Shadow ban – How avoid it and check if your shadow banned

A Shadow ban is a word that conjures up fear in social media circles,and for good reason and here’s WHY!When people like influencer’s and affiliate marketers put hundreds and thousands of hours into building their brand,it can all be ruined in a moment.

In this article you will learn what a shadow ban is and how to avoid it,i will also point you into the right direct to test if your instagram account has had a shadow ban.So let’s delve into the shady world of the shadow ban and explore this modern phenomena.

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what is a shadow ban

A shadow ban (shadow banning) can be described as the act of blocking or partially blocking a user or their content from an online community. Examples of platforms that actively ban and block users can be found in the list below.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Youtube

These above platforms are well know to block users who are breaking their community guidelines.Sometimes this can be done to users for sharing political beliefs,hate speech,racism,antisemitism,graphic content and homophobic conent.

The list can be quite extensive and you get yourself a shadow ban for leaving inappropriate comments or trolling other online users.

Reasons you can be shadow banned are as follows;

  • copy-write infringement
  • Hate speech
  • Violent or Graphic content
  • Homophobia
  • Trolling or bullying
  • Political opinions
  • racism
  • Antisemitism
  • Scams
  • Misleading content
  • Malware links
  • Banned Hashtags
  • spamming

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how to check a shadow ban on instragram

To check if you are at risk or have been banned on instagram,you can use for FREE.All you need to do is enter your instagram user name in the box and click analyze.

Then your last 10 instagram posts will be checked and you will see the results of any issues you may have (see photo below).

Shadow ban.You can check if your instagram account is at risk or has a shadow ban using

If you look at the arrows above,you will see the Green tick,this shows that the overall quality of the content is good.There is also a description next to the tick that says the content has passed.

The hashtags are also checked,this is because some hashtags are banned on instagram. You can see the banned hashtags with in red, with a line through them.

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Checking a shadow ban on youtube

The easiest way to check if you have got a shadow ban on Youtube,is to check if you have been demonetized.

Youtube has very strict community guidelines and these are in place to satisfy their users as well as the companies that advertise on its platform.

You can get a shadow ban for using copy-write infringement on youtube. This can be when you use some music,logos or video content you don’t have permission to use.

Go into your youtube studio and check if any of you and check to see if you have any copy-write strikes.

Shadow ban.Using copy-write material can get you a shadow ban on youtube and other platoforms.

There has been a lot of commotion about Guitar teachers and reviewer Youtubers being demonetize and shadow banned for playing parts of songs on their videos.

If you do controversial content on youtube,you can also get a shadow ban.That’s why a lot of youtubers are turning to patreon to monetize their videos.

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shadow ban conclusion

To avoid getting a shadow ban on social media you need to use common sense and be mindful of what you are doing. Try reading the community guidelines for Youtube,facebook and instagram (owned by Facebook).

Links to these community guidelines are below;

You can also check out my youtube video on whats a Shadow ban below

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Thanks for reading this short blog post,I hope it’s been helpful on the subject of what a shadow ban is and how to avoid them.

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A Shadow ban is a word that conjures up fear in social media circles,and for good reason and here's WHY! When people like influencer's and affiliate marketers put hundreds and thousands of hours into building their brand, it can all be ruined in a moment.
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