How to become an affiliate marketer

how to become an affiliate marketer

How to become an affiliate marketer.It’s really easy these days to become anything you want to be in life, affiliate marketing is no different.

The first things you need are a laptop,smart phone or desktop computer.Your computer of any description will need an internet connection.You do not need a fancy hi spec machine unless you are doing videos and video editing.

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Niches for affiliate marketing

The second thing you need is a niche.

A niche is simply the kind of product you are wanting to sell.

These can be weight loss, fitness, cryptocurrency and fashion just to mention a few.

You can use Google Trends to find out popular search terms.

There are plenty of audio books,website and research materials.

You can also buy mintel reports.

Finding a niche is also covered in the affiliate marketing courses mentioned further down this blog.

Finding niche info to write about

Finding what to write about can be really difficult.

You can use Google alerts to get information and articles straight to your inbox.

Another great free resource you can use is a traditional web search via Google and other search engines.

Audiobooks and ebooks are a really great resource, I use Audible.

When you signup to Audible,you get a 30 days FREE membership.

You also get 1 free credit per month to get any Audio book,some audiobooks are $30 or more.

There are also lots of technical,entrepreneurship and self help books on Audible.

Affiliate training courses

Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer is my most recommended online affiliate course provider.They have lots of online videos and are constantly updating their course content.The best thing about Legendary Marketer is the introductory course the ’15 Day business Builder Challenge’ .

This course shows you how to start a profitable online business using affiliate and digital marketing techniques.If you want to learn more,just CLICK the link below.

Learn about the ’15 Day Business Builder Challenge’ CLICK HERE

If you want to be the best at anything, you will need to pay for quality training courses.

Clickbank University and Affilorama are two of the best online courses around.

You will learn everything you need to know, in Easy step-by-step online videos.

How to find affiliate offers to promote

There are many affiliate marketing networks available online,Some good some bad, but most have one thing in common, lots of different niches for everyone to promote.

There are some affiliate marketing networks that Deal with specific niches, but most do offer every kinda niche almost at least.

These affiliate marketing networks below have lots of offers, for loads of different niches.

Maxbounty, peerfly and clickbank are just a few to mention.

Maxbounty is a brilliant affiliate marketing network that is based on CPA ( cost per action).

So simply enough, all you have to do is get someone, to do an action.

This can be anything really, most of the time the action that a customer needs to do can be as simple as filling their name and email address in the offer.

Other cost per actions maybe taking a free trial or filling in a survey with a chance to winning a prize.

Clickbank on the other hand, concentrates it’s offers on sales for our commission, rather than cost per action.

Clickbank offers are mostly digital products and services.

Like maxbounty they cover every niche that you can think of.

Webhosting and WordPress

Web hosting is what you need if you want to use WordPress.

WordPress is the best website building option for blogger and entrepreneurs.

HostGator is a great way of hosting your website, you can install WordPress for free when you sign up for a HostGator account.

WordPress is a really great website builder/content manager.

How to build a profitable niche website course

Income school is a website run by Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler,they run a fantastic online courses called Project 24. Passive income can be a difficult skill to learn and this is where building a business can cause a lot of people to give up before they have even got started.Learn how to build a profitable niche website in 60 steps.

I really like Project 24,because Jim and Ricky’s advice is so good and useful for building a passive income online.You can learn a lot by listening to these two guys.The Project 24 course is there to help you every step of the way.They will run through every step from start to finish,of all of the things you need to create a passive income website.


Ricky and Jim are brilliant at giving valuable content online through Youtube videos and blogs.They are experts in SEO and have plenty of skills that can help other entrepreneurs.

They have created a network of profitable niche websites that earn them both a fantastic online passive income.Their website Income School has become famous through their online presence on Youtube.I am huge fans and have listened and taken action with the advice they give,it’s really helped me to grow my own online business.

Jim Harmer is a professional photographer from Idaho and has had plenty of success with his career.He has been a blog writer for many years and has taken his knowledge and created a great online business with his colleague Rick.

Rick Kesler is co founder of Income school and blogger,he has a background in business as well.

Jim and Rick are great motivators of people, project 24 will help any budding entrepreneurs to succeed with their niche websites and blogs.


Project 24 is a course for learning how to build a profitable niche website over a 24 month period.The first two years of a websites life can be difficult,because the major issues are web traffic and monetization.

Online business can be a mine field of false info and promises,with some shady ‘So called Affiliate marketing Gurus’ making claims they can’t back up.

Jim and Ricky have created a great course that includes a lot of content,the content they provide is tried and tested.We know this because they have used the same techniques they teach on their own websites.

They quite clear and honest about how much their websites earn in one of their Youtube videos and its not pocket change,some of their websites make $60,000 per Month.

The bogs they have created range from photography to pets and the list goes on.

.They walk through the 60 step approach to making a website that can make you money online.

The content included on the Project 24 course;

60-Step Approach to a Profitable Niche Site

A Podcast to Give You the Newest Techniques

A community of students, and also Ricky & Jim’s expertise

A library of Courses for learning Everything you need to know

Building a niche site for passive income takes lots of dedication and hard work in the beginning,so choosing Project 24 will help you reach your goal of mastering passive income a real possibility.

This course is idea for people who want to monetize their blogs, and for people who want to start from scratch as well.You can start learning step by step, how to get your website up and running and getting that all important organic search traffic from Google.


The most important thing you can do is never give up.

Most people fail at affiliate marketing because, they don’t have the determination and courage, to fulfill their dreams and ambitions.

Thanks for reading this blog and if you have found the information useful, please share with friends family and work colleagues.

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Learn how to become an affiliate marketer.It's really easy these days to become anything you want to be in life using the internet, affiliate marketing is no different.You can learn affiliate marketing with the right training from home with a laptop.
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