The best affiliate traffic sources

So what is the best affiliate traffic sources including other online businesses?


The USA gross domestic product was $20.5 trillion in 2018,compared to the UK GDP of £2.8 ($3.1) trillion.So the best traffic would be the wealthiest economy of the western world,the USA.

U.S. average disposable income comes out to $3,258 per person per month

The above reference is from the US new paper The Washington post,as you can see the americans have a large expendable income, if we compare this to China’s $731 per month.

So as affiliate marketers we need to be marketing our products and services to the USA to make maximum income.

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The best affiliate traffic sources

The traffic methods below are the main online methods for affiliate traffic.

  1. Pay-Per-Click Advertising. …
  2. Social Media Advertising. …
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO Marketing) …
  4. Social Media Marketing. …
  5. Contextual Advertising. …
  6. Native Advertising. …
  7. Display Advertising. …
  8. Email Advertising.

PPC (Pay per click) advertising

Pay per click advertising is were you bid on keywords to do with your niche.

Providers of PPC are companies like Google and Bing along with many other search engine providers.

PPC advertising can be very expensive, this is due to the cost of certain keywords because of the competition in the market.

The good points of PPC advertising are the amount of traffic you can potentially get.

Google gets tens of millions of searches per day, these people are looking for solutions to their problems.

According to, the following cost of keywords are;

Insurance = $54.91 per click

Loans = $44.28 per click

Mortgage = $47.12 per click

Attorney = $47.07 per click

So you can see this form of advertising can be very expensive.

Social media advertising

This can be a lot cheaper than PPC advertising.

Different social media platforms are priced differently.

The cost of financial keywords can be as little as $3.77 but the average cost of a click on facebook is $1.86 according to

The advantages of social media, are the addictive nature of these platforms.

Sponsored posts come up in a person’s newsfeed, and blend in very well to a person’s interests and hobbies.

SEO (Search engine optimization)

There is no substitute for doing SEO on your blog and website.

SEO helps your website pages get organic search traffic through Google and other search engines.

Keywords and also long tail keywords can be researched using keyword research tools like KWfinder.

You can also get an SEO company or professional to get your website to the top of search results.

A great SEO tip for writing blogs is this;

Make sure your blogs are at least 2000 words long, most blogs that rank on the first page of Google or at least 2000 words long.

Google likes good quality content that you can read easily and has plenty of information.

Writing your articles around a key phrase/keyword will improve your SEO score.

You will also need to use your key phrase in your heading for your post, and also your subheadings and headings.

Like I mentioned in my other post,make sure that your affiliate links are “nofollow” example

rel=”nofollow” after every affiliate link.

If you are trying to find keywords for your YouTube videos tubebuddy is definitely the way to go.

Email advertising

If you haven’t been building an email list then you need to start right now.

You should have a email autoresponder like AWeber with a series of automated emails building trust and rapport with your email list.

If you want to build your email list fast, you can install an opt-in form on a landing page on your website.

You can do this using AWeber by creating an optin form and copying the HTML code onto your landing page.

Once you have your landing page set up, you can then use solo ads to buy clicks for the kind of industries that you are promoting.

Udimi and Trafficforme are the top providers of Solo ads.

Don’t be fooled by cheap solo ad providers, the cheap solo ad providers are just not very good quality.



So by using a combination of the mentioned traffic methods, you can target for USA and UK customers with large expendable incomes.

It all depends on your budget and what you are aiming to achieve.

Are you aiming for brand awareness or visitors to your website and blog?

The choice is yours and only you can take action!

Affiliate training programs

If you would like to become an affiliate marketer or would like to learn about traffic methods, then why not try an online course from clickbank university and Affilorama.


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Bitcoin is the big coin of crypto

What is Bitcoin ?

Bitcoin is a digital currency known as a cryptocurrency.It has been around since about 2010 and has gain popularity.Bitcoin is the big coin of crypto.

Cryptocurrencies or altcoins are the rest of the digital assets available.

They are a tranfer of wealth between two different parties.

Bitcoin and cryptos use technology called the blockchain.

What is binance

What is Binance?

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy and sell Bitcoin,BNB,XRP,Ethereum and lots of other cryptos.

So,you may be thinking,why would I be mentioning Binance on an affiliate course blog site?

Cryptocurrency is a futuristic technology and now some affiliate networks and programs are paying out in Bitcoin.

The great thing about being paid in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, is that it’s a deflationary form of currency.

This means that there is a finite amount of a particular cryptocurrency.

The historical data for bitcoin and many popular cryptocurrencies, is that over time the value of these digital assets increases.

Bitcoin,the big coin of cryptocurrency has stood the test of time and is still going strong.

Some Companies payout in Bitcoin

Maxbounty pays out in Bitcoin, some other affiliate programs also payout in cryptocurrency.

Binance is a very popular cryptocurrency exchange, and people from all over the world use it.

You can exchange Bitcoin and all of the other altcoins and cryptos, by using the buy and sell features under the marketplace.

The world is changing at a fast pace, and lots of real world adoption by banks and payment providers, so educating yourself about cryptocurrency is essential in these modern times.

If you would like to join binance and experience a fast-moving futuristic payment solution, then join binance by clicking the link below.

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Cryptocurrency and bitcoin are also a very popular niche, you can learn how to promote this niche, by joining an online course that teaches you everything you need to know about fillet marketing.

Clickbank University is a very popular online course that teaches you the basics, right through to the more advanced techniques and tools, that you need to succeed in affiliate marketing.

Join clickbank University by clicking the link below.

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how to buy an email list

In this short guide I will show you HOW TO BUILD AN EMAIL LIST for your business .How to buy an email list using techniques that can grow your list fast,so your email list can bring in more business

email marketing affiliate marketing online business buying an email list

buying an email list requires a landing page

The first thing that you need to do is create a landing page on your website with an opt-in form.This can be done very easily by using Aweber by selecting the opt-in form builder. When designing your opt-in form,it should have name and email Fields and a call to action e.g CLICK HERE,SUBSCRIBE NOW!! ect.

Once you have the HTML or Java code,you can then paste the code into a HTML or Java block in WordPress or any other website builder.

Join Aweber below to build optin form linked to Awebers email autoresponder

You will then need to create blog video or website content in order to have some valuable content to send to your new email leads. Your content will have any of your affiliate links and links to your website landing page, and any other offers you will be promoting.

Video seems to be a very popular medium of content, especially with the free traffic that YouTube can generate.You can create FREE ebooks or webinars as an incentive for people to give you their email and contact details.

Once you have created your welcome emails,FREE content and installed your opt-in form on your landing page,you can then get an email list to buy using SOLO ADS.

Email list to buy using solo ads

You can get an email list to buy through solo ads,this is done by signing up for UDIMI or trafficforme using the links below.Solo ads are a great way of buying an email list cheaply,it normally works out at $0.40 to $0.80 per email.Solo ads are provided by sending traffic to your landing page from massive email lists.

Join Udimi Solo ads

Join Trafficforme Premium Solo ads

Solo ads can build your email list from zero to thousands in a matter of days,enabling you to reach more people in your chosen niche.The great thing about buying an email list using solo ads,is that you won’t be penalized by any online businesses or service.

The worst thing to do is buy or rent a pre-made email list that has been spammed to death. People who want to join your email list, will be more likely to purchase your offers and actually want to hear your content.It’s like building up rapport with your audience.

Email lists are an essential part of any online business and should be considered a asset for your online business.Solo ads are a great way to buy an email list FAST!

The best email list to buy is one made up of USA,UK,Canada and other English speaking countries.You will pay a higher price for these affluent nation emails,because theses clients are more likely to buy from you,especially if you are promoting high ticket offers.

I would recommend Trafficforme for the premium buying of email lists,they offer different tariffs for your solo ads,although Udimi also have this option as well.

I have found that Udimi is the cheapest of the two solo ad providers,if you want to buy an email list and do it cheaply and fast,Udimi are the better option.

Solo ad alternatives

There are alternatives to solo ads like Adfly,that can get you some serious traffic to your landing page. Adfly is a URL shortener that allows you to make money when someone clicks your link.You can also join Adfly as an advertiser and advertise your website,blogs and landing pages.

You can signup for for Adfly as an advertiser by clicking the link below.


Adfly is a cheap form of Internet traffic and seems to work very well with weight loss and health and fitness niches.When you buy an email list using this method,you can get a 1000 USA clicks for around $5,this traffic is a lot cheaper than solo ads but i have found that solo ads have higher converting traffic for offers when you send out the emails through Aweber.

using Youtube to build an email list for free

Unless you have been living under a rock for many years, you will know that YouTube is a great free traffic source that allows people to upload videos and reach millions upon millions of people. You can giveaway free content to encourage people to give their email to you.Again, you can connect your landing page by dropping a URL to it in your Youtube video description and comment section.

Youtube has millions of users searching it everyday in every niche you can think of.You can also optimize your Youtube video by using Tubebuddy SEO plugin for Google chrome.

buying email leads

Building an email list should be an important part of your overall business strategy.If you are a small,medium or large business,buying an email list through solo ads is the best way to get clients and leads FAST.

The solo ads providers I have mentioned are the best in the online business industry,there are a lot of fake websites online that claim to be solo ad providers,but they are just scams.

Udimi and Trafficforme are the best for a reason,THEY WORK!!!

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