Make money online scams

A few years ago I got stung a few times with make money online scams.Luckily I did’nt lose a lot of money,just a couple of hundred bucks.

The truth is that there are loads of scams,through every niche and not just online,In this acticle,i will explain various scams that are online.

There is a really good reason why I am telling you about scams online, but I will talk about this at the end of this article.

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A picture of a keyboard with the message "get me out of here" written on it.Beware online scams

Ponzi schemes – make money online scams

A picture of the pyramids and a camel caravan to show the shape of pyramid schemes.

Charles Ponzi was a man who swindled many people out of money in the early 20th century.

He created a scam where he would promise investors a return on their money.

Charles Ponzi would take money off investors promising high Returns within days or months.

The scheme that he ran would take money off new investors and pay money to the old investors.

He eventually took 20 million dollars worth of money off his investors.

This was obviously illegal and not very moral.

Have you ever heard of a Pyramid Scheme?

A Ponzi scheme is basically a Pyramid Scheme.

The early investors recruit other investors and the lower down the pyramid the more likely you are to lose money.

Ponzi and pyramid schemes have a tendency to come crashing down, this is because they cannot sustain the revenue streams.

These schemes mentioned above are highly illegal in most countries around the world.

You can see these schemes constantly reappearing even in modern times.

History has a tendency to repeat itself over and over.

Similar schemes are multi level marketing, also known as MLM.

It can be easy to get drawn into pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes and MLM.

The sad fact how about pyramid schemes and MLM, is that the people at the bottom of the pyramid get hurt the most.

Most of the time these schemes are introduced by close friends and family members.

This can ruin friendships and family relationships, because after all we trust our loved ones and our close friends.

What really is so upsetting about Ponzi schemes, and pyramid schemes and all these kind of really dodgy Business Ventures, is that the people who are affected Tend To Be the people on lowest incomes.

There have been lots of people from ethnic minorities in countries like America, that have been really badly affected by these kind of scams.

MLM (multi level marketing)- make money online scams

MLM is pyramid selling rather than the Ponzi and pyramid schemes.

Although there are a lot of legitimate MLM companies out there, I have tried to stay clear of these myself.

Normally these kind of entities have different levels of association.

You might start on a silver or a partner level, then you might move up to a gold door a diamond level.

This is based on the amount of products you sell.

The products that I have seen mlm companies selling, can quite often not be very high quality or have a limited shelf life.

Like pyramid schemes and Ponzi schemes, these companies rely on their members recruiting other members.

Again, there are many family members and friends that get drawn into this ridiculous business model.

If you are introduced to a business opportunity where you need to introduce other people to the business opportunity, this is not the best practice for business.

You should not have to introduce friends and family, and random people to your business, your business should be good enough to sell itself and provide you with a good level of profit.

Recruiting people is generally not the right way to build a business.

For legal reasons I will not be mentioning names of of MLM companies, because I do not want to get sued.

To check out past and present MLM companies or pyramid schemes just do it Google Search.

High yield investment schemes- make money online scams

A greedy person hidden in a pile of money looking guilty

High yield investment schemes also known as HYIS, are very risky indeed.

In many ways they tie into the whole Pyramid Scheme Ponzi scheme narrative.

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.

A lot of genuine investments will offer reaslistic Returns like a few percent per annum, high yield investment schemes promise massive percentage Returns.

Theses schemes are usually illegal as well.

Fake Bitcoin cloud mining sites – make money online scams

a futuristic looking picture with the Bitcoin logo in the center

I am a massive cryptocurrency enthusiast, but yet again scammers of jumped onto the bandwagon crypto.

This really makes me angry because if cryptocurrency space wants to be taken seriously, we need to try and get rid of these scammers.

Scams can be things like Bitcoin mining websites and trading platforms.

The sound part of this, that most of these schemes if not all of them have affiliate marketing programs.

You sign up as a member of the site and you get an affiliate link.

YouTubers and bloggers will then promote these sites thinking they are genuine.

When the law finally catches up with these companies, many of the affiliate marketers also get dragged in.

Again, I’m not going to mention names but just do a Google search.

Even genuine companies that provide cloud mining services, can come across as scams.

I put money into a very popular cloud mining company and I did make my money back,plus a small return.

The truth about cryptocurrency is that you need to just buy and hold,also known as HODL.

In order to hodl your crypto, you will need to choose a reputable cryptocurrency exchange.

Coinbase is the most well-known of these, Binance is also a well respected cryptocurrency exchange.

Historical data shows that the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, have had a tendency to go up over time in a long-term upward trend.

So don’t fall into these cryptocurrency scams!

Again if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!

Financial Trading,Forex and binary options – make money online scams

graphs showing the price of stocks on a trading program at the stock exchange

Like a lot of the scams that have mentioned in this article so far, they all prey on human greed.

The people who create scams are driven by greed, and the people who fall for these scams suffer with greed.

The Forex, binary option and financial scams are no different.

There are genuine traders in the forex markets and binary option markets.

The people who are genuinely interested and make money out of financial markets, have spent many years studying technical and fundamental analysis.

Scammers will use the get rich quick marketing tactics to try and hook you in.

I have found that a lot of social media platforms, seem to have these scammers approaching you.

They will say something along the lines of “would you like to invest and triple your money”,or ” I have auto trading software, you can’t lose”.

If you want to make money from forex and financial markets, simply take a training course by A reputable company.

Always check out a company’s address and government registration details to verify they are genuine.

Like in the UK and America, a genuine financial investment or Trading Company, must adir to special rules that are laid out in law.

Phishing scams – make money online scams

a picture of a cyber crime that looks like a police tape in yellow

Phishing scams also called cybercrime are extra specially bad, because you unwittingly give your private information to criminals.

These scams have been known to be committed over the phone or by text message, but I think that in modern times a lot of these scans are done via email or fake websites.

An example of this would be getting an email pretending to be your bank, or even your PayPal account.

They get you to click the link in the email they have sent you, this then takes you through to a fake website where you put your email and password in.

Once they have your email and password, they will probably go on a spending spree or just simply empty your bank account.

I will give an example right now about someone phoning me up, trying to scam me.

I remember a couple of years ago, I had just filled in my self assessment to the UK government.

Being relieved that I managed to submit my self assessment Tax information to the Inland Revenue.

Then a couple of days later I received a phone call off a very well spoken gentleman.

The gentleman said to me,” have I received the letter from the court?”.

I then confused said what are you talking about!

The gentleman said to me over the phone ” you are being investigated by the Inland Revenue service of the United Kingdom, you will be arrested and your property will be raided”.

I then turned around and said to the man on the phone, and said to him “oh really, I must be in a lot of trouble then”

He turned around and said to me “I will put you through to our collections department”.

The colour then put me on hold and I then hung up the phone in disgust.

I knew that this person who called me was a total scammer and was trying to get my bank details.

So I phoned the national Fraud Hotline in my country, and told the police everything that had happened.

It is so important that you do not fall for these con artists, they can be so convincing that you start questioning your own sanity.

Your bank all your revenue service will not contact you by phone, they will always contact you via letter to your home address.

I was in the pub not so long ago, and got chatting to some self-employed people builders to be exact.

one of these builders had unfortunately fallen for this scam.

This builder had his entire business account emptied.

These scams Rob many people from all walks of life.

Why talk about scams

The main reason that I have talked about scams in this article, is because as an affiliate marketer you are liable.

If you promote scam products and services, you could really be setting yourself up for some really bad legal stuff.

Make money online scams are some of the cruelest ways to be conned.

No one is immune to the effects of online scams, young and older people are all vulnerable.

Advice from entrepreneurs – Dan Lok

If you want to learn how to become a great entrepreneur you will learn a lot from books/audiobooks.

I have recently been listening to FU Money on Audible by the entrepreneur Dan lok.

In his fu money book, he talks about scams and how you shouldn’t go for business opportunities that are a business in a box type thing.

The then goes on to the language that scammers often use when they want to get money out of you, “to be honest”, “this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” and “you need to get into this now” our Common pressurising manipulations used by scammers.

I highly recommend you getting fu money by Dan lok and also scientific advertising by Claude C. Hopkins.

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You can cancel your audible subscription at any time and the amount of technical, business and self development audio books, that are available on Audible are phenomenal.

Get one credit every month for being a member and the membership is not a lot of money each month, considering the amount of knowledge you will learn from them.

Legendary Marketer affiliate course

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Learn how to build a profitable niche blogging website

Income school is a website run by Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler,they run a fantastic online courses called Project 24. Passive income can be a difficult skill to learn and this is where building a business can cause a lot of people to give up before they have even got started.Learn how to build a profitable niche website in 60 steps.

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Jim Harmer is a professional photographer from Idaho and has had plenty of success with his career.He has been a blog writer for many years and has taken his knowledge and created a great online business with his colleague Rick.

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Project 24 is a course for learning how to build a profitable niche website over a 24 month period.The first two years of a websites life can be difficult,because the major issues are web traffic and monetization.

Online business can be a mine field of false info and promises,with some shady ‘So called Affiliate marketing Gurus’ making claims they can’t back up.

Jim and Ricky have created a great course that includes a lot of content,the content they provide is tried and tested.We know this because they have used the same techniques they teach on their own websites.

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60-Step Approach to a Profitable Niche Site

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Thank you for reading my blog and if you have found this information useful, please share with friends family and work colleagues.

You can check the rest of my blogs by clicking the link below.

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Again I would like to thank you for reading my blog post,

Thanks Phil

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