How to start blogging on wordpress

Blogging on WordPress is a really easy when you learn how.In this guide i will show you how to create a wordpress website, so you can start blogging on wordpress.

WordPress is a great platform for writing blogs.You can get your blog setup, so you can start blogging on wordpress TODAY.It is really easy to start your wordpress blog.Just read on and………………….

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How to start blogging on WordPress

When you want to learn how to start blogging on WordPress, there are a few things you will need to do.

WordPress is by far the best blogging platform that you can use and there are loads of online tutorials on Youtube and other websites.

Blogging on WordPress can give you exposure for your organisation,hobby or company.Creating blogs can give you massive traffic to your website and help you to create an online presence.

If you have never used WordPress before, you may find it a little bit daunting.

Don’t worry because it really isn’t that difficult to write blogs and create your site.

When blogging on WordPress, you can potentially gain massive exposure through search engines.

WordPress has massive potential for SEO ( search engine optimisation) online.

Reason for WordPress being so good for bloggers, is because Google and other search engines find WordPress blogs easy to rank in search results.

There are also lots of plugins that you can use for WordPress.

Most of the plugins on WordPress are FREE.

There are plug-ins that help speed up your website, add widgets on other useful things like forms, there are also SEO plugins like yoast.

So Let’s Begin by learning how we can create a WordPress website and blog.

Read on….

Step 1 Web hosting

The first thing you will need to do when wanting to start blogging on WordPress, is a web hosted site.

To create a WordPress site you will need to sign up for a web hosting provider.

I have found that HostGator is the cheapest, most reliable and supports the use of WordPress as a website builder.

HostGator is also a great website because it has 24 hours a day 7 days a week online support.

When blogging on WordPress you will need support from time to time, when you have technical issues.

You can sign up for HostGator by clicking the link below.


The HostGator packages start from $2.75 for the hatchling plan, this plan is enough for you to start your blog straight away.

You will also need to choose a suitable domain name when signing up to HostGator.

If you already have a domain name from a previous website four domain name provider, you can easily reassigned that domain to be available in HostGator.

You will need to change your name server settings to your new HostGator web hosting plan.

Another great feature of HostGator is the free SSL encryption they offer with all of their plans.

SSL is used to protect the website owner and the customer from hackers.

Most other web hosting providers charge you up to an extra $60 to $80 per year to have SSL on your website.

Google also ranks SSL websites higher up in search results, this is because they are more secure than regular websites.

A SSL website has https:// at the beginning of the URL, non SSL websites are just plain http://

So JOINING Hostgator is a great first step!!!!

Step 2 Installing wordpress

Once you have sorted out your hosting package out you will need to login to cpanel in your Hostgator customer portal (see screenshot above).

When you want to start blogging on wordpress,you will need to get wordpress!!!

When you log into cpanel, you will notice at the top of cpanel there are popular links, one of which will be install WordPress.Installing WordPress is so easy to do,just see the screenshot below.

You install WordPress by choosing which domain you want to install it on.

It’s really is that easy, when you have done this you will receive your user name and password via the email signed up with.

Then go to your email and simply click the link to your website and sign in.

Really easy isn’t it?

And so you can create your first…..

Step 3 creating your first blog

Once you have login to your WordPress website, it is time to create your first blog post.

To do this, you can look to the left hand side of the screen when you are logged into WordPress, then click posts.

You will see add new post.

Once you have created your blog post, you will be given a blank template.

You can then give your blog a headline with your key phrase in it.

Then you can write your article with multiple headings containing your key phrase.

When you are writing your paragraphs under your headings, you will want to include your key phrase (keywords).

Writing your blog content around your key phrase, along with your headings and blog title, will help you to rank your blog with Google and other search engines.

You will need to write your blog posts with a wordcount of between 1500 and 2000 words,you can check your wordcount by clicking the content structure button (see screenshot below)

Google will only rank content that is extensive and quality,so the wordcount and some images are important.

The yoast plugin helps you a lot, with your content writing and SEO,its FREE to install and use.

It gives you tips, tricks and pointers for getting the most out of the SEO aspect of blog writing.

Your title should be catchy and informative, you should also do some keyword research to find out the search volumes and SEO difficulty of each title or key phrase.

You should try to captivate your audience with good content and write about things you are passionate about,because you need to create valuable content.

Blogging on WordPress is very much like using word processing software like MSword.

WordPress is great because you can add YouTube videos, photos, screenshots and any other media that you want to start blogging on WordPress.

Remember to Click save or publish when you have written your blog post!!!!

It is very easy to do all these tasks and there are plenty of tutorials online.

So lets find out how blogger get paid………

Step 4 How to monetize your blogging on wordpress

So the big question is how do bloggers get paid for their efforts?

The way bloggers get paid for the blog writing, is by joining an affiliate network or company affiliate program E.g Amazon Associates

Affiliate networks and Company programs will issue you with an affiliate link.

The affiliate link is connected to each product that you are promoting, and when someone clicks on that product, you will get a Commission if they buy it.

Some of the best affiliate networks are Maxbounty and Clickbank.

These networks are free to join so why not join them by clicking the links below.

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Affiliate networks have products from every niche possible.

Some of the commissions that you can earn from these affiliate networks especially maxbounty, can be 50 to 90% commissions.

So whether you’re into weight loss health and fitness or software and education, there really is something for every type of blogger and niche possible.

If you are into e-commerce you can also paste your links from your Amazon and shopify listings, into your blogs.

So blogging on WordPress can help you turn a profit and help you generate passive income,just signup for great affiliate networks like Maxbounty.

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Step 5 how to promote your blog online

Like I have mentioned before, SEO is great because it sends organic traffic to your blogs.

You can also do paid traffic through Facebook and other social media platforms.

The best traffic I have found on social media is Pinterest.

Pinterest is excellent for bloggers, because every pin that you create, you can have a separate link to your separate blogs.

You can also join tailwind and use Pinterest tribes within tailwind, this will allow your content to be shared amongst other affiliate marketers.

In exchange for using Pinterest tribes and uploading your own pins, you will also need to share their pins as well.

Tailwind is great because you can automate the posting of your pins.

This is called scheduling.

Pinterest is great because you can post your pins, and your pins will show up in Google Search results.

You can also add hashtags and the description along with the title to your pins, this all adds to the SEO capabilities of Pinterest for driving traffic to your blog.

Creating groups boards is also a great idea,you will grow your following on pinterest by adding other people to your boards in pinterest.Also join group boards by contacting the owners of them,this also gets you more followers.

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Quora is also a great way of getting traffic.

The point of Quora is to allow members of the public to ask questions, then people with knowledge in that area of expertise can answer these questions.

Answers can be upvoted or downvoted, depending on the quality and knowledge displayed.

Another great thing about quora, is that the question show up in search results along with the answers.

So you can add your answer to a question on quora and also add a link to your blog or website,but be warned!!! If you post too many links to you website,they will ban you from Quora.

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Another free method for you to use is YouTube.

Apart from Google, YouTube is one of the biggest search engines on the planet.

People are always typing questions into YouTube for solutions to the problems.

They’re literally is every kind of niche to be exploited on YouTube.

It’s free to sign up for a YouTube account, you can even have an account for each of your niches.

When you first start out as a YouTuber, you don’t even need a fancy set of equipment.

You can basically start your YouTube channel with a smartphone.

A laptop or desktop computer is also needed for in-depth work on your YouTube channel.

There are also Youtube SEO tools available online like Tubebuddy.

Tubebuddy can help you find keywords for your YouTube videos, help you design brilliant YouTube thumbnails, you also get lots of tips by using tubebuddy, to help your video get more views.

Another amazing feature of Tubebuddy, is that when you look at somebody else’s YouTube video, you can see their keywords and technical information about the videos.

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That’s a really great feature if you are starting out, you can grow your subscribers and followers of your blog, by posting a link to your blog in the description of your YouTube video.

In fact you can post any links in your YouTube videos description.

YouTube is totally free to sign up and post your videos on, so take advantage of this tool to drive free traffic to your blog and website.

Conclusion of blogging on wordpress

The Sky’s the Limit when it comes to what you can do with WordPress.

Blogging on WordPress can be a very rewarding and fascinating journey.

You can create any type of blog using WordPress, the possibilities really are endless.

When creating a WordPress blog, using a hosting service like HostGator, really is the best and most reliable option.

There is a massive global community of people using WordPress, and there are lots of resources and forums to help you along the way.

Create a Blog that is special and that can potentially create income online.

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