How To Add A Table Of Content And Tables To WordPress Websites

If you want to add tables and tables of content to your blog or WordPress pages, you have come to the right article. Google are all about the user experience, so making your blog posts as user-friendly and full of data as possible, will help you rank higher with your search engine optimisation.So learn How To Add A Table Of Content And Tables To WordPress Websites.

By adding tables with data, and also adding tables of content that can allow you to jump to certain sections of your blogs and pages, will help you you stand out from the crowd and your visitors have a better understanding of your content.How To Add A Table Of Content And Tables To WordPress Websites in easy steps!

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Example Of Table

Example ofWordpress Table
Put data (Text)Here (Links)
Here (Images)And Here (Numbers)

How To Add A Table To WordPress Websites

A table is a great way of gathering data together for your website visitors.Tables are very easy to create in WordPress by using a plugin called Tablepress.

Tablepress will allow you to create a responsive table of data,images and website links.

Step 1 – How To Add A Table To WordPress Websites

Sign in to your admin for your WordPress website. Then go to the left-hand side and click add new plug-in.

Type in to the search bar in the plug-in section,Tablepress. Then click install and activate it.

Then you need to go to the left hand side, and click on the table icon for tablepress. You will then need to create a new table by clicking add new table.

Columns go up and down, rows go across the table.See screenshot below of table below for an example if a table in a WordPress article.

Step 2 – Choose The Data You Will Be Entering Into Your Table

It will give you options of how many columns and rows to choose from. The default columns and rows are set at 5, a basic table can be two columns and the required amount of rows.

Once you have chosen the amount of rows and columns you need,then CLICK Save at the bottom of the Tablepress editor.You can add lots of different things to a Tablepress table,like images,links,numbers,text and a load of options for each row and column.

Step 3 – Installing table in your WordPress post or page

All you have to do is go to Tablepress and click on all tables,then Click on Shortcode and copy it.Then go to your blog post or page and add a shortcode block (sometimes you need yo search for shortcode blocks) then add the block and paste the shortcode into it.Click save draft and your table will have been added to your article.

Conclusion – How To Add A Table To WordPress Websites

Tables offer your users an easy way of of looking at data. The user experience that tables give visitors to your website, is highly desirable buy Google search algorithm.

If you add tables to your blog and pages of your website, you can boost your SEO. This should be seen as part of the bigger picture for your overall SEO strategy.

There are lots of other ways you can improve your websites SEO, you must create excellent content full of interesting key words and images.

Not a lot of people are adding tables to their websites, so take advantage of this. Your tables can be chosen by Google’s algorithm before or meta descriptions, so your table will appear at the top of search results if you have great content as well.

This Video on My Youtube channel sums up this process

How To Add A Table Of Content To WordPress Websites

So in this section of this article you will learn how easy it is, to add a table of contents to WordPress websites. Again when you don’t need to do any fancy programming in HTML to achieve this.

A table of contents gives your users an easy way to navigate your blog articles and website pages. How the table of content works, is by collating all of the headings of your blog post together in a table.

When your visitors click on each heading in the table of contents, they will automatically be be moved to that section of your article.

Google also really like table of contents in your blog posts and pages. This improves the SEO of your website by adding even more to the user experience. Especially if you have a very long blog post of more than 2000 words.

How To Add A Table Of Content To WordPress Websites?

Step 1 – How To Add A Table Of Content To WordPress Websites

The first thing you need to do is login to your WordPress dashboard for your website. Then you need to go to add new plug-in on the left-hand side of the dashboard.

In the search bar for the plug-in section, type in Easy table of contents. The plug-in will appear and all you do is install and activate it.

Step 2 – How To Add A Table Of Content To WordPress Websites

Once you have activated the installed the easy table of contents plug-in. Just go to the left-hand side of the dashboard and open the plug-in.

There are many options with this plug-in, you can set the plug-in in to work on all pages and posts in WordPress. You can also set this plugin to work after more or less headings that appear in your blog post or page.

The screenshot above is an example of A Table Of Content on a WordPress article.

Step 3 – How To Add A Table Of Content To WordPress Websites

Once you have set up the basics of your table of contents, it is then time to edit the look and feel of that table of contents.

Just go back into the easy table of contents plug-in and play around with the the background colour and text colour. It’s really is that simple, there’s not much else to really talk about when when adding a table of contents.

This video on my Youtube channel sums up how to add table of contents

Conclusion – How To Add A Table Of Content To WordPress Websites

Just like adding a table to your WordPress blogs and articles, a table of contents makes the navigation and user experience much better for your website visitors.

Google will look at your website blog articles and pages, and rank them a lot better by boosting your SEO potential.

The name of the game with tables and tables of contents on your blog articles is simple, you are creating a much easier to navigate and data-rich article and website.

Just by adding simple steps for creating an excellent user experience, you can boost your website rankings on the Google search engine.

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