Entrepreneurship Business Home Office gear you need

So you want your own entrepreneurship business home office?If you want to know what equipment you need for an entrepreneurship business home office,then keep on reading this article.So maybe your a digital marketer,Youtuber,consultant or Freelancer,then read on if you want to know more about gear you need.

I will be sharing how you can get the right gear for running a business and being an entrepreneur with examples.This article will even help you even if you are not doing online business.So lets begin with the center of the 21st century home office,the computer!

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entrepreneurship business home office

Home Office Computers for entrepreneurship business home office

Entrepreneurs and business owners all need computers with different specs for doing many different tasks.If you are just doing basic word processing,blogging or general business stuff,you don’t need anything fancy at all.A bog standard Windows 10 PC with 4-8 GB RAM and i5 Intel processor will do.When you want to start doing more demanding tasks like video and audio,you will need a more powerful computer,like the one’s mentioned in this article.

entrepreneurship business home office

entrepreneurship business home office -Business Laptops

A basic laptop or desk top computer will allow you this functionality,I like to use Lenovo Laptops because they are affordable,durable and have some good features.My Lenovo allows me to do basic video with a Intel i5 processor and 8GB RAM,as well as screen recording,very basic graphic design and WordPress.

If you are wanting a laptop that is really high spec,then the Dell XPS series of Laptops can be worth checking out.The high spec Dell XPS laptops have 32GB Ram,i9-9980HK CPU’s and have super fast SSD (Solid State Hard Drives) of around 1TB or more, Check this Dell XPS for full specifications as an example

Business Desktop Computers

When choosing a laptop or a desktop computer,keep in mind your goals! If you are going to be doing video editing and recording,music/audio production,graphic design,live streaming you will probably need to use a desktop PC.

The main thing to remember when buying a desktop computer for entrepreneurship and business, is you’ll be getting a more powerful and stable computer. You’ll be getting more bang for your buck with a desktop computer,than any laptop will provide for your business.

Desktop PC’s are fully customized to your specific needs,with better resources unlike laptops.I have a list of Pro’s for using a desktop PC below;

  • GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) also known as graphics cards.The graphics card can be chosen for better video processing,playback,recording,editing and use of multiple monitors
  • PCI slots for specialist equipment
  • Better RAM (Random Access Memory)
  • Better CPU’s (Central Processing Units)
  • More USB connections (and can be expanded with a USB PCI Card)
  • PC’s are good for multiple uses e.g. Business or Gaming
  • Longer lifespan. Laptops can break after a few years.Desktop PC’s can have their components upgraded or replaced if broken.

Top Performance PC’s For Video and Audio

The best windows PC’s for video editing and production are the following;

  • Dell XPS Desktop PC’s are worth checking out,if your not fussed about the customization options but want a super powerful PC try these.These are good for audio/music depending on the spec.
  • Microsoft Surface Studio All in one PC is considered top spec for anything video or graphics related. This powerful PC comes with hefty price tag,this is an equivalent to an Apple iMAC. Like the XPS series from Dell,the Surface studio can be used for audio/music depending on the spec.
  • Acer Aspire TC-885-UA92 Desktop is a good general purpose business PC that will help you run your business and entrepreneurship venures.

As you can understand,technology keeps on changing at a fast pace. Most people will generally upgrade their PC systems every 5 years,if you get a high spec PC for business you will get more life in the long run. You get what you pay for with technology,so make sure you choose a PC based on your needs NOT just based on BUDGET!

entrepreneurship business home office

Audio Interfaces and microphones

If you are doing podcasts or Youtube/marketing videos or music/audio recording,your audio will need to high quality.There are many solutions for home business and entrepreneurship audio setups.Audio Interfaces are used to connect microphones and line level musical instruments to your PC via a USB connection.

Don’t worry,they are not as scary as they sound!These box of tricks are very easy to use,most are plug and play with connections on the front and rear.There are normally mic and line level knobs to adjust the gain of the input/output signals,headphones,speaker and various other functions.I like the Akai EIE and Focusrite USB audio interfaces,check them out here on ebay.

Some advanced audio interfaces like the Akai EIE have phantom power (+48V),some phantom power on new sound cards are 12 and 24 volt. This leads us into the use of microphones and the different types you can use for your content creation.

Dynamic Mics

The two main types of microphones you will be using are Dynamic and Condenser. Dynamic mics are called so,because they work on movement of a diaphragm moving a copper coil through magnets. Condenser Microphones are electronic and use capacitors and circuitry to function using Phantom power.

So which kind of mic is best? Dynamic mics are good all rounders and can be used without a power supply.Dynamic mics are also generally cheaper than condenser mics,the Sure SM58 dynamic mic is probably the most popular at around $100.Condenser mics are normally more expensive and are also more sensitive.

Condenser Mics

Condensers will pickup every sound in clean crisp fashion,they can also pickup the hum of computer fans,people outside and can take a little more skill to use.They also use phantom power,your audio interface or mixer should have phantom power.

Some condensers take batteries as well.A good example of a condenser mic good for podcasts and Youtube/video marketing would be the Shure SM7B ,these mics are expensive but worth every penny.

UBS Mics

If you want to totally bypass having an audio interface,you can buy a USB condenser mic like a Rode NT-USB.Just plug and play when using this Rode mic,it even has a gain (volume) control on it.Because of my sound engineering background,I would always go down the audio interface route personally.You will get more control over your audio signal!

A pop or wind shield is also worth buying to stop your P’s and Q’s from making pops on the microphones,no matter which mic you decide to buy.

What equipment you need for an entrepreneurship business home office continued….

entrepreneurship business home office

Computer Monitor Speakers

If you are doing a lot of audio and video production,you will need to have quality speakers to monitor your audio quality.There is no point having high quality audio if you can’t monitor your output with precision.Check out Ebay for various Monitor Speakers

Leads and cables

You will need a XLR to XLR Microphone cable for your condenser mic,you may also need extra USB and phono cables.Some audio interfaces have 1/4 inch jack outputs,so you may need two 1/4 inch jack to phono cables to connect your monitor speakers.Just make sure you get cables that are high quality and the correct length. You will also need a microphone boom stand or adjustable mic stand that can bolt to your desk,to hold your condenser.

entrepreneurship business home office

Video recording devices

Lots of laptops have built in webcams of various resolution and quality.When recording yourself on video,you will need a HD 1080p or higher like a 4k resolution. I have seen a lot of Youtubers talking about the use of 4K cameras,saying they are really good for videos.

Gopro Hero series for action scenes and the Sony PXW-X70 4K Ready XDCAM Camcorder are good for taking stills and recording 4K video.

You can also use a high quality webcam for recording your Youtube and entrepreneurship videos.A good webcam is the Logitech C930e and it records in HD 1080p.

It can be surprising to hear that smartphones can also be the best for youtube videos.Smartphones have amazing cameras these days,lots are HD or higher in resolution.I quite often use my Samsung Galaxy S series phone to make videos,as long as you are in good lighting conditions they work well.

entrepreneurship business home office

what equipment you need for an entrepreneurship business home office – Home office furniture

Office furniture can often be overlooked by business owners and entrepreneurs.When choosing office furniture for your entrepreneurship and business needs,your going to need comfort and functionality.

Imagine sitting down at your desk for 8 to 12 hours plus per day,calling clients,chasing leads or blogging ect. You will need some furniture designed for the task at hand.

The home office chair

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Office Chair’s are considered the best office chairs,this is reflected in the price,at around $1000. There are cheaper alternatives like Modway’s Articulate Ergonomic Office Chair at around $150 to $200.There are also cheap ergonomic chairs for your home business,just remember that poor posture costs days off and a load of back and neck problems.

entrepreneurship business home office -The home office Desk

Ergonomic office desks start at around $100 and can go up to a few hundred dollars. The desk needs to have space for your PC and any paper work you need to work with,while being compact enough for any modern home. Like many home office furniture,you will need to choose something that serves your needs.

Your home business furniture will improve your productivity and well being,by being comfortable to use and preventing repetitive strain injuries.Like I mentioned about posture,you will also want to be in a pleasant work environment as well.

Entrepreneur home Business Courses

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Entrepreneurship Business Home Office Gear You Need
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Entrepreneurship Business Home Office Gear You Need
So you want your own entrepreneurship business home office?If you want to know what equipment you need for an entrepreneurship business home office,then keep on reading this article.
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