How To Make Money As A Teenager

So you want to know how to make as a teenager?Follow these steps and you can make money as a teenager almost anywhere in the world.Some of these jobs may need your parent or guardian’s permission, so if in doubt ask a them.

Why work? Working can give young people the skills and knowledge to succeed in later life.You can also make new friends and earn some money as well. The great thing about working a regular job,is that you can save some money up and feel proud of yourself. This article will show you some jobs and online businesses that can show you how to make money as a teenager.

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how to make money as a teenager

News Paper Delivery (Paper Boy/Girl)

How to make money as a teenager! New Paper Delivery (Paper boy/girl): can be a great way of earning money and saving up for the things you like.News paper delivery is an extra service that local shops and newspapers provide. This service is for people who are too busy or unable to get to the shop for the news paper.

This job requires you to be up really early 6 or maybe 7am. You will also need to be reasonably fit and able,papers and magazines can be heavy! The perks of this job are tips (extra money from customers),especially around the festive season of Christmas. You may be required to work early morning,evenings and weekends. Ask at your local newsagent or shop if they need newspaper delivery.

Glass Collector/Pot Washer

How to make money as a teenager! Glass Collector / Pot Washer: Your local pub (bar) or restaurant needs people to collect dirty glasses along with plates and cutlery. These items also need to be washed by hand or loaded into a dishwasher.This job can be a hot and busy work environment,this job could also be useful for teenagers who want to get into the catering industry.

This job can also be very rewarding when you get to know the locals and regulars. You can make lots of friends and when you leave school or college,you will also have a reference for future employers.

how to make money as a teenager


How to make money as a teenager! Gardening: Gardening is a job you can offer as a service to people in your local community. You can offer to mow lawns,prune plants and cut hedges. You may need to get your parent or guardian to supervise you when you first start,some gardening equipment can be dangerous.

People always need gardening doing,again they maybe busy or unable to mow lawns so you can help them and get paid. I now a bloke in Preston who started gardening as a teenager,he uses his own lawnmower and tools,he also rides a push bike with a trailer. So you may be able to save up your money and get a bike,trailer and tools once you are established.

how to make money as a teenager

Collectible / Antique Dealer

How To Make Money As A Teenager! Collectible / Antique Dealer: You might think that you need loads of money to buy and sell antiques or collectibles,but that’s simply not true. You can pickup amazing finds at garage sales,car boot sales,attic sales and online. The truth is that most people simply don’t know the value of stuff. I have had experience in this my self,to gain knowledge do some research.

The kind of things you can buy and sell are military medals and collectibles,retro video games/consoles,vintage toys,books and many other kinds of items. I have a friend called John,he finds collectible books in charity/ thrift shops for a few quid. John found a book for £1 and ended up selling it for £16,000,this sounds unbelievable,specialist books are quite often limited in the amounts printed. You can learn about collectibles from reading books,antique magazines,online articles and youtube videos.

If you want to learn off the best people,ask for a weekend job at a second hand or antique shop.This job can be carried into adulthood,famous entrepreneurs like Gary V buys and sells sports cards from second hand sales.Remember to buy low and sell high!


How to make money as a teenager! Youtuber: If you have an interest or hobby,you can start a Youtube channel for FREE. You can also make money from your Youtube channel with affiliate offers in the description,donations via paypal or cryptocurrency. If you get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours,you can also monetize with Google Adsense. Sponsorship can also be gained if you are really popular. You can use tools like Video Marketing Blaster and Tubebuddy to rank your videos on the first page of Google and Youtube.

how to make money as a teenager

Retail Shop Assistant

How to make money as a teenager! Retail Shop Assistant: You can get a job as a teenager in a local shop stacking shelves,cleaning up and helping with deliveries. This job will help you get a reference for employers and you can earn money at the same time. The shop owner may also offer you a full time job when you finish school.

The great thing about retail,is that you will learn people skills and learn about attention to detail. Your parent or guardian can help you to find a retail job,they may even know someone who has a shop.


How to make money as a teenager! Tiktok: If you want to make money with Tiktok,you will need a Instagram and Youtube account. You can create videos and drive traffic to those accounts through Tiktok. There are 800 million people using Tiktok,so you can certainly make money. If you want to learn how to go viral and optimize your Tiktok you can Try this training for $1 CLICK HERE .

how to make money as a teenager

Stable Boy/Girl (Horses)

How to make money as a teenager! Stable Boy/Girl (Horses): If you love horses and want to get experience with them,you can earn money at your local stables.This job involves feeding horses,mucking out horse manure,placing fresh straw down and much more. You will learn lots of skills and make loads of friends.

My dad was a stable boy and he loved it,when all of the task had been done, he was allowed to ride horses and take care of them. This is another job that can become a profession in adulthood.

how to make money as a teenager


How to make money as a teenager! Apprenticeship: You can become an apprentice trades person from the age of 16 in some countries like the UK. Learning a trade can give you a six figure income once you are qualified and have some experience. Plumbing,welding,electrician and joinery are just a few to mention.

You can work and learn at the same time,you will also study at college and do theory with exams and assignments. Trades people are in high demand,you can work for a company or be self employed once qualified. There are services in the UK,USA and many other countries that will help you get an apprenticeship. The National Apprenticeship Service in the UK and in the USA the website will help you get the ball rolling.

Most apprenticeships require you to have English and Maths GCSE as a minimum in the UK,if you fail these at high school,you can retake them at college or night school.

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Remember to get permission from a responsible adult before taking any jobs or training mentioned in this blog post.Your well being is top priority and never feel pressured into anything your not comfortable doing. Make sure you seek advice on the laws and regulations in your town,city,state and country before doing any employed or self employed work. Always keep your parent or guardian informed about all aspects of your work life.

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How To Make Money As A Teenager
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How To Make Money As A Teenager
So you want to know how to make as a teenager?Follow these steps and you can make money as a teenager almost anywhere in the world.Some of these jobs may need your parent or guardian's permission, so if in doubt ask a them.
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