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How to become an affiliate

If you want to become an affiliate marketer, you will need to learn a very special set of skills.

Make money online by learning the right way.

You will also need to use lots of online tools in order to succeed.

Training is everything with affiliate marketing.

If you are not willing to learn and put some hard work into your affiliate marketing business, you will fail miserably.

In fact 95% of people who try to do affiliate marketing fail.

This is because in this modern society, people want instant results.

Why you will fail at affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing an online business does not give instant gratification.

You will need to accept that delayed gratification will need to be adopted.

If you want to learn about affiliate marketing, then continue Reading this article.

I have discovered Affiliate marketing is a great business model,because you don’t need the following;


business premises

deal directly with customers

dealing with returns or refunds

You can reach billions of people

The list goes on……..

Firstly the main skill you will need, is an ability to create quality content online.

What is quality content?

Quality content is video, blog and other mediums that solve a problem, or give a solution to a question.

The mindset that you need to incorporate into your content, should be an abundance mindset.

An example of a solution would be the following;

What is the best way to learn affiliate marketing


Who is the best web hosting company


How to lose weight

In the above examples, people are searching the internet using Google and other search engines, for genuine advice on Real World Problems.

As an affiliate marketer you need to find out which of these problems or niches you need to fit into.

There are billions of people on this planet, they all want Solutions to questions.

You will need to learn how to do all the skills that enable you to solve these problems that people have.

The best affilate marketing courses

Online courses have been created by marketing professionals, so that you can create your online business with a good foundation of skills.

The best courses I have found clickbank University, affilorama, affiliate tuber and a few more courses.

These online courses help you to choose niches and also show you all of the online tools that you will need to be successful.

You will learn with quality online tutorials.

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Taking action is the most important step, to becoming a success at affiliate marketing and online business.

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Why you will fail at affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing

If you are doing research on entrepreneurship or and entrepreneur development or even how to make money online, you will at some point head of affiliate marketing.Why you will fail at affiliate marketing is really down to you and your mindset and knowledge.

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest growing online business models, basically what affiliate marketing is can be explained in a simple and easy way.

Companies provide services and products, this can be physical product, digital product or service.

There are also products such as holidays events and many other kinds of products.

Companies need to promote these products and services that they sell to the general public, businesses and everything in between.

A lot of large companies use many mediums of advertising such as TV, radio and internet based platforms.

Lots of companies have what is called affiliate programs. These affiliate programs allow people and businesses to promote the products by these companies.

How to find affiliate offers to promote

So if you wanted to promote a product or service, you would need to apply to the company affiliate program or an affiliate network such as maxbounty or clickbank, there are many other affiliate networks available such as commission Junction which is now known as CJ, peerfly and a large variety of other three networks.

Once you have applied to a company’s affiliate program or an affiliate network you can then get a product link, this link is unique to you and has the ability to track every time there is a sale, once you have made a sale the company or affiliate network no that you have made the sale and then pay you are commission.

Why affiliate marketing is good

The great thing about affiliate marketing, is that you do not need to buy stock or order any products. All you need is a website like Wix or WordPress, and some internet traffic like social media and PPC through Google or Bing and many of the other providers.

Some commission on some products can be as much as 80 to 100% of the product value, this is quite interesting because you think that the company might not be making money by using this structure of commission.

The way they make money is by doing what is called an upsell.

Upsells are when a company tries to sell extra products and services through the initial sale.

This could be a premium level subscription or an extra fast or encrypted connection on a website hosting.

affiliate marketing is worth billions

The affiliate marketing industry is worth billions and there have been many famous names like Tai Lopez, Neil Patel and many famous YouTubers such as PewDiePie and Gary Vee.

There are a lot of technical considerations when starting affiliate marketing, and this can cause a lot of people to give up on this business model.

In fact 95% of people who start affiliate marketing fail, this is because they do not see instant results for their website or blog.

This is because the way Google and many other search engines work, valuing content and backlinks over just keywords or trickery. In years gone by when the internet first started some affiliate marketers tried gaming the system rather than providing good value and good content for the internet.

It takes time SEO technical techniques and a little bit of technical KNOWHOW to succeed in affiliate marketing.

It can take months or even years to become a successful affiliate marketer, there are shortcuts that can be used like paid advertising using Google or Bing, but as a long term strategy you should be creating content such as blogs, YouTube videos, Pinterest pins and good website content.

But if you want to learn a lot about affiliate marketing there are some really good courses that will help you from the basic techniques and knowledge, right through to the more advanced technical stuff.

The best affiliate marketing courses

Clickbank University and affilorama or 2 very popular courses to learn affiliate marketing. The great thing about these kind of courses or that the skills you learn are transferable too many other online business models.

This year I went to the northern business expo 2019 in Manchester England, I went to this networking and business event to find out lots of information from digital marketers and other related companies.

I found that when I mentioned that I do affiliate marketing, these two courses popped up on multiple occasions in conversations with the digital marketing professionals and companies in general.

One the things I would highly recommend is going to networking events and business expos, in order to learn more information about how to use lots of different strategies to promote your business.

The professionals that I met at the Expo were more than happy to indulge me in the knowledge.

Another great thing about networking events that I found, was that there are a lot of inspirational people and motivational speakers.

This event really inspired and solidified my keen interest in affiliate marketing and online business.

Listening to one business man talk about how failure was so important to success,gave me some important insght

I have learned lots of information through years of study.

The most important advice I could ever give to anybody wanting to do online business or affiliate marketing is,



“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Thomas Edison

So if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing,try my other blog

Good luck in your journey and never stop learning,we all feel like giving up at times.

Just remember to keep your head held high and never stop building on your knowledge.

Why you will fail at affiliate marketing,the reason is you need to educate and not give up!!!

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