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In this article I will share the secrets to Youtube monetization,and share with you how you can become a digital marketing freelancer and make money online through the power of the internet. This will work,even if you don’t have any experience and the techniques and tools you will learn will help you to grow you entrepreneur skills.

So sit back,relax and learn how you can make money online through youtube monetization,even if you don’t have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours.

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youtube monetization. Youtube on a laptop.

youtube monetization-myths

A lot of people believe that the holy grail of youtube monetization is getting 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. The truth of the matter is,YOU DON’T need subs and watch hours.

If you do have those stats,then you can add youtube monetization through Google Adsense,but the rewards for a small channel are pennies. It’s only when you are driving massive amounts of youtube traffic,when adsense can really make you good money.

So what are the other ways of youtube monetization?

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youtube monetization – Patreon

You can accept donations through Patreon and it’s FREE to signup,you can also create extra video content on their platform to keep your followers happy.

When you signup,you will get a link you can share in your Youtube video description. This allows you an option for youtube monetization, the fees are only taken out of the person’s donation.

There are three different plans,with different commission structures.

The three plans are;

  • Lite – 5% Fee
  • Pro – 8% Fee
  • Premium – 12% Fee

Just checkout the screen shot and link below for more details.

To join Patreon for FREE just check out the link below.

Youtube monetization – cryptocurrency

Over the past few years cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and altcoins,has become a very popular way of youtube monetization. All you need is a cryptocurrency wallet and crypto exchange.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallets allow you to send and receive payments and store your crypto away from exchanges. The most secure wallets are hardware wallets like the Ledger Nano.

Cryptocurrency wallets fall into two main types;

Hardware wallets – e.g. Ledger Nano

Software types – e.g Exodus,Jaxx Liberty

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

Each kind of cryptocurrency has an address. (these are my addresses if you feel like Donating – Philip Morris)

So for example a Bitcoin address would be;

BTC = 161PFJ2Q599Np9SjByuzP25ryt7pqhv9Ar

Some cryptocurrencies have two parts or their addresses like Ripple XRP;

Ripple XRP Tag = 940925624

Ripple XRP Address = rPVMhWBsfF9iMXYj3aAzJVkPDTFNSyWdKy

You can simple copy your crypto addresses into your Youtube video description as another form of making money from donations.

But wait!!!

How do you turn Bitcoin and crypto into cash?

It’s really simple and easy to turn cryptocurrency into cash by joining an exchange. Exchanges are FREE to join and you can even get free money on your first trade as a welcome bonus.

The exchanges allow you to turn Bitcoin and cryptocurrency into cash and then withdraw into your bank,and vice versa.

Youtube monetization. Coinbase cyptocurrency exchange

The easiest exchange to join and use is called Coinbase and you can signup below for FREE. You will also get a welcome bonus when you make a trade over a certain amount. Just check them out below for more info.

Youtube monetization. Bittrex exchange

There is also another great exchange for people who want a more advanced exchange,called Bittrex. This exchange is more aimed at cryptocurrency traders. Check them out below.

affiliate links

You can also make money online with your Youtube videos by adding affiliate links. You can get affiliate links from many different companies and affiliate networks. Most companies in the world have affiliate programs,and they will give you a link you can use in your videos description.

youtube monetization. amazon associates.

If you are reviewing products on your Youtube channel,you can sign up for FREE at Amazon Associates.

Amazon has pretty much every product you can think of,and people trust the brand name. So if you put a Amazon link in your video description,people are more likely to buy the product you are reviewing.

You can shorten the product links in Amazon Associates as well,so they look a lot tidier.

how to join maxbounty affiliate network

There are affiliate networks like Maxbounty that offer lots of different products. If you are into doing videos about travel,finance and lots of other niches,you can make money from this CPA network.

To join Maxbounty for FREE you can click the link

Learn the secrets of how to get youtube monetization

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In this article I will share the secrets to Youtube monetization,and share with you how you can become a digital marketing freelancer and make money online through the power of the internet.
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