Learn How to start blogging (Recommended)

In this article you will learn how to start blogging. Blogging is one of the best ways how to make money online and and Influence your audience.Learning how to start blogging can help your business grow and bring in lots of financial rewards.

Creating a blog isn’t that difficult, but you will need to do a few simple steps in order to get your blog off the ground.So learn how to start blogging TODAY!

So you can…..

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how to start blogging.How to make a profitable niche website blog

How to start blogging by creating a blog site

The first thing you are going to need to do in order to start blogging, is to choose which blogging platform to use.

The most recommended blogging platform in the world at this point in time, is WordPress.

WordPress is a fantastic blogging platform that gives you lots of free tools and SEO options.

When you you choose WordPress for blogging, you can add lots of of content into your blogs.

You can embed YouTube videos

Add affiliate links

Add images and screenshots

Use news of different plugins (lots are FREE)

The list of possibilities when using WordPress for blogging really is endless.

Finding the best way of getting WordPress can be difficult, but from experience I would say that getting WordPress by using a web hosting provider, like HostGator is the best and most reliable way.

HostGator allows you to host a WordPress website, you can also so buy a domain through HostGator, that will link through to your WordPress site.

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Choosing the correct domain will obviously need to reflect your chosen niche.

Once you have signed up for HostGator, all you need to do is sign into cpanel, then click install WordPress.

You will then be given your username and password via email.

As you can see from the screenshot above, once you have logged in you will see this screen.

The dashboard allows you to access all areas of your WordPress website, this is known as the back-end of WordPress.

The front end of WordPress is your website page itself and your blog posts.

Always remember that the back-end of WordPress is where the magic really happens for your SEO and the writing of content.

WordPress really is a powerful tool for any Blogger or entrepreneur interested in blogging.

How to start blogging – creating your first blog post

How to start blogging!

When you want to to create your first blog post, just look to the left of the the dashboard, you will see a pin symbol.

Just click on the pin symbol and click add new (see screenshot above).

You will then have a blank template for your blog post.

The same process is done with creating a page for your website, just click on the page icon and click add new on the left-hand side of the dashboard.

When you create a post or a page, you will have a blank space for the title.

You will also have have space underneath where you can add blocks.

Some of the blocks that you can add to WordPress are as follows;



Custom HTML


There are lots of different blocks to choose from, you simply just add them by clicking the + symbol, and choosing the required block.

When you have built your blog post or page, just simply click the save draught button or publish button.

You should also be aiming to write blogs that have a wordcount of 1500 to 2000 words.

This is because Google want good high quality content to rank higher in search results.

It also take 6 to 12 months for your website/blog to start gaining substantial levels of traffic,unless you want to do paid traffic methods.

WordPress plugins

When you want to learn how to start blogging,you can get plugins for wordpress that help a lot.

Like I mentioned earlier in this blog post, there are many plug-ins that can help you with your blogging.

I have mentioned in many other my my blog posts about yoast SEO plug-in.

The yoast plugin helps you by giving you guidance about your blog posts SEO potential.

There are lots of other plugins that can help speed your website up like WP cache, website optimisation like hummingbird and WP quad for inserting adsense adverts.

Updraft is also a plugin,this plugin allows you to backup and also upload backups of your wordpress website.

It allows your wordpress files and data bases to be kept safe on your cloud storage like Google drive ect.

How to start blogging – choosing a niche (subject)

You can learn how to start blogging but you will need to choose a subject for your website. When choosing a niche you should be thinking about popular niches that can be easily monetised.

The popular niches are as follows;


Cryptocurrency/Financial products

Personal finance


Travel/ tourism


These niches can also be separated into sub niches.

Example = Weightloss > Keto diet

So once you have decided on your niche, you will need to find affiliate offers to promote.

So how do I find……….

How to monetize a blogging site

How to start blogging and making money online.

In order to monetize your blog you will need to join a company’s affiliate program or join an affiliate network.

If you own your own company and you want to monetize your company’s products, you may want to create your own affiliate program so that other affiliate market is can promote your business.

Some of the most popular affiliate networks around today are as follows;

Maxbounty CPA Network



CJ (Formerly commission Junction)

The above-mentioned affiliate networks have digital and physical products in every niche.

Use Maxbounty offers when blogging

Maxbounty is a prime example of an affiliate network. It’s free to join and you can find every possible niche for your blogging articles.

If you look at the screenshot below, you can see various offers on the homepage maxbounty.

If you use the the campaign search search, just type in the kind of products that your niche website will feature, then a list of affiliate products will appear.

Then simply choose which product you want then check if you are approved for that product, most products on maxbounty you automatically have approval for.

Some products you will have to ask to be approved.

Just select what kind of link you require,then copy the link.

You can then go back to WordPress and select some text in your blog article, then click Ctrl+K or the link icon,and then paste the maxbounty link.

The link can be set to open in a new browser tab or not.

Clickbank is also very similar to Maxbounty and you can find and multitudes of offers with all niches.

Clickbank offers are more geared towards digital products like courses and software etc.

There are also other ways of monetizing your blog and website.

The main way a lot of websites monetize their content, including blogs is Google adsense.

Google adsense allows for the insertion of advertisements from Google, onto your own website and blog.

You will need to register with Google adsense first. Then you will need to submit your website’s URL, and copy and paste a cold into your HTML.

This code is there to verify that you own the website.

Sometimes you will have to change your your website’s content to get approved.

The things you may have to add to your website/blog is a privacy policy,about us and contact us page.

Approval for Google adsense can take nearly a week, if you keep on getting rejected from Google adsense, then seek some professional advice search on Google for reasons why you are not being approved.

Once you have been approved,you can start adding ads to your website.

Google will only allow 3 adverts per page/articles,if you put more ads on than permitted,they will shut your adsense down.SO YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

If you go to the ads section and copy the code,you can either add the code via WP Quad plugin,or you can use the HTML Editor view.Just remember to set WP Quad to maximum 3 ads per page/blog.

In the page/articles you can manually add your ads code by using the following code in the HTML editor view;

<body> ads code </body>

Or you can ad to the header of your site by

<head> ads code </head>

How to build a profitable blogging niche website – How to start blogging course

Income school is a website run by Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler,they run a fantastic online courses called Project 24.Passive income can be a difficult skill to learn and this is where building a business can cause a lot of people to give up before they have even got started.

I really like Project 24,because Jim and Ricky’s advice is so good and useful for building a passive income online.You can learn a lot by listening to these two guys.The Project 24course is there to help you every step of the way.They will run through every step from start to finish,of all of the things you need to create a passive income website.


Ricky and Jim are brilliant at giving valuable content online through Youtube videos and blogs.They are experts in SEO and have plenty of skills that can help other entrepreneurs.

They have created a network of profitable niche websites that earn them both a fantastic online passive income.Their website Income Schoolhas become famous through their online presence on Youtube.I am huge fans and have listened and taken action with the advice they give,it’s really helped me to grow my own online business.

Jim Harmer is a professional photographer from Idaho and has had plenty of success with his career.He has been a blog writer for many years and has taken his knowledge and created a great online business with his colleague Rick.

Rick Kesler is co founder of Income school and blogger,he has a background in business as well.

Jim and Rick are great motivators of people, project 24 will help any budding entrepreneurs to succeed with their niche websites and blogs.


Project 24 is a course for trying to get a niche website making a profit over a 24 month period.The first two years of a websites life can be difficult,because the major issues are web traffic and monetization.

Online business can be a mine field of false info and promises,with some shady ‘So called Affiliate marketing Gurus’ making claims they can’t back up.

Jim and Ricky have created a great course that includes a lot of content,the content they provide is tried and tested.We know this because they have used the same techniques they teach on their own websites.

They quite clear and honest about how much their websites earn in one of their Youtube videos and its not pocket change,some of their websites make $60,000 per Month.

The bogs they have created range from photography to pets and the list goes on.

.They walk through the 60 step approach to making a website that can make you money online.

The content included on the Project 24 course;

60-Step Approach to a Profitable Niche Site

A Podcast to Give You the Newest Techniques

A community of students, and also Ricky & Jim’s expertise

A library of Courses for learning Everything you need to know

Building a niche site for passive income takes lots of dedication and hard work in the beginning,so choosing Project 24 will help you reach your goal of mastering passive income a real possibility.

This course is idea for people who want to monetize their blogs, and for people who want to start from scratch as well.You can start learning step by step, how to get your website up and running and getting that all important organic search traffic from Google.

How to promote your blogging site

It is widely accepted that organic search traffic through Google is the best kind of traffic to get for your website.

This requires you to do a little learning of the principles of SEO,this is covered in the Project 24 course.

Other methods of traffic can include social media platforms like Pinterest Facebook Instagram and a multitude of others.

To really make an impact with social media you will need to do paid advertising.

To learn about paid advertising you can do the Super Affiliate System course by John crestani.

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Remember the most important thing about building online business,blogging,entrepreneurship and affiliate marketing!


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