Popular Affiliate Keywords

This post has some of the popular affiliate keywords worth using in your blog posts and Youtube videos.The figures come from Google search volumes metrics,these can be found with simple keyword tools. A keyword tool I use myself for research is Keywords Everywhere.There are other keyword tools like Google keyword planner inside Google ads.

So firstly,why do we need to use popular affiliate keywords when writing blog posts? The answer is simple,we need to let the Google search engine know what our posts are about.Google users want to find the right content or solution to their questions,so its very important to try and link those users to your content.

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Popular affiliate keywords

Popular Affiliate Keywords List

The list below is a list of popular Affiliate keywords you can use in your content.You can use these keywords in your paragraphs,headlines and headings.You will sometimes hear bloggers and affiliate talk about long tail keywords,long tail keywords are keywords that are specific and usually longer,like a sentence used as a search term.All of the keywords are measured in volume per month.

  1. Adwords = 110,000
  2. Money = 550,000
  3. Marketing = 110,000
  4. Work from home = 165,000
  5. How to make money = 60,500
  6. Make money online = 74,000
  7. Clickbank = 74,000
  8. How to make money online = 90,500
  9. Amazon Affiliate = 74,000
  10. PPC (Pay Per Click) = 22,200
  11. Amazon Associates = 60,5000
  12. Wealthy Affiliate = 9,900
  13. Affiliate program = 9,900
  14. Link share = 1,300
  15. Amazon Affiliate program = 18,100
  16. Commission Junction = 6,600
  17. Affiliate Commission = 260
  18. Whats is affiliate marketing = 5,400

As you can see from the keyword list above,some search terms have a very high amount of volume. The popular affiliate keywords also have another factor to include in the metrics,SEO difficulty or competition. Keywords that are popular in affiliate marketing will have a lot of bloggers wanting to use them,this will drive up the difficulty of being able to rank for popular keyword.

Popular affiliate keywords

Popular affiliate Keyword Tools That work

You can use Tools like Long Tail Pro and SERPed.net to do research on the best keywords with the least amount of SEO diffuculty. The choice is really down to yourself and your budget, I use Keywords everywhere as a basic tool. The more data you want,generally the more you pay in fees. Lots of keyword research features that companies provide,allow you to spy on competitor websites,blog posts and pages to see what keywords they are ranking for.

Neil Patel the entrepreneur and SEO expert has created a FREE tool called Ubersuggest,it’s definitely worth checking out if you are on a limited budget. Try it for FREE here https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/

I have found the Ubersuggest keywords tool to be the best FREE to use for popular affiliate keywords.You can use this tool for lots of different niches,although I have found that it doesn’t always give accurate results. The search volume and SEO difficulty don’t always match my data in the other keyword tools I use that are paid.

I suppose there are PROS and CONS to free software and web apps,I prefer to use paid keyword tools when trying to find those important popular affiliate and niche specific keywords. The general rule is to choose keywords that are high search volume with the lowest competition. Some of this can also come down to your DA (domain authority) and other factors when ranking for popular keywords.

Popular affiliate keywords

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