate.You can create FREE ebooks or webinars as an incentive for people to give you their email and contact details.

Once you have created your welcome emails,FREE content and installed your opt-in form on your landing page,you can then get an email list to buy using SOLO ADS.

Email list to buy using solo ads

You can get an email list to buy through solo ads,this is done by signing up for UDIMI or trafficforme using the links below.Solo ads are a great way of buying an email list cheaply,it normally works out at $0.40 to $0.80 per email.Solo ads are provided by sending traffic to your landing page from massive email lists.

Join Udimi Solo ads

Join Trafficforme Premium Solo ads

Solo ads can build your email list from zero to thousands in a matter of days,enabling you to reach more people in your chosen niche.The great thing about buying an email list using solo ads,is that you won’t be penalized by any online businesses or service.

The worst thing to do is buy or rent a pre-made email list that has been spammed to death. People who want to join your email list, will be more likely to purchase your offers and actually want to hear your content.It’s like building up rapport with your audience.

Email lists are an essential part of any online business and should be considered a asset for your online business.Solo ads are a great way to buy an email list FAST!

The best email list to buy is one made up of USA,UK,Canada and other English speaking countries.You will pay a higher price for these affluent nation emails,because theses clients are more likely to buy from you,especially if you are promoting high ticket offers.

I would recommend Trafficforme for the premium buying of email lists,they offer different tariffs for your solo ads,although Udimi also have this option as well.

I have found that Udimi is the cheapest of the two solo ad providers,if you want to buy an email list and do it cheaply and fast,Udimi are the better option.

Solo ad alternatives

There are alternatives to solo ads like Adfly,that can get you some serious traffic to your landing page. Adfly is a URL shortener that allows you to make money when someone clicks your link.You can also join Adfly as an advertiser and advertise your website,blogs and landing pages.

You can signup for for Adfly as an advertiser by clicking the link below.


Adfly is a cheap form of Internet traffic and seems to work very well with weight loss and health and fitness niches.When you buy an email list using this method,you can get a 1000 USA clicks for around $5,this traffic is a lot cheaper than solo ads but i have found that solo ads have higher converting traffic for offers when you send out the emails through Aweber.

using Youtube to build an email list for free

Unless you have been living under a rock for many years, you will know that YouTube is a great free traffic source that allows people to upload videos and reach millions upon millions of people. You can giveaway free content to encourage people to give their email to you.Again, you can connect your landing page by dropping a URL to it in your Youtube video description and comment section.

Youtube has millions of users searching it everyday in every niche you can think of.You can also optimize your Youtube video by using Tubebuddy SEO plugin for Google chrome.

buying email leads

Building an email list should be an important part of your overall business strategy.If you are a small,medium or large business,buying an email list through solo ads is the best way to get clients and leads FAST.

The solo ads providers I have mentioned are the best in the online business industry,there are a lot of fake websites online that claim to be solo ad providers,but they are just scams.

Udimi and Trafficforme are the best for a reason,THEY WORK!!!

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FREE TRAFFIC Traffic – Affiliate marketing

For those of you who have an unlimited budget to spend.
There are countless methods of traffic, but when you are starting out doing online business and affiliate marketing, you will need some free traffic methods to start with.
Pinterest is definitely the most underrated free traffic source available online today. The best way of using Pinterest to promote your online business is by using group boards.
Group boards are collaborative boards on Pinterest where are many uses share your content and you share their content.
The fastest way of gaining followers on Pinterest is to create your own group boards and also join other people’s group boards.
The best way to start with Pinterest is to create 10 to 20 of your own boards, and then fill them boards with other people’s pins.
Once you have created a full profile on Pinterest and completed all relevant information in your profile, you can then start by searching for people in your chosen niche.
Once you have found people in your chosen niche you can then add them to your board as a contributor.
When you have group boards of your own you can then start to see lots of extra traffic and people following you and your content.
I have managed to create a following of 26000 visitors to my Pinterest profile (see photo)
I have also found a really fantastic tool called tailwind.
Tailwind allows you to automatically schedule the posting of pins to your boards.
You can also use the Pinterest tribes feature on tailwind.
A Pinterest tribe is a group of Pinterest marketers that will share your pins while you share their pins.
You can then gain massive traffic to your pins and your boards.
If you would like to join tailwind then click the link below and get loads of free traffic.
You can also upgrade to the paid version of tailwind and you will become truly unstoppable with your Pinterest marketing strategy.
There are many kinds of traffic available within the paid traffic category.
If you want to build an email list and get plenty of subscribers, you can use solo ads to promote your website.
The best solo ad providers I have found Udimi and Trafficforme.
The reason that I like to use these two solo ad providers, is that they have top tier traffic from the United States of America, the United Kingdom and many English speaking countries, they have lots of people with income to purchase many products.(see trafficforme below)
(See Udimi below)
If you would like to join these two solo ad providers click the links below,its FREE to sign up and check them out.
So to conclude you can get plenty of traffic for free using tailwind and Pinterest, but you can also get some high quality traffic using solo ads.
I personally think a combination of both strategies for getting traffic will work better than just using one or the other.
Using Tailwind has grown my following to 30,000 views a month and keeps on growing
If you would like to sign up to my mailing list then please click the link below and enter your name and email address.
You can also check out my Youtube channel below,if you could subscribe,like,comment and share,this would be much appreciated.
Thank you for reading the short blog post, you can also check the rest of my blogs out by clicking below.
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Affiliate marketing tools

Learn about how affiliate marketing tools that professionals use to help them reach billions of people.All around the world.

Tools that you need to succeed in online business & Affiliate marketing!!!

Affiliate Marketing ToolReason
Wordpress and WebhostingYou will need to get webhosting so you can build your wordpress blog/website
Email AutomationYou will need a email auto-responder to collect and send emails
Affiliate TrainingYou will need to learn about Affiliate Marketing techniques and skills,to become successful.
Solo Ads/Web TrafficYou will need to build an email list by sending traffic from solo ads and Google
Affiliate Programs and NetworksYou will need offers to promote in your blogs,social media and to your email list.
Keyword ResearchYou can use the Alphabet Soup method or a keyword Research tool.

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Affiliate marketing use tools for pros

The great thing about the internet is the amount of content,in fact!!!

That’s what the internet really is.Affiliate marketing is really all about creating quality content and then getting it out to the masses.

Lots of people vlogging,blogging and building websites to serve the people of the world.
Did you know that most bloggers,vloggers and website builders are actually affiliate marketers.

The Affiliate marketing industry is worth billions of dollars a year and it’s also one of the best paid jobs there is in the world.Just think about how a passive income business can be created with some initial work that keeps on paying you year after year,and can generate you $100s or $1000s of dollars a day or a month in affiliate commissions.
There are some people who have even become celebrities on Youtube through affiliate marketing channels,people like Tai Lopez just to mention one.These people and businesses all use affiliate marketing tools

In this article i will show you the core tools that are essential for affiliate marketing and online business.

affiliate marketing tools and online business stuff

Firstly,you don’t need to buy a fancy laptop or smartphone to do affiliate marketing, you can just go on Ebay and get a cheap one


The first thing you need to do is pick a niche,this can be anything from health and fitness to cryptocurrency (Bitcoin).Once you have your niche you will need to build a website to start to build your online business!

The best website builders

#1 Website builder

Web hosting wordpress

You can get WordPress by Joining Hostgator web hosting and installing WordPress in Cpanel.

WordPress is a website building open source platform and is one of the best affiliate marketing tools for blogging. The difference between Wix and WordPress, is that WordPress is used when you are using a web hosting service like HostGator. WordPress is highly recommended by bloggers and entrepreneurs, but this can be a lot more complicated and techie for beginners to use.

The great thing about WordPress that I have personally found, that it can be a lot easier to find internet organic traffic, this is because you can make tweaks and alterations in the back-end of WordPress such as tags categories and many other useful SEO tricks and techniques.

There are also lots of useful free plugins that you can install in your WordPress site. WordPress is free and the only thing you need to worry about is the hosting and domain name of your website.

If you would like to use WordPress just click the link below

>>>Just Join Hostgator web hosting and install wordpress CLICK HERE<<<

The best email automation

#2 Email autoresponder and optin form builder

Email marketing,email automation,business,email,newsletter

Aweber is an email autoresponder that allows you to build an email list via the online forms you can create.Just simply create an optin form and paste the HTML or Javascrypt code into your website.

You can also send out broadcast emails and followup emails to your email list.The email builder is a drag and drop editor,where you can embed Youtube videos,images and affiliate links with ease.

>>>>Join Aweber by Clicking HERE<<<<

The best affiliate marketing courses

#3 The best courses for affiliate marketing online – best affiliate course – best course for affiliate learning about affiliate marketing

Clickbank university,affiliate training,affiliate course,business course,

Courses are also important affiliate marketing tools

Clickbank University Affiliate marketing course

I joined Clickbank university and learned so much about how to promote affiliate products online.Learn how to make landing pages,email lists and how to drive traffic to your product links.

Click bank university is a great value online course with resources and videos to walk you through the whole process of making money online.
The overall view of clickbank university is sleek in design with everything on the website set out in a great and easy to use format. You can learn how to be vendor of affiliate content and there is a whole section of videos on the skills needed for that.

The affiliate section shows you exactly what you need to do from how to choose a niche,how to build a landing page and how to automate your online business in order to make passive income.
I found this video course much better than some other courses,because it also has worksheets and supporting materials to create more of a learning experience in the learning of affiliate marketing.

>>>To join Clickbank university 2.0 click HERE<<<<

Affilorama affiliate marketing course

You can also try another great course called Affilorama, affilorama has many other in depth modules that can help you in your training to be an online business and affiliate marketer.

A lot of digital marketing experts that I have met at business conferences, have recommended this course to me. To join affilorama just click the link below.

>>>Click here to join Affilorama<<<

If you want to learn about using affiliate marketing with Youtube rather than blogging,why dont you check AffiliateTuber.

Project 24 Course by Income school

If you want to create a profitable niche site you can also try Income Schools Project 24 course by CLICKING THE LINK BELOW

The Project 24 course runs through every step you will need to start and finish a profit making website/blog.

>>>>CLICK HERE To Join Income Schools Project 24 Course <<<<

You can learn how to use the worlds largest video search engine for loads of FREE internet traffic.So you can learn how to get your video on youtube the right way and get seen by millions.

To Join AffiliateTuber click link below

>>Click HERE to join AffiliateTuber<<<

The best solo ads

#4 How to drive traffic to your website landing page – Solo ads

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Combined with Aweber,solo ads are also an important affiliate marketing tools.

To drive traffic to you landing page,you will need to buy solo ads or pay per click (PPC) advertising.

Solo ads are provided by people with large email lists,they send an advert out to their followers who then visit your websites landing page.Solo ads are a cheap and easy way to drive traffic to your website.

Solo ads,trafficforme signup,how to get solo ads,landing page,landing page traffic,email,affiliate

The best solo ad providers are Udimi and TrafficForMe, to join these websites click below.

Join Udimi

Join TrafficForMe


Cheap website traffic,adfly,web traffic,cheap traffic,website,blog,blogger,how to get traffic for my blog

Adfly is a supercheap traffic source.Adfly works well with weight loss and other similar niches in my experience.Join Adfly click below

The best youtube seo tips

#5 Tubebuddy – Youtube SEO plugin – Get your Youtube videos to the top of search results

How to get more views in youtube,how to get more subscribers on youtube,youtube seo,seo,tubebuddy,what is tubebuddy,tubebuddy signup,how to get monetized on youtube,youtube,youtbe,

Tubebuddy is a great plugin for google chrome web browser,this is one of the great affiliate marketing tools, If you want to rank well in Youtube searches when promoting your products. You can use many features like the keyword tag explorer,this shows you what key words work best by showing you search volume,word competition and optimization strength.

You can even look at your rivals videos and see what tags/keywords they are using.
TubeBuddy monthly subscriptions are as little as $9 per month,if you have less than 1000 subscribers you can get a 50% discount of $4.50 per month.Join Tube Buddy click below

The best affiliate networks

#6 Affiliate offers Network – MaxBounty

Maxbounty,maxbounty signup,cpa,cpa networks,how to find affiliate offers,how to find affiliate products,affiliate network,clickbank,clickbank alternative,weightloss affiliate offers,niche offers,

Affiliate networks are affiliate marketing tools for finding affiliate offers and products.

Max Bounty is a CPA (Cost Per Action) affiliate network,this means that when a customer fills out a form or completes a task (action) you get paid a commission.

MaxBounty has 1000s of offer that cover all of the major niches and you will be assigned a campaign manager who will help you with any questions or any offers you want to get approval for.

The application process is a little different to clickbank and others. You will need to say you have a least some sort of experience,even if its basic experience to get approved.To Join MaxBounty CPA Click the link below.

>>>>CLICK Here to Join MaxBounty CPA OFFERS Network<<<<<

The best keyword research tools

#7 Keyword research for SEO – KWFinder

There comes a time when you need lots of data when choosing the right keywords,this is where is here to help.When you use KWFinder you just type in a keyword into the sites search bar and then it comes up with all of the related keywords for that search term.

The great thing is that KWFinder has lots of data related to each specific keyword (see screen shot below)

Above you can see the Keywords on the left,the trend (up or Down),how many searches per month,the cost per click (using online adverts e.g. Google), and on SEO difficulty.

If you click on the KD (Keyword Difficulty) column, you can toggle between the hardest SEO difficulty in red and orange colours, through to the easy SEO friendly keywords to rank for in search terms (see screenshot below).

When using a tool like KWFinder, the idea is to choose a keyword with a high search volume with a low difficulty. It’s also a good idea to use a short sentence as a keyword and see if this has a high search with low difficulty as well.

Cheap web hosting

#8 Hosting your wordpress website

WordPress and self hosted websites need a webhosting provider.

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Hostgator is a really reliable and affordable web hosting service.

When you signup for Hostgator you can buy a domain or use your own.

You can then install the wordpress plugin on hostgator for FREE and get building your website/blog.

>>>Join Hostgator by clicking HERE<<<

Neil Patel explains really well on his youtube channel about keyword research strategy.

You can also check out my youtube channel or join my mailing list for info on amazing affiliate courses and products

The blog about affiliate tools is a great start. You can join KWFinder by clicking below.

>>>If you want to join KWFinder Click HERE<<<<

Online business tools

There are plenty of online tools for you to use. The tools that I have mentioned in this blog are very well known within the affiliate marketing and online business community.

A Google search will show up with a lot of these products quite high up in search rankings, please remember to use quality products that provide the service you require.

There have been cases of fake software and fake websites that are just there to make money out of you, and not provide you with anything useful.

If you would like to read the rest of my blog then click the link below

If you have found this information useful then please share with friends family and colleagues.

Thank you for reading this article and if you have a keen knowledge to learn more about affiliate marketing, then try one of the courses that I have mentioned like clickbank university and affilorama.

Other Keyword research tools I have also found a similar keyword research tool called Traffic Travis,there are lots of tutorial videos on the program once you install it on your computer If you have any opinions,please leave a comment,you can also share this blog if you think it will be useful to others.
Thanks for reading my blog and if you would like to join my mailing list please Enter your details below Remember to check your spam/Junk folders for emails


We respect your email privacy

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