fast email list building – Step by step guide to using solo ads

Email lists are an essential part of any modern business in the 21st century.There are many reasons that you will want to build you email list fast.Maybe you have a new product launch or you are wanting to sell affiliate products or keep in touch with your followers.Fast email list building is really the easiest thing to do,when you know how.

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1:Build Landing PageYou will need a landing page to send traffic to!
2:Install an email opt-in formYou will need to install an email optin form on you landing page to collect emails e.g.Using Aweber
3:Signup Solo AdsYou will need to signup for a quality Solo Ad provider,like the ones mentioned in this article.
4:Buy Solo AdsYou will need to buy solo ads and send them to your landing page,you will then collect emails through your optin form

What are solo ads

Solo ads are basically companies or individuals that have very large email lists for certain niches and industries.They will sell you clicks/visits to your landing opt-in page for a fee,their email list will receive your URL to visit.

You can quickly build an email list by purchasing multiple solo ads over time and get good levels of people subscribing to your email list.

So let’s signup to a solo ad seller and……

step 1 – Signup with a solo provider for fast email list building

udimi solo ads signup screenshot.Join udimi and build your email list email list building can create a massive following for your business and organization.

There are lots of solo ad providers for fast email list building out there.The most reputable ones i have found are Udimi and Trafficforme.

Just signup to these solo providers by clicking the links below.

When you register you will fill in all of your details and then you will sign into your chosen solo ad platform.I will be showing you the Udimi platform in this article,because it’s my favourite out of the two.

Let’s sign into Udimi and have a look at………

step 2 – sign into Udimi

Udimi solo ads dashboard screen.Solo ads help when you want fast email list building.

When you have signed into udimi you will see a dashboard screen (see screen shot above).You can search for various different solo ad sellers on this website.The great thing about Udimi is the cheap cost and excellent quality of the email list building you can do.

The quickest way to find solo ads,is to click on solo deals,as you can see from the screen shot below,you can grab a great deal from $0.40 per click.

Sometimes solo ad sellers will do even cheaper deals for you from time to time.

We should have a look and choose the right seller for our industry and……..

Step 3 Choosing a solo ad seller

how to buy solo ads using udimi. solo ads give you fast email list building.

When you look at a solo ad seller,you will see various information about how many orders they have completed,reviews of their service and what kind of niches they will serve best.

If you have a business opportunity (BIZ OPP) or any other kind website or offer,you will find the right person for the job.

Because Udimi wants you to have the best customer experience possible when buying solo ads,you can contact sellers via a messaging system.

The sellers are very quick to respond to your queries and will tell you everything you need to know.

Each seller has to work to Udimi’s strict rules of conduct,your money is held in ESCROW until they have delivered what they have promised you.So you will never be out of pocket or ripped off.

If your solo ad does not deliver,you will get a refund back into your account automatically.If you are not happy you can also contact the customer support team,and they will be happy to help you.

So let’s place an order and let’s do some fast email list building because…..

Step 4 -Creating your solo ad order -Fast email list building

placing an order for a solo ad on email building can be done by creating a solo ad order and linking your landing page with optin-form to the udimi solo ad seller

As you can see from the screen shot above,there are lots of different parameters to choose from.The main sliding bar allows you to choose the amount of visitors you can order.

The rest of the options allow you to choose top tier and various other options.

Top tier traffic is the BEST kind of traffic,top tier is traffic from the USA,UK,Canada and various other English speaking nations.

This is considered the best because it usually is the highest converting traffic you can get.This is also partly due to these countries having more disposable income to spend.

The URL box is where you enter your websites landing page URL.It is very important to have an opt-in form on your landing page.

Most sellers will refuse your solo ad order if you don’t have an opt-in form with a minimum of Name and email address fields.

As you can see the price of the solo ad order is at the bottom right of the screen shot,when you are happy with the order,just click add to cart and complete the payment section.

Now it’s time to sit back,relax and wait for your solo ad to be delivered and………

Step 4 – fast email list building is easy

This is the completed udimi solo ads section.solo ads allow fast email list building for your business

You can see these completed solo ads in the my solos screen section of Udimi.I have found that solo ads have an opt-in rate of between 30% and 50%.

All of your opt-in’s will submit their details into the opt-in form on your landing page and be added to your email list.

Fast email list building is easy for businesses and entrepreneurs by using solo ads,it’s a great way of growing your audience and growing your business.

Every new lead (email) you gain,will increase your chances of brand awareness and potential future sales.

Signup for Udimi Solo ads and grow your business by clicking the link below,you also get $5 OFF your first order as well.

Step 5 -Fast email list building and automated emails

Aweber is an email autoresponder that can help with fast email list building and automation of welcome,follow on and broadcast emails.

The drag and drop email builder is effortless and your can add various images,text fonts,videos and affiliate links to craft stunningly beautiful emails for your customers and audiences.

You can also build opt-in forms for your landing pages with great ease,you just copy and paste the HTML or Java scrypt codes into your WordPress HTML blocks, to effortlessly link Aweber to your landing page,

Aweber is a great addition to your business tools kit and can make life so much easier,to join just click the link below.

Gettin WordPress and web hosting

You can start using WordPress by getting web hosting with HostGator.

HostGator is a cheap and versatile web hosting service with free SSL certification.

You can sign up for HostGator by clicking the link below, you can install WordPress in the cpanel section of HostGator customer portal.

>>>Join Hostgator Web hosting CLICK HERE<<<

How to build a profitable niche website course

Income school is a website run by Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler,they run a fantastic online courses called Project 24. Passive income can be a difficult skill to learn and this is where building a business can cause a lot of people to give up, before they have even got started.Learn how to build a profitable niche website in 60 steps.

I really like Project 24,because Jim and Ricky’s advice is so good and useful for building a passive income online.You can learn a lot by listening to these two guys.

The Project 24 course is there to help you every step of the way.They will run through every step from start to finish,of all of the things you need to create a passive income website.


Ricky and Jim are brilliant at giving valuable content online through Youtube videos and blogs.They are experts in SEO and have plenty of skills that can help other entrepreneurs.

They have created a network of profitable niche websites that earn them both a fantastic online passive income.Their website Income School has become famous through their online presence on Youtube.

I am huge fans and have listened and taken action with the advice they give,it’s really helped me to grow my own online business.

Jim Harmer is a professional photographer from Idaho and has had plenty of success with his career.He has been a blog writer for many years and has taken his knowledge and created a great online business with his colleague Rick.

Rick Kesler is co founder of Income school and blogger,he has a background in business as well.

Jim and Rick are great motivators of people, project 24 will help any budding entrepreneurs to succeed with their niche websites and blogs.


Project 24 is a course for learning how to build a profitable niche website over a 24 month period.

The first two years of a websites life can be difficult,because the major issues are web traffic and monetization.

Online business can be a mine field of false info and promises,with some shady ‘So called Affiliate marketing Gurus’ making claims they can’t back up.

Jim and Ricky have created a great course that includes a lot of content,the content they provide is tried and tested.We know this because they have used the same techniques they teach on their own websites.

They quite clear and honest about how much their websites earn in one of their Youtube videos and its not pocket change,some of their websites make $60,000 per Month.

The bogs they have created range from photography to pets and the list goes on.

.They walk through the 60 step approach to making a website that can make you money online.

The content included on the Project 24 course;

60-Step Approach to a Profitable Niche Site

A Podcast to Give You the Newest Techniques

A community of students, and also Ricky & Jim’s expertise

A library of Courses for learning Everything you need to know

Building a niche site for passive income, takes lots of dedication and hard work in the beginning.

So choosing Project 24 will help you reach your goal of mastering passive income a real possibility.

This course is idea for people who want to monetize their blogs, and for people who want to start from scratch as well.

You can start learning step by step, how to get your website up and running and getting that all important organic search traffic from Google.

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