how to add no follow affiliate links to your blog and website


If you have just read the headline above, you may or may not know what it means,rel=”nofollow” is important.

When you write a blog and you are trying to monetize that blog, you will want to add affiliate links.

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After all the affiliate links allow you to get commissions from sales.

Not a lot of people know this, but search engine algorithms don’t like paid links.

It can affect your SEO for your website and blogs by having paid links.

Everytime you add a page link to a blog you are giving away authority to your website, and possibly sending people to untrusted links and sites.

The way round this is by using, rel=”nofollow” after every affiliate link, with a space between the final character of your link at the end.


<a href="signin.php" rel="nofollow">sign in</a>

So get your peerfly, clickbank and maxbounty links ect, and add the above-mentioned tag to the end of your affiliate links making sure you leave a space.

Rel=”nofollow” is added in html editor

You can only enter this code in the HTML EDITOR in WordPress,DO NOT ENTER I THE NORMAL LINK in the visual EDITOR,it won’t WORK.

If you have already written all your blogs it will be a little tedious, to add this tag at the end of every affiliate link.

The reality is that you will need to do this to improve your SEO score.

I have heard of plugins that you can get, that can make the job a little easier, but spending a little time adding this tag to the end of your links can be a time to check and tweak your content.

Google and wikipedia explains how to use this tag in more detail.

In some blog posts you may have dozens of affiliate links, if you don’t have the rel=”nofollow” you will get penalised.

The whole idea of adding nofollow tags to your affiliate links, or that they show that you are keeping authority for your own website.

Tip – Get the Google Chrome extension nofollow, this plugin for Google Chrome will help you by highlighting nofollow links in red.

Now let’s say you linked to Google or Apple website or any other big well-respected website.

You will not need to add tags to these links, because they are well respected websites and you as a Blog writer or expected to build links to other websites with a good authority.

I quite often link through to websites because they have a good authority online.

So remember to use rel=”nofollow” on your paid links to improve your tanking in Google.

Blog length matters

In this case size really does matter, your blog should be at least 1500 to 2000 words long.

Google likes blog content that is informative and valuable.

You can answer a question in 5 words or less or more or even less, but the job of a good writer is to right a detailed and quality blog article.

How boring would it be to just answer questions in just a few words.

It doesn’t matter what keywords you use when you are writing your blog, if your blog is not long enough or has enough detail for Google to consider as quality content.

Blog images

There are some great websites with plenty of stock images on the internet.

Shutterstock, iStock and pixabay are great places to find images.

Pixabay is great because there are lots of free images for you to use, that are royalty free and you can use for business purposes.

Shutterstock and iStock have a lot more higher quality images that are available to buy.

When you are starting out writing blogs and doing affiliate marketing projects, I would recommend pixabay to start with.

You should always have at least one good quality image on your blog to keep it interesting.

Having images on your blog can also affect the SEO rating.

Google search console also builds sitemaps based on the images on your blog/site.

Add social media links

Google also likes you to share your blog posts on social media, this can directly influence your SEO ranking done Google.

She’s always a good idea to add links to your blogs for your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media platforms.

If you get engagement through social media, this will help your website to rank better and you will also get more visitors to your website for free.

Backlinks help

Backlinks or links to your website that are on other people’s websites.

Building backlinks is definitely something that you need to consider.

Can be done by guest posting four organisations, like the Huffington Post, Forbes and any other guest blogging website.You can also sign up as a contributer for HARO (Help a Reporter Out),this service connects journalists and people with professional knowledge.

Beware of websites offering you paid backlinks to your content.

This can have a negative effect on your SEO rating.

This is the equivalent of paying for likes or views on your social media platforms, it is frowned upon and you can end up paying the consequences.

If you are a YouTuber you should also include links to your YouTube videos on your blog posts, especially if you have videos directly relating to what you are talking about.

Affiliate marketing training courses

If you would like to learn how to do affiliate marketing with an online course, then try clickbank University, affilorama and affiliate tuber courses.

If you would like to learn how to create a profitable blog website,then try Income Schools Proect 24 by clinking link below;


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