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I have the ultimate email marketing solutions for your online business needs in this blog.You can create beautifully crafted emails with images,youtube videos and fonts to create email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing is the process of writing creative emails, for the purpose of creating interest in a product or service.Email marketing is done by Email autoresponders like Aweber.This service is a cheap and professional service to create email marketing to take your business to the next level.Your audience will be under your spell as you send out email marketing for providing solutions to their needs.

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What is email marketing

Since the dawn of the internet, there has been email services and email marketing.

Any modern business needs to build an email list and market to that list.

The great thing about email Marketing, is that you can reach massive amounts of people for a very small cost.

Because email Marketing is so important in modern day business, it is important to build a large email list of potential customers.

How to build a business email list

In order to build an email list of potential customers and clients, you will need create an opt-in form for your landing page.

Once you have created an opt-in form by using service like Aweber, you will then need to build your email list.

If your website has large amounts of traffic you may or may not have an email list building up as we speak.

There is a faster way of building an email list for your business

Read on…………

How to build a business email list fast

The fastest way of building an email list is by using a service known as solo ads.

There are internet entrepreneurs that have built up millions or tens of thousands of emails.

These owners of email lists have potential customers from every niche available online today.

Solo ads offer a cheap and easy way to drive traffic to your landing page and opt in form.

Buying and renting email lists is a big no no, this is because the big tech firms like Google and Microsoft,and the big autoresponder companies like Aweber ect, can detect email lists that have been raided by such businesses.

How to build an email list using solo ads

There are many companies out there claiming to be premium solo ad providers, but the truth is that there are only two major players worth checking out in my opinion.

Udimi and Trafficforme are industry leaders in providing solo ad traffic, for building your email list in a fast and efficient manner.

Solo ads are an affordable way of build large email lists of potential customers,fans and clients in the modern age.

I have found from experience that a $120 solo ad for 300 clicks, will have an opt-in of around 100 to 120 to your email list.

How to build an email optin form

In order to build an email opt-in form that links through to your email list, you will need to create and install this form on your landing page.I use Aweber to create online forms for collecting emails on a website.You will need a form linked to your autoresponder in order to build an email list for email marketing.

Aweber allows you to build opt-in forms in HTML and JavaScript with various designs,there are plenty of templates to choose from.

You simply copy and paste the cold from the opt-in form, into your HTML widget or WordPress site page.

Now everytime I customer that is being sent to your landing page from your solo ads, will fill in their name address and any other information, and automatically be added to your email list when they click the submit button.

It’s really that simple…….

Solo ad traffic + Landing page optin form = Email list

How to give people an incentive to signup to your email list

To entice people into giving you the email address, name and other data, you can give them something for free.

The best way of offering free stuff for building an email list, can be a free eBook, free trial or a discount code.

People love getting something for free, they really like your product or service, they are more likely to sign up once they are hooked.

We see this practice with internet marketers on YouTube,adverts,websites and on blogs.

How to use an email list

An email list can be used to build trust and rapport with potential customers.

The first email that you send from your autoresponder, will be a welcome email with a link to some free content.

Free content ideas can also include webinars and tutorials.

Creating email marketing that stands out

Modern email autoresponders like Aweber allow you to create really stunning personalised emails.

Aweber is great because you can change font colours, Styles and size.

You can also embed photographs and YouTube videos.

Adding links to your emails is very easy.

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