How youtbue and other mizspelins can get you traffic

Did you know 55,600,000 people misspelled YouTube as Youtbue.

I can totally understand that not everyone can spell very well, I suffer with dyslexia so I have direct experience of spelling mistakes.

It is also very easy 2 misspell on a mobile device, because the keys on the keyboard are so close together.

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We can take advantage as affiliate marketers and online business owners, by ranking for words that are misspelled.

If you visit Neil Patel’s website, he has a really great feature called Ubersuggest.

What ubersuggest allows you to do where is, put your rivals niche website URL into research field.

When you click search, it will come up with all the keywords, that your rivals website has used for search rankings.

You will then notice miss spellings of popular search terms like, YouTube,mortgage and all other related search terms to the niche.

I have also found some online software called good keywords.

The good keywords software allows you to search for regular keywords, but also has an option to show misspelled keywords.

I find this very surprising the amount of keywords that are misspelled that get lots of results.

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