How to write blogs The easy way – and my dyslexia story

How to write blogs the easy way…Scroll down or read my story.Many years ago when i started at school, I really struggled with my reading and writing.

For many years through my early years at school in the 1980s and 90s, I felt like I couldn’t learn anything very easily.Spelling, writing and reading just didn’t seem to happen very easily for me.

Back in the 1980s the primary school that I was at, tried transferring me to a special needs school.My mum and dad stood up for me and told the school where to stick it.

I knew I was not an idiot or stupid, but I’m definitely knew that something was not quite right with me.I found that I would have great ideas, but not necessarily having a great way of expressing them with written words.

When I moved on to High School, I was put at the back of the class.

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Dyslexia is frustrating

This used to make me really sad, because I wanted to learn as much information as possible.All the way through High School I got really bad grades.

I felt like there was no help for me, this just made me shut down mentally.I felt very lost and in some ways very lonely.

When I left school I was pushed into learning a trade that I really did not want to do.Quickly I left my apprenticeship after a couple of years and drifted from job to job.

My brother Paul got a job in a skate shop called The Grind in Preston in the UK, this was the coolest job and ever had.I met lots of people and I made lots of friends as well.

The importance of education

A friend of mine called David, opened my eyes and told me that I needed to get educated.Getting educated was a really daunting task, I gave it some thought.

So when I found out that I was losing my job in the skate shop, I decided I will go back to college at the age of 19.

When I went to college, the support staff knew that there was something wrong with my learning abilities.

The support staff who were helping me with my reading and writing, told me that I had a high vocabulary of words and I was bright.

All the way through College just like in high school I was never really given that much support, I wasn’t ever tested for anything that could have caused this problem.

I worked really really hard, probably 10 times harder than anybody else, to get the same results as most of the other people in my class.

Staffordshire University

When I went to Staffordshire university, this was just a miracle in my eyes.After I was made to feel I was stupid (but I was not),I thought that I may have dyslexia.

People had said to me on many occasions, are you dyslexic.I did not even know what dyslexia was.

So at university, I managed to get tested by an educational psychologist.They tested my IQ and told me that I was above average intelligence.

The educational psychologist did series of tests and found that I had severe dyslexia.

Dyslexia support at University

Once I had been diagnosed as dyslexic, I managed to secure funding through through my university.My university got me a PC, extra time in exams, extra support with my reading and writing.

The university also got me some speech recognition technology.This software for the PC, allowed me to speak and record the words as text.

I could also use the software to read text on Microsoft Word and many other software programs.Life began to get a lot easier with my learning.

The great thing was thay I started to feel some pride in learning new things and subjects.I also started to find that I was enjoying the learning process.

Technology was advancing

Back in 2003 there weren’t really any smartphones or anything that technological.

Although the internet had been well established by this point, I found that I would still have to do the majority of writing on a PC by typing.

Microsoft Word did help me a lot, because it had a spell checker.

How to write blogs the easy way when you’re dyslexic

So roll on a number of years, I then found that smartphones had become popular and affordable.Every year the technology on smartphones was getting so much easier to use.

Then a few years ago around about 2015, I discovered that you could do voice commands on your smartphone.I found that I could say “hello Google”, and I could give my phone certain commands.

When the technology got very advanced very quickly towards 2017.A great discovery was when I could use my smartphone to write blogs and txts.

In fact this blog I am writing at the moment, has been spoken using the microphone icon on the text screen of an Android device.

Often I have found this technology to be liberating, considering my severe dyslexia.

Great thing about having dyslexia, and the way my mind works, is that I think a lot differently to a lot of people who don’t have dyslexia.

I come up with some off the wall ideas at times.When people ask me for advice, I tend to think outside the box.

Although I have found that dyslexia can be a curse in some ways, I have found that it is also a gift as well.

So my message to all people with dyslexia.

Don’t ever let anybody tell you that you cannot write blogs, be a entrepreneur,journalist,be a scientist or any other technical or creative professional.

You have been born in the right place at the right time, with technology that can help you achieve anything you want in life.

So blog writing is as easy as getting your phone and clicking the mic icon, and speaking into your phone and writing anything you want.

Don’t let learning disabilities hold you back from learning

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Thanks to the following organisations and companies below;



Staffordshire University

For all the help and support they have giving me over the years through technological innovation and genuine professionalism.

If you have a disability or learning difficulty, take action and be counted.

Don’t let anything hold you back!!!

Famous Entrepreneurs

Here is a link with some famous entrepreneurs

Remember, that funding and support are available you or if you have a child with suspected dyslexia or a learning difficulty.

Make sure that you don’t give up and contact your local education authority or Council.

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