how to make money on youtube

If you want to learn how to make money on youtube,read this article.There are regular people who make millions of dollars on youtube every year. Learn the secrets of how to make money on youtube with training and monetization techniques that can make you passive income and make money online.

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The first thing we need to do when learning how to make money on youtube,is to understand how you can get your channel monetized. Youtube changed the way channels can become monetized a years ago and you now need 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in a 12 month period.

A channel can then connect Google Adsense to their youtube channel and get paid for ads being shown on their videos.

Don’t despair though,there are many other ways of how to make money on youtube.

how to make money on youtube training course

There are courses on how to make money on youtube through affiliate marketing techniques.These courses show you what to say,do and technical stuff,that allows you to make money with your youtube videos and other social media platforms.

Legendary Marketer is one of the best courses i have ever taken,and has given me the most value by far.

They talk about youtube being the biggest online business opportunity and show you all the techniques you need to succeed as an affiliate marketer online.

They have a mini affiliate marketing course called the ’15 day business builder challenge’ you can try below

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how to make money on youtube -affiliate links

You can make money by adding affiliate (referral) links to your videos description and comment sections.These links pay you a commission of any sale,sometimes affiliate programs pay massive commissions on high ticket offers.

To find affiliate links, you can join an affiliate networks like Maxbounty CPA Network and Clickbank.

These affiliate networks have affiliate products for you to promote in any niche you can think of. They are FREE to join and I would recommend you to try both of these networks.

You can also sign up for Amazon Associates affiliate network,this network has millions of products you can promote on youtube. So if your channel was about fishing,you could promote fishing tackle.The same goes for any other niche like cooking or health niches.

how to make money on youtube.A woman adding monetization to her youtube video.

How to make money on youtube -donations

Donations can be a brilliant way of how to make money.You can use Patreon to receive donations on your channel,some youtubers who create controversial content have switched to this form of income.

As long as you are providing value for your donations,you can do well. You can create extra videos for your Patreon followers.

Cryptocurrency can also be a good way of how to make money through donations.Just copy and paste your Bitcoin or any other crpytocurrency address into your description and comments section.

A trusted company for buying/selling crypto currency is Coinbase,they are the best crypto currency exchange for transferring money into paypal and your bank account,and vice versa.

Paypal is also an option for taking donations and is trusted around the world.

If you are raising money for a charity or good cause you can also use where you can set up the amount of money you need to raise and share your Gofundme link on youtube.

how Offer your services as a consultant on youtube

If you have some skills or technical knowledge you can make money from your youtube videos.Just market yourself as a consultant and charge an appropriate amount per hour.You can offer a FREE 15 minute session to entice your potential customer.

You would be surprised at how much skills you have that mind boggle others.I am a musician and music technologist/sound engineer,I have taught people how to use Cubase,Pro tools and sound engineering in the past. There are many skills you can promote in your youtube videos.

You also put your business location in your youtube description if your aiming your videos on a regional or local level.


There are lots of different ways to make money,you just need the right kind of training to get more views and subscribers.Like i mentioned at the beginning of this article, Legendary Marketer can teach you the skills to grow and monetize your channel.

Without the right kind of training you will keep going round in circles and probably give up on your dreams of making money online from your videos and various other methods.

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You just need to choose the right way of how to make money on youtube for you.

How to make money on youtube
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How to make money on youtube
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