How to get Facebook ads approved

Facebook has billions of users and you can make lots of conversions on your affiliate products, when you use Facebook advertising.How to get your facebook ads approved by following simple steps.Over recent years they have become very strict about what they will allow an affiliate marketer and business to promote on their platform, with good reason.If you are serious about learning how to make money through Facebook ads,then try the ultimate affiliate marketing course Commission Hero .The 3-Step Profit System can help you.

Read this short article and find out how to get your facebook ads approved.It doesn’t matter is your adverts are weight loss,make money online or any other niche.You can find out how to get your facebook ads approved.Its easy when you know how!!!!

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How to get ads approved in Facebook

You need to choose images that don’t have a lot of text on them.You also can’t use images that can offend people e.g Obese people,suffering of people/animals or violent images etc….

If your image has text on it, it should not be more than 20% of the image.There is a tool in the creative hub section of the Facebook ads manager.

Misleading information or fake information/news

How to get your facebook ads approved can be tricky depending on your niche.Your ad cannot be misleading or fraudulent with fake claims.Facebook have been strict because of those immoral affiliate marketers and companies have been taking advantage of people viewing ads.

Facebook users can report dodgy (scam) adverts, and its just not worth being caught up in mess of rubbish and misleading adverts.If you make false or elaborate claims about a product without being able to back it up, you will be banned from Facebook advertising.

how to request manual review facebook ad

In order to get your Facebook ad approved you will need to choose your words and images very carefully.Facebook has a duty of care by looking after its users on its platform.Sometimes your adverts will get stuck in review status in ads manager.Click this link below to manually have your advert approved by Facebook.

why do my facebook ads keep getting rejected

Facebook ads can be rejected if you don’t keep your ads to a tried and tested format.If you want to treat Facebook advertising like a business then take it seriously.Don’t go in gun ho,you will end up being barred from Facebook ads. Because me when I say they will ban you, they will can you if you put misleading ad copy and images in your Facebook ads.

If you want to learn how to get your facebook ads approved,try the Commission Hero Course by Clickbanks Number 1 Affiliate Robby Blanchard.A note of caution, If you keep on making the same mistakes, they will block your advertising account on Facebook completely.

(Game Over man)

how to find out why facebook ad not approved

Tweak and make changes to adverts to get them approved.It’s all about testing your adverts and staying within Facebook guidelines. The main reasons Facebook ads are not approved are offensive or misleading images,ad copy or headlines. Try playing around with them until you get approved,you can also use the link I provided for a manual review if your ads get stuck in Review,this is quicker.

  • First try different images
  • Try different ad copy
  • Try different ad healines

Above is another example of another approved facebook ad

why you shouldn’t direct link on facebook ads

You should not be Direct linking your affiliate links in your Facebook ads, this is because Facebook does not allow this anymore.Build a landing page, and insert your affiliate links on your landing page or email your affiliate offers once you have their email.This will allow you to promote your landing page on your Facebook adverts.

Linking to pages with low quality content or no meaningful content can also cause your facebook ads to be rejected.If you landing page has malicious or illegal content,you will also get rejected or even banned.

Example of an approved ad

The above screenshot is a perfect example of how to get your facebook ads approved, within the weight loss niche.The photograph in the advert is compliant and promotes a healthy lifestyle, the use of open loop psychology in the ad copy and the headline.

What open loop does is create a sense of curiosity for the reader of the ad, to click the link to find out more about the product you are promoting.

Facebook ads take a few days to become optimised

Once your Facebook ad has been approved, it can take a few days for your advert to be optimised by Facebook.So patience is really important within the first few days of launching an ad campaign.You should also try multiple different ads within your ad set.

Creating audiences

I bet you didn’t know that you could import your email list, to your FB audiences in the Facebook ads manager.You can even create lookalike audiences that will look at your current email list, and match up your list with other Facebook members with similar interests.

It is well worth looking into this feature in the Facebook ads manager, creating audiences and lookalike audiences from your email list, can help targeting the right people to view your adverts.

Never give up on How to get your facebook ads approved

It can be frustrating when you are trying to do facebook ads,because you can easily get it wrong and have your ads rejected.Trial and error can be the only way to get it right,but do too many errors and rejected ads and your Facebook ads account can frozen.

If you keeps on trying,you will learn How to get your facebook ads approved,but a course can help!!! Because I care about your progression READ BELOW……………

Commission Hero – The ultimate Facebook Affiliate ads course

how to get facebook ads approved

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How To Get Facebook Ads Approved
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Facebook has billions of users and you can make lots of conversions on your affiliate products, when you use Facebook advertising.How to get your facebook ads approved by following simple steps.
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