Is Udemy Good and Worth It ?

So is Udemy good and is Udemy worth it? You’ve been searching the internet trying to find out loads of stuff about udemy.You’ve got a couple of questions on your mind like “is udemy worth it” or ” is udemy good”.

When reviewing and educational online learning sites like udemy, you need to be looking at what you really want.

Do you want a flashy fancy course that will cost thousands of Dollars, or a practical course that is affordable to most people?

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No, I won’t say that udemy is a perfect online learning platform. But what I will say is that, it does try to cater for everybody.

Sure there are plenty of Udemy coupon codes for you to use, but is udemy good or worth it.

Sure answer for is Yes! Udemy is good for people who want to learn a wide variety of skills at a low cost.

Courses start from about $10 and can go into the hundreds of Dollars price range. I think this is why udemy is good.

What is Udemy ?


Udemy is an online course platform that’s become very popular in recent years. The main reason that udemy has become so popular is because they offer 130,000.

They also have a huge array of different courses. You can learn just about anything on udemy, from computer programming, business skills, right through to fun stuff like crafts, musical instruments other kinds of fun things.

In the year 2020, udemy has about 50 million students. This number keeps growing exponentially.

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Now there are other kinds of online learning platforms such as EDX and Coursera, that provide courses by colleges and universities from around the world.

Udemy doesn’t have accredited qualifications in the same way as these online course providers.

This isn’t to say that Udemy is not good, but anyone can become a udemy instructor and create a course and upload it to the platform.

A. Shows the main category for each section. B. Shows the sub categories under each main category.

If you look at the screenshot above, you can access all the categories and subcategories of courses.

The overall usability of this website is very easy to follow. Under each sub-category there are different courses.

So now you know what udemy is, and how many good potential options for online learning can be.

Is Udemy Legit ?

Yes!Udemy is legit, and a good company to learn with. They have been featured in many different magazines/websites such as Forbes and mashable.

There are also many major companies that praise Udemy.

The companies that Udemy are trusted by include;

  • SurveyMonkey
  • Adidas
  • General Mills
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Volkswagen (VW)

The main reason that is trusted by major industry, is that according to a 2019 IDC report, companies see up to 869% ROI, when partnering with them.

Although anyone can become an instructor and create a course, there is a review system in place for quality control purposes.

I have used this website for many years, and found some real gems in it’s course catalog.

There are courses by some top entrepreneurs and teachers in their Fields, so udemy are completely legitimate.

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Is Udemy Worth It for Online Learning?

I have personally found this website, to be one of the best online learning platforms. So yes it’s a fantastic place to get your brain working and learn new skills.

Another great thing about udemy are the sales that they often have on courses. You can pick up a course for as little as 10 or 20 dollars.

Although udemy is not an accredited online learning platform, you do get a certificate that you can print off.

Employers might not see these qualifications as valid, but you can possibly use this as a bargaining chip.

If you said to your potential employer, that you would be willing to take the accredited qualification, they might see your Udemy Qual as you showing that you have a good work ethic.

It also shows that you might have a better chance of passing an accredited qualification, from an employers point of view.

Even from a fun point of view, there’s something for everybody on udemy. If you are self-employed there are plenty of really useful courses,that will help you grow your business skills and knowledge.

Is Udemy Course format good for me ?

Each course on udemy uses a online video format,it’s also split into easily manageable sections. I really like the easy-to-follow structure of udemy courses.

Each course also has a question section,you can ask the instructor if you are confused, or need more info.

The better courses on this website also have supporting documentation and course materials, to help you through your course.

The are also closed caption options for videos and a facility to help you take notes, as you go through your course.

Another great feature of udemy is that you can watch the courses through Apple TV and Google Chromecast, straight from your smart phone onto your TV.

So YES Udemy also has an app, available on apple and Android devices.So Udemy is worth it for functionality as well as course structure.See the screen shot below to see how the course structure looks.


Is Udemy Good Is Udemy Worth it – Conclusion

If you really want to learn on a good platform with plenty of variety, this is the platform for you.

When using online learning platforms, you only get what you put into it. Meaning, if you complete all the courses that you start, you will have an enjoyable experience.

You will also learn lots of interesting facts and skills on Udemy.

At the time of writing this article, we are in the midst of a lockdown due to COVID 19. So udemy is definitely worth it, and is a good way to to kill some time.

Maybe you want to learn how to play an instrument, like that guitar your partner bought you for your birthday.

You might want to learn self sufficiency courses. Maybe you want to start an online business, and brush up on the skills or learn new ones.

Whatever you’re into, or whatever your educational level is, udemy is definitely worth checking out.

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