How to create Pins for Pinterest

how to create pins for pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best and easiest ways to gain massive amounts of traffic to your blog or website and you can learn how to create pins for pinterest.

Pinterest is different to other search engines because it’s users pictures, cold pins.

Pins are made using software on your phone or computer. The easiest way to make pins that I have found is, canva and flyer maker.

These apps are available on Google Play for Android, if you are an Apple user I am sure that there will be versions or similar apps on the apple store.

The first thing to do is get some ideas together about what you are promoting and do a little ideas exercise with yourself.

You need your pens to be eye-catching and tempting for the customer to click on or share. You can try different colour schemes and different fonts and also add stock photographs from pixabay and some of the free photographs that come with the software apps that you have downloaded.

In fact a lot of the apps that you can get for creating Pinterest pins, have free versions with adverts.

But you are better to upgrade to the full version, this is because many of the apps are just a light version when they are free.

I use flyer maker on Google Play to make my pins, I use this free app because I find it so easy to use.

how to create pins for pinterest

After you have downloaded flyer maker onto your smartphone, you will see the icon on your phone screen (see below)

When you have installed the app, click on my apps icon and you will see the screen below.

Then you will need to click on the top right hand corner my designs tab.

This will then give you the option to view your designs that you have already done, or create own.

Pinterest pin format

Once you have clicked on create your own, you will see that you can choose from many different size formats. You can choose YouTube thumbnails FB Pinterest and many other size formats. Look at the photograph below.

Click the Pinterest posted and you will see a blank template for you to edit, look at the photograph below and you will see the layout.

Adding a background colour

I always start by clicking on the background tab and choosing eye colour that is pleasing to the eye. You can also choose graphics photos or any custom colour, see photo below.

Once you have chosen the colour you want for your pin, you can then click on the text tab and choose what you want to write, your slogans and text should be quite catchy and informative.

The above photograph shows that I have just created some text, if you scroll across you will see edit, rotation, size, colour, and many other selections like fonts and shadows.

You can also see Arrows up down left right, this can be used to make fine adjustments to the text position on the screen.

Those symbols you can see on the photograph above allow you to delete the selected text, rotate and resize the text.

As you can see from the photograph above, I have chosen the text to be green in colour and I have also added shadow.

How to add images to a pin

Now we can add an image to our pin by clicking the image tab.

How to find FREE stock photos

We will choose from gallery, there are plenty of stock photograph websites online. Pixabay is a really easy to use and good quality free source of photographs for marketing purposes.

So once you have clicked on gallery after downloading a great quality picture for your pin, you can then add it by finding where you downloaded it from on your phone and clicking ok.

As you can see from the photograph above, you have the same functions as the text box where you can resize and rotate and delete the image.

The graphics tab has many vector graphics and photographs to choose from to really add some interesting looks to your pins.

Click on the graphics tab a picture or photograph, below I chose models. The models are male and female and they looks very professional. See photograph below.

You can also add shapes that can be altered in colour to your pins, you can use these shapes to build up effects and designs. See photograph below.

Once you have added all text images shapes to your pin, you can then simply click in the top right hand corner save.

You can save in a standard format or a HD format. You can then up this to Pinterest and you can also add your hashtags and blog link within Pinterest.

How to monetize pinterest

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