How to sell affiliate products

How to sell affiliate products.Selling affiliate products or telling people to buy your affiliate products never works.

If someone came up to you in the street and said “buy this can of Coke” or “come to my restaurant it’s really good”, what would you say to them?

They have basically invaded your space and made a Demand on you and your money.

Believe me when I say no one likes to be told what to do!!!!

This is because you need to provide valuable and informative content.

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Sales process

In traditional sales processes you would introduce yourself, find the wants and needs of the prospective buyer, introduce a product or service, and then you would close the deal.

You need to find out what people want, so that you can write your articles with a view to closing your deals, example; provide a solution to a problem that the customer has.

“Barry wants to find a web hosting service for his car sales business website”.

Valuable content

You need to create valuable content, this can be achieved by providing a genuine solution to a real world problem.

So rather than trying to sell people things, you can go about your blogging or vlogging in a different way.

That’s why you see lot of blogs about the “top 10 best of”, or ” the best places to visit in (location)”.

This approach of providing valuable reading exsperiences, creates rapport with your audience.

That’s why a lot of blogs are reviews of products or services, with good as well as bad points of products,services or anything inbetween.

People will be searching the internet using search engines like Google or Bing, in order to find a solution or information.

This is great because you can insert your affiliate links, into a blog posts in a quite covert Way.

You will not be putting pressure on the reader of your blog, or the viewer your video by trying to SELL!

After all, as an affiliate marketer your main Duty is to write great content.

Most people don’t realise this and that’s why they fail.

The selling is done by the company

Once you have sent the potential customer to the affiliate offer,it’s then the companies duty to sell the product.

This is normally done by using a well written article or video infomercial.

Good articles are reviews of certain niches,a good honest review is more likely to retain a reader than a selling pitch that sounds like a used car sales person! (Only one previous owner guvnah!)

Quality always sells

Always Remember that are good quality products will always sell theirselves!

I remember many years ago when I used to work in a thrift (secondhand) store selling furniture,people would come into the shop and spot an item.

When they spotted a piece of furniture that they really liked, I never had to sell it to them.

They had made the decision to buy the item of furniture or antique, before I had even opened my mouth to speak.

So don’t talk yourself out of a sale,let the company sell the item.

Always build a email list

Always collect a customers email address name and phone number, so that you can send follow up emails or SMS in the future.

Your biggest asset in online business including affiliate marketing is your email list.

Email lists are the best way of sending out newsletters and product reviews etc.

Your website for blog should at least have an opt-in box for collecting names and emails.

From experience the best way to build an email list quickly and efficiently, is to use solo ads!

There are lots of companies and websites out there that claim to be genuine, a lot of these companies are not genuine.

The main to genuine companies I have found that really do work in building email lists are Trafficforme and Udimi.

Trafficforme has a comprehensive high quality database of emails from top converting target audiences from the USA, UK and other English speaking countries.

The traffic that you will get from trafficforme is premium email traffic, this is reflected in the price.

Udimi is also a solo ad provider and has some great sellers on there with good quality email lists, for all types of business opportunities and niches.

I have found that udimi is a little cheaper than traffic for me, but I have also had great results from udimi.

If you are not using an email autoresponder to collect your email list and create your opt-in forms, try Aweber.

You can create some fantastic emails to send to your email list, with a brilliant drag and drop system for building emails and adding your affiliate links with Aweber.


The best thing to do if you are unsure about anything is to learn about the subject you are stuck on.

It doesn’t take a genius to understand that knowledge is power and you must investing your own knowledge base.

So where do you start with gaining your knowledge?

Books are a great way of learning if you are patient enough to find the right books and love reading.

I am severely dyslexic so I find that reading can be a real struggle for me, so I choose to watch YouTube videos and listen to audiobooks.

Also like to join online courses and find the video content a lot more useful and easier to remember than written word in books.

Learning about affiliate marketing

I signed up for clickbank university many years ago, I found this course really good.

It taught me a lot about the technical side of things, I also read a lot of books and listen to a lot of audiobooks, on the creative side of things.

I also found that affilorama was a great course as well, both clickbank University and affilorama had step-by-step videos teaching me everything I needed to know.


thank you for reading this short blog and if you have found the information useful, then please share with friends, family and colleagues.

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