Social Media Trends 2019

Social media trends

It is really important to find out what trends are happening online, and on social media. Social media trends can be researched for free.

You can search social media trends and other online search terms by using Google Trends.

Google Trends is a free tool provided by Google, you can find out the search volume of keywords topics and other fundamental data online.

Most of the social media platforms also have technical data for you to look at Facebook,instagram,pinterest and other social media platforms all have insights.

You can look at social media trends by upgrading your social Media account to a business account,

most of the time this is free and the insights can be accessed for free as well.

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Why search social media trends 2019

If you want to create an online business or promote other people’s products on Facebook and all other platforms, you will need all the targeting data possible.

Targeting data includes;

Demographics (gender,age ect)

Search terms/keywords

Country (USA,UK)

Once you have searched Google Trends and checked out insights,

it will give you lots of data that you can use to target your Facebook ads.

Google Trends can also show you if it’s a downtrend or an uptrend, and which countries are searching for those terms.

Social media trends 2019 and 2020

The rise of using video as a medium for marketing has gain massive popularity over the years 2019 and will be leading into 2020.

If you can identify an uptrend on a certain subject,

you can create videos using your smartphone or home movie studio,

and take advantage of the trend by marketing your products and services.

Facebook has allowed videos for many years now, Instagram allows short videos to a minute,

Pinterest has started allowing videos to be uploaded as long as they are under 2 gigabyte.

These social media platforms are there for you to take advantage of, most of all they are free.

Did you know that YouTube has millions of people if not billions that search for solutions and problems everyday.

If you use all of the tools like Google Trends and insights, you can take advantage im getting to the market before anybody else does.

To take advantage of social media advertising and the trends that are happening on these platforms, you will need 2 get some social media advertising training


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