Why Facebook is the biggest business opportunity

Facebook is a social Media platform that everyone in the world is familiar with.

The creators of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg designed a sophisticated platform for sharing photographs and personal data.

Facebook is highly addictive, this is probably because of their constant news feed and design layout.

The business end of Facebook is great because you can create your own like/fan pages.

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Facebook business pages

Once you have created your own page in Facebook, you can then post your own products and website pages onto it.

You can then promote your posts and choose specific keywords to target specific interests and demographics.

The posts that you promote will show up in people’s news feeds as sponsored posts.

A great thing about this form of advertising, is that they look and blending very naturally with posts from friends and family.

Google loves Facebook and social media

Google search engine loves it when you share your blog and website content, onto Facebook and other social media platforms.

Another great reason why Facebook is so good for your search rankings, is that you will be getting genuine visitors to your page.

Viral marketing

Social media platforms like Facebook enable viral marketing.

If a post captures the public’s imagination, it can get millions or even billions of viewers.

After all there are about 2 billion users using the Facebook platform.

Brand awareness

FB is a great way of creating brand awareness for your website and service.

For many years I ran a small delivery service and my Facebook page got me the most work.

People come directly engage with your company by messaging you, or by sharing your services to their friends and family.

Multi generational demographics

In recent years the older generation Who were traditionally not tech-savvy, have embraced Facebook.

Your mum your dad, your Grandad and Grandma are all probably on Facebook these days.

This makes Facebook a really great place to share ideas and content from your website.

The advertising costs are very cheap as well,you can run effective facebook ads for just a couple of hundred dollars.

Affiliate marketing training courses

If you want to learn how to harness the power of Facebook and social media platforms,you can join some online courses.

Clickbank University,Affilorama and AffiliateTuber are a great start.

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Alternative social media platforms for business

There are many other social media platforms that are just as useful and user-friendly as Facebook.

Pinterest,Snapchat, Instagram and LinkedIn or just a few to mention.
Let’s start with Pinterest!


Pinterest is a graphical search engine that allows users to upload graphical images,
Once you have uploaded your Image you can add hashtags and a description and title to your pin,
the most important feature of Pinterest is that you can add links to your blog posts.

Pinterest has become massive with blogger and bloggers, this is because you can share YouTube videos, as pins on Pinterest.
If you combine tailwind with your Pinterest account, you can use Pinterest tribes.

A Pinterest tribe allows you to upload your own pins to the tribe, in exchange for them sharing your pins, you must share other uses pens from the tribe.
This can create massive growth in views and followers on Pinterest, another great feature of tailwind is the smart loop function.

Smart loop function allows you to continuously repost your old pins as new pins in a schedule.

Pinterest pins will show up in Google Search results and this is a fantastic opportunity for you to get more traffic from organic searches.

In many ways Pinterest is similar to Instagram.

Instagram is a great place to share your photographs and graphic designs.
The main difference with Instagram from Pinterest, is that on Pinterest you only get a link to your URL on your profile page only.

Instagram has lots of uses and there is a lot of potential for getting your ideas out there.

You can use Instagram to create brand awareness with the general public. Instagram is also very user-friendly with hashtags, you can get a lot of momentum if you post your photographs with very popular hashtags like “ #photooftheday ” and other popular hashtags.

Instagram is owned by Facebook so you can combine the two in your advertising campaigns and brand awareness.

LinkedIn is a social network that business people love to use when networking with others in certain Industries.

When I went to the 2019 Manchester business Expo, lots of business people who I spoke to asked me if I was on LinkedIn, it seemed very important to the business people that LinkedIn was a great way to network and keep in touch with people they have met at seminars and business events.
All of the social media platforms generally allow you to create adverts and just like Facebook you can do this for a very reasonable price.