How To Promote Clickbank And Other Affiliate Products

This article will give you ideas on how to promote Clickbank and other affiliate products. Affiliate marketing is an industry thats worth billions in sales each year,would you like to learn how you can make some serious money online? Here are some ways you can promote your clickbank and affiliate links for maximum exposure.Lets start with how to promote Clickbank Products using a blog!

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how to promote Clickbank and other affiliate products

How to promote Clickbank/Affiliate Products using a blog

When you first start affiliate marketing,its always a good idea to start a blog to promote Clickbank and many other affiliate products. Blogs take a lot of time to build up traffic and there is a lot to learn and think about.Bloggers can use affiliate links in the lines of their paragraph text. You can also design banners for you blog using and various other softwares.

Like many forms of content marketing,you can create FREE guides,reviews,tutorials and opinion pieces that provide lots of value.If someone likes your content,they might click on your affiliate links and buy the product or service you are reviewing.

There are various ways of blogging,Wordpress is the most popular. When using WordPress,people generally use webhosting to get their blogs online. There are some FREE blogging websites like ,where you can post and even earn money from their partner program.

The main downside to promoting clickbank and other affiliate products using a blog,is the amount of time it can take for your posts to start ranking on Google. There is also a lot that can go wrong with a blog like the following problems;

  • Poor SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Terrible web hosting providers (That can shut your website down for bringing loads of traffic).
  • High Competition in your niche
  • Lots of problems that need constant monitoring e.g broken plugins,updates ect

To use terrible web hosting providers as an example,I had this blog you are reading on a cheap and well known hosting provider. Without warning,this provider shut my blog down for using too much CPU power,I ended up switching to Siteground and never looked back. I’ve never had problems since moving my site,in fact Siteground moved it for me for FREE. You can learn more about Siteground here at

how to promote Clickbank and other affiliate products


How to promote Clickbank and other affiliate products using Youtube. Youtube has billions of users world wide, with billions of searches done every day. It FREE to use youtube for promoting your clickbank and affiliate products. Just sign up to google and you can create a Youtube channel,check my blog post on how to do it here

To actually promote your clickbank products on Youtube you can place links in your description of your videos.These are different ways to promote affiliate products;

  • Blog URL
  • Direct linking (the affiliate link)
  • Landing page URL
  • Webinar URL
how to promote Clickbank and other affiliate products

Free organic traffic like the kind you get on Youtube can be great for promoting affiliate marketing products like the ones found on Clickbank.The downside to Youtube is similar to blogging,it takes a long time to gain momentum. You will need to create videos every day or at least a few times a week to gain followers (subscribers) and views. The Youtube algorithm can be tricky to maneuver,if youtube thinks your gaming it, or you are not following community guidelines they can ban your channel or specific videos.

How to Promote Clickbank Products using Facebook ads

Learning how to promote products on clickbank using facebook ads can be very tricky. I would recommend you create a separate facebook account for running affiliate products,because facebook does not like affiliate marketers. You can promote blog posts on facebook and other content marketing materials like video. Promoting Clickbank links on facebook is a NO NO,even using paid facebook ads. Promoting landing pages or pages with no content is also frowned upon by facebook.

how to promote Clickbank and other affiliate products

Commission Hero – Facebook Advertising Course

When wanting to know how to promote clickbank and other affiliate products on facebook,you can learn how with Clickbanks number 1 affiliate Robby Blanchard .The commission hero course has been designed to teach you how Robby make millions a year from Facebook ads. Robby Blanchard started out as a Personal trainer for the rich and famous,roll on years later he managed to crack the code for making money using Facebook ads.

To learn how to promote clickbank and affiliate products from the best person available,just watch his FREE webinar HERE to learn more

Using Tiktok To promote Clickbank products

How to promote clickbank and other affiliate products using Tiktok. Tiktok is not just a silly app that kids and crazy adults use,its also a massive traffic opportunity for affiliate content marketing creators. There are over 800 million users and rising on tiktok,you can get some of that traffic using 15 and 60 second videos.

Tiktok users can link their Instagram and youtube accounts to their Tiktok profiles. Some users on this app are making loads of money,they have cracked the code of how to go viral on Tiktok. There are a few things you need to do in order to make money using Tiktok like optimizing your profile,using the correct hashtags and a few others.

You can learn how to promote Clickbank and other affiliate products on Tiktok by taking some training on how to go viral and reach the maximum amount of potential customers. This training can be accessed for the BARGAIN price of $1 below

When you purchase the training you will also get a bonus course worth $297 in value called the ’15 Day Business Builder Challenge’.This course will teach you how to make money from affiliate marketing,even if you have some experience but feel like your not getting anywhere.

Email List

If you have an email list,you can create emails to market your clickbank and affiliate products.Some affiliate programs will have pre-made emails called ‘Email Swipes’ to help you promote products. To check if your clickbank products has email swipes,just search for your offer and click the affiliate website for that offer.

Email marketing can be quite tricky to learn,’Commission hero’ and the ’15 day business builder challenge’ cover this subject.

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How To Start A Youtube Channel

This article will walk you through how to start a Youtube Channel step by step.You can start a youtube channel about anything you want,this is called a niche.Some youtube channels are about everything from health,food,gaming,politics,hobbies,makeup and sport to mention a few.If you start a youtube channel it can be quite rewarding making videos and watching it grow,with new subscribers and views.You can even make passive income money online using your channel.

Starting a Youtube Channel can enable you to make money online,if you read this article to the end,I will show you how to turn Youtube into a profitable online business. Youtube can be used to generate leads for business with FREE traffic.

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So lets start the process of how to start a youtube channel with some important information!Youtube is owned by the internet giant Google,so there are a few things you will need in order to start a youtube channel successfully.

how to start a youtube channel

How To Start A Youtube Channel – Step 1

The first thing you need to do is signup for a Google Account,this will give you a gmail address and give you access to Youtube. Having a google account has lots of extra benefits that can help you with your online business.Some of these extra benefits are Google Drive,Google Translate,Google Play,Google Docs and loads of other stuff that can help you succeed in your professional,business or personal life.

It’s FREE to signup for Google and is essential when you want to know how to start a youtube channel.It only takes a few minutes to signup,you can signup on the official Google Signup page here,

Once you have signed up we can move onto step two,this is where things start to get really interesting,so remember not to miss a thing and read all of the steps in this article on how to start a youtube channel.

Step 2 -Creating A Youtube Channel

Go to and sign in with your gmail (Google account). You can see from the screen shot below,the sign in button is on the top right hand side.

Step 3 Create New Channel

Once you are signed into your account,you can then you will see the prompt to create a channel. Click create channel and follow all of the steps,if you are creating your channel for a brand or business you will need to name your channel appropriately.

You can create additional channels by clicking on your channel icon on the top right hand side,see the screen shot below.

how to start a youtube channel

Once you have clicked on your channel icon,just click switch account. Then you can click add account and go through all of the instructions to create an additional channel.

how to start a youtube channel

Once you have created you account you will need to verify it,just follow the instructions. If you don’t verify Youtube will remove it,so make it a priority.

Step 4 – Creating graphics

When Learning how to start a youtube channel,you will need to make sure your channel look great and reflects what your channels about. There are two main graphical elements to a channel,the first is your channel icon and the second is your channel banner art.

You can spend loads of money on Photoshop for professional looking graphics,but you really don’t need to spend money at all. Website like will allow you to create Youtube Thumbnails,Icons and Channel art for FREE. When you signup for a free account with canva,you can use your Google account,facebook or email.

You can choose from templates for each kind of graphic you want to create,see the screenshot below.

how to start a youtube channel

Once you have created your icon and channel art,you can move to the next step.To add your channel art,just go to Channel icon>Your channel>Customise Channel. You can click on the pencil icon on each photo to upload your new channel icon and channel banner.The next step is adding info what your Youtube channel is about in the ‘About’ section.

Step 5 – Adding ‘About’ and channel ‘Tags’ and Website etc

To give people a good idea of what your channel is about,you will need to be specific. People like to read the about sections of Youtube channels,to understand what you are all about. I would say businesses have a real opportunity to shine in the ‘about’ section. You could use your mission statement or even some testimonials.

To change your channels ‘about’ section,plus loads more setting go to Channel icon>Your channel>Customise Channel>About. This section allows you to add a website,info about your channel and your contact email.

how to start a youtube channel

Channel tags will help your channel be found on the Youtube searches,with keywords directly related to your channel. To go to your channel tags section just Youtube icon>Youtube studio>Setting>Channel. You will see a section where you can add keywords (tags) to your channel,see screenshot below.

how to start a youtube channel

How to Start A Youtube Channel Step 6 – How to Make money

Congratulations on reading my article on how to start a youtube channel. Now you need to create engaging content that can be seen by billions of people all around the world.I will let you into a secret,lots of Youtubers make some serious money from their channels by creating content.

There are two main ways of making money on Youtube,the first is by using Google Adsense. Google will show adverts on your Youtube channel before and during your videos. This is paid advertising done by other Youtubers,the channel who has the adverts shown on them gets a small fee.

The main problem with using Adsense,is that you need to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. This can be really annoying,but there is another way of making money on Youtube,it’s called Affiliate Marketing!

How to Start affiliate Marketing on your Youtube Channel

If you are serious about making money on Youtube,you can do this by taking some important steps in the right direction. You need to have some expert training that will walk you through all of the steps you need. I have found some training that some of the top Youtubers have taken,and now they are making 6 or 7 figure incomes just from their Youtube Channels.

If you are interested in learning more about high ticket affiliate marketing on Youtube,then watch Dave’s video explain how he managed to make over $200,000,000 in affiliate sales. Checkout the link to learn more

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Popular Affiliate Keywords

This post has some of the popular affiliate keywords worth using in your blog posts and Youtube videos.The figures come from Google search volumes metrics,these can be found with simple keyword tools. A keyword tool I use myself for research is Keywords Everywhere.There are other keyword tools like Google keyword planner inside Google ads.

So firstly,why do we need to use popular affiliate keywords when writing blog posts? The answer is simple,we need to let the Google search engine know what our posts are about.Google users want to find the right content or solution to their questions,so its very important to try and link those users to your content.

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Popular affiliate keywords

Popular Affiliate Keywords List

The list below is a list of popular Affiliate keywords you can use in your content.You can use these keywords in your paragraphs,headlines and headings.You will sometimes hear bloggers and affiliate talk about long tail keywords,long tail keywords are keywords that are specific and usually longer,like a sentence used as a search term.All of the keywords are measured in volume per month.

  1. Adwords = 110,000
  2. Money = 550,000
  3. Marketing = 110,000
  4. Work from home = 165,000
  5. How to make money = 60,500
  6. Make money online = 74,000
  7. Clickbank = 74,000
  8. How to make money online = 90,500
  9. Amazon Affiliate = 74,000
  10. PPC (Pay Per Click) = 22,200
  11. Amazon Associates = 60,5000
  12. Wealthy Affiliate = 9,900
  13. Affiliate program = 9,900
  14. Link share = 1,300
  15. Amazon Affiliate program = 18,100
  16. Commission Junction = 6,600
  17. Affiliate Commission = 260
  18. Whats is affiliate marketing = 5,400

As you can see from the keyword list above,some search terms have a very high amount of volume. The popular affiliate keywords also have another factor to include in the metrics,SEO difficulty or competition. Keywords that are popular in affiliate marketing will have a lot of bloggers wanting to use them,this will drive up the difficulty of being able to rank for popular keyword.

Popular affiliate keywords

Popular affiliate Keyword Tools That work

You can use Tools like Long Tail Pro and to do research on the best keywords with the least amount of SEO diffuculty. The choice is really down to yourself and your budget, I use Keywords everywhere as a basic tool. The more data you want,generally the more you pay in fees. Lots of keyword research features that companies provide,allow you to spy on competitor websites,blog posts and pages to see what keywords they are ranking for.

Neil Patel the entrepreneur and SEO expert has created a FREE tool called Ubersuggest,it’s definitely worth checking out if you are on a limited budget. Try it for FREE here

I have found the Ubersuggest keywords tool to be the best FREE to use for popular affiliate keywords.You can use this tool for lots of different niches,although I have found that it doesn’t always give accurate results. The search volume and SEO difficulty don’t always match my data in the other keyword tools I use that are paid.

I suppose there are PROS and CONS to free software and web apps,I prefer to use paid keyword tools when trying to find those important popular affiliate and niche specific keywords. The general rule is to choose keywords that are high search volume with the lowest competition. Some of this can also come down to your DA (domain authority) and other factors when ranking for popular keywords.

Popular affiliate keywords

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Thanks for reading my short blog post on popular affiliate keywords,I wish you the best in your affiliate marketing journey. If you want some world class affiliate marketing training from Legendary Marketer,you can start with ‘The Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing’ Ebook for only $1.99. It’s packed with lots of information and you will also get access to the ’15 Day Business Builder Challenge’ included,this course has a real world value of $297. To get the ebook and bonus course CLICK >>>

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How To Make Money As A Teenager

So you want to know how to make as a teenager?Follow these steps and you can make money as a teenager almost anywhere in the world.Some of these jobs may need your parent or guardian’s permission, so if in doubt ask a them.

Why work? Working can give young people the skills and knowledge to succeed in later life.You can also make new friends and earn some money as well. The great thing about working a regular job,is that you can save some money up and feel proud of yourself. This article will show you some jobs and online businesses that can show you how to make money as a teenager.

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how to make money as a teenager

News Paper Delivery (Paper Boy/Girl)

How to make money as a teenager! New Paper Delivery (Paper boy/girl): can be a great way of earning money and saving up for the things you like.News paper delivery is an extra service that local shops and newspapers provide. This service is for people who are too busy or unable to get to the shop for the news paper.

This job requires you to be up really early 6 or maybe 7am. You will also need to be reasonably fit and able,papers and magazines can be heavy! The perks of this job are tips (extra money from customers),especially around the festive season of Christmas. You may be required to work early morning,evenings and weekends. Ask at your local newsagent or shop if they need newspaper delivery.

Glass Collector/Pot Washer

How to make money as a teenager! Glass Collector / Pot Washer: Your local pub (bar) or restaurant needs people to collect dirty glasses along with plates and cutlery. These items also need to be washed by hand or loaded into a dishwasher.This job can be a hot and busy work environment,this job could also be useful for teenagers who want to get into the catering industry.

This job can also be very rewarding when you get to know the locals and regulars. You can make lots of friends and when you leave school or college,you will also have a reference for future employers.

how to make money as a teenager


How to make money as a teenager! Gardening: Gardening is a job you can offer as a service to people in your local community. You can offer to mow lawns,prune plants and cut hedges. You may need to get your parent or guardian to supervise you when you first start,some gardening equipment can be dangerous.

People always need gardening doing,again they maybe busy or unable to mow lawns so you can help them and get paid. I now a bloke in Preston who started gardening as a teenager,he uses his own lawnmower and tools,he also rides a push bike with a trailer. So you may be able to save up your money and get a bike,trailer and tools once you are established.

how to make money as a teenager

Collectible / Antique Dealer

How To Make Money As A Teenager! Collectible / Antique Dealer: You might think that you need loads of money to buy and sell antiques or collectibles,but that’s simply not true. You can pickup amazing finds at garage sales,car boot sales,attic sales and online. The truth is that most people simply don’t know the value of stuff. I have had experience in this my self,to gain knowledge do some research.

The kind of things you can buy and sell are military medals and collectibles,retro video games/consoles,vintage toys,books and many other kinds of items. I have a friend called John,he finds collectible books in charity/ thrift shops for a few quid. John found a book for £1 and ended up selling it for £16,000,this sounds unbelievable,specialist books are quite often limited in the amounts printed. You can learn about collectibles from reading books,antique magazines,online articles and youtube videos.

If you want to learn off the best people,ask for a weekend job at a second hand or antique shop.This job can be carried into adulthood,famous entrepreneurs like Gary V buys and sells sports cards from second hand sales.Remember to buy low and sell high!


How to make money as a teenager! Youtuber: If you have an interest or hobby,you can start a Youtube channel for FREE. You can also make money from your Youtube channel with affiliate offers in the description,donations via paypal or cryptocurrency. If you get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours,you can also monetize with Google Adsense. Sponsorship can also be gained if you are really popular. You can use tools like Video Marketing Blaster and Tubebuddy to rank your videos on the first page of Google and Youtube.

how to make money as a teenager

Retail Shop Assistant

How to make money as a teenager! Retail Shop Assistant: You can get a job as a teenager in a local shop stacking shelves,cleaning up and helping with deliveries. This job will help you get a reference for employers and you can earn money at the same time. The shop owner may also offer you a full time job when you finish school.

The great thing about retail,is that you will learn people skills and learn about attention to detail. Your parent or guardian can help you to find a retail job,they may even know someone who has a shop.


How to make money as a teenager! Tiktok: If you want to make money with Tiktok,you will need a Instagram and Youtube account. You can create videos and drive traffic to those accounts through Tiktok. There are 800 million people using Tiktok,so you can certainly make money. If you want to learn how to go viral and optimize your Tiktok you can Try this training for $1 CLICK HERE .

how to make money as a teenager

Stable Boy/Girl (Horses)

How to make money as a teenager! Stable Boy/Girl (Horses): If you love horses and want to get experience with them,you can earn money at your local stables.This job involves feeding horses,mucking out horse manure,placing fresh straw down and much more. You will learn lots of skills and make loads of friends.

My dad was a stable boy and he loved it,when all of the task had been done, he was allowed to ride horses and take care of them. This is another job that can become a profession in adulthood.

how to make money as a teenager


How to make money as a teenager! Apprenticeship: You can become an apprentice trades person from the age of 16 in some countries like the UK. Learning a trade can give you a six figure income once you are qualified and have some experience. Plumbing,welding,electrician and joinery are just a few to mention.

You can work and learn at the same time,you will also study at college and do theory with exams and assignments. Trades people are in high demand,you can work for a company or be self employed once qualified. There are services in the UK,USA and many other countries that will help you get an apprenticeship. The National Apprenticeship Service in the UK and in the USA the website will help you get the ball rolling.

Most apprenticeships require you to have English and Maths GCSE as a minimum in the UK,if you fail these at high school,you can retake them at college or night school.

Thanks For Reading

Remember to get permission from a responsible adult before taking any jobs or training mentioned in this blog post.Your well being is top priority and never feel pressured into anything your not comfortable doing. Make sure you seek advice on the laws and regulations in your town,city,state and country before doing any employed or self employed work. Always keep your parent or guardian informed about all aspects of your work life.

If you have found this article useful then share it with friends,family and people you know.Thanks for reading my article on how to make money as a teenager. You can follow me on youtube and pinterest by clicking the buttons below.

TikTok Money Step By Step

If You want to make TikTok Money,Follow this step by step guide and learn the secret strategy that businesses,brands and affiliate marketers don’t want you to know about.I will walk through what you need to make money on Tiktok and how you can go viral.There are a few things you need to do, so let’s start with step 1.

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TikTok Money

Tiktok Money step 1-Create Tiktok Account

The obvious thing you need to do is download the Tiktok app from Google play or the Apple app store.Then sign up for Tiktok using the app,you can use your mobile number or email to do this,it only take a few minutes and its totally FREE.

If you want to learn the secrets of setting up your profile to make Tiktok money CLICK HERE

Tiktok Money Step 2-setup Instagram

When you want to make tiktok money,you will need two social media accounts, Instagram and Youtube. To setup your instagram account with tiktok,just go to your tiktok profile and click edit profile.Then you will need to link your instagram account,people can now visit your Instagram through Tiktok.

TikTok Money

To make Tiktok money through your Instagram account,you will need to have a landing page connected to you email list/lead magnet. You can also use a service like to host your affiliate links and landing pages on,this gives you the ability to promote lots of affiliate offers. You then simply copy your many links profile URL and paste it into your Instagram profile as your website URL.

Below is an example of a many links profile

TikTok Money. Use many links to add multiple links to your instagram profile

The screen shot below shows the manylinks URL containing all of your affiliate and website links. If you want to find affiliate offers to promote on your many links profile,you can use Clickbank and Maxbounty affiliate networks.Below is an example of a manylinks profile URL on instagram enabling Tiktok Money to be made.

TikTok Money. Instagram Profile link that allows for multiple affiliate and website links,using manylinks

The great thing about tiktok is that you can also share your tiktok videos on your instagram.So you can make tiktok money from your instagram profile using the same video as on Tiktok. Although Instagram allow sharing of Tiktok videos,it will cut the video down to instagram size formats,so you might lose some text. You can play around with your tiktok video formats and find a winning style that works on tiktok or instagram.

Step 3-Setup Youtube

If you don’t have a Youtube channel,you can set one up very easily in a few minutes for FREE.Link your Youtube channel in your Tiktok profile the same way as your instagram account.

To make Tiktok money through Youtube,you can place affiliate,landing page and eCommerce links in your Youtube video descriptions. you can also link your main shop/website link through your Youtube channel settings.

You can guide people from Tiktok to your Youtube channel videos by creating a promo/teaser video for each video. If you have already gained youtube monetization through adsense,you can make money from having ads on your Youtube videos. The affiliate links in your video description is the quickest way of making Tiktok money.

Step 4-Create Videos

To create videos on Tiktok is very easy and they are in 15 or 60 second lengths. You can use the plus icon to enter video recording mode,see screenshot below.

TikTok Money

When You press this icon you will be taken through to a screen where you can record videos,choose from 15 or 60 second video lengths. When you hold down the red button,tiktok will keep on recording until you release the red button. Below is a screenshot of the record screen functions.

TikTok Money. Link your Instagram and Youtube

Once you have created your videos,you can add text,effects,stickers and sounds to your video.Tiktok videos can become viral even if they are only 15 seconds long,so you can make Tiktok money from short videos. The best Tiktok videos are funny,animals,controversial and dancing.

You can create video content about anything really,if you want to promote your affiliate or products,I would say provide some sort of value that will get people interested in visiting your Instagram or Youtube.

You can make Tiktok Money by sending massive amounts of traffic to your business/affiliate links. There are over 800 million Tiktok Users all around the world,you can tap into this FREE traffic source by learning the viral strategies below.

Hashtags can help you to reach lots of people with certain interests and hobbies on Tiktok,the secret strategy below will show you how to use them to go viral.

Step 5 – Learn The Secret TIKTOK MONEY Strategy

If you want to make some serious Tiktok money,you will need to learn about the secret strategy that has allowed some of the biggest Tiktok users to make millions of dollars all around the world.

You can learn the secret to going viral on Tiktok using #tiktokmoney and various other hashtags like #fyp .If you want to learn how you can learn to use Tiktok to generate leads/sales for your affiliate marketing,eCommerce and businesses,just click the link below to find out more.

Don’t miss out on this limited time opportunity to make some cash from your Tiktok account.

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Commission Hero Review 2020

Commission Hero is a online training course for affiliate marketers who want to make money online using Facebook.The course has been created by Clickbanks number 1 affiliate marketer Robby Blanchard.Commission Hero is designed so even newbies can make money using Facebook ads,with easy to follow Step by step tutorials.

The course is designed to help you make lots of money online in a short period of time. The course will show you how to make $1000 per day or much more,by teaching you the tricks that made Robby Blanchard the top affiliate marketer on Clickbank.

Clickbank or CB as it’s known,is the largest and most popular affiliate marketplace for digital products. Clickbank also have some physical products like weight loss suppliments and health suppliments. Despite what some people say about clickbank products,there is plenty of money to be made on there.

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Whats Inside commission Hero

This course has been designed for people who have never done affiliate marketing or Facebook ads.I am sure that even more advanced affiliates and entrepreneurs will gain a lot of knowledge from this course. Facebook ads can be quite daunting,even for experienced marketers.

This is where Commission Hero comes in to save the day! As some of you may or may not know Facebook does not like affiliate marketers,Robby teaches you how to set up multiple facebook accounts to help combat your affiliate ads getting you shutdown.

The Commission hero course shows you the same techniques that have helped Robby Blanchard to Make $50,000 in a day and over $250,000 in a week. The course bypassed the BS that most courses teach,and shows you what most other courses won’t. Commission Hero shows you the exact way to kill under performing Facebook ads and scale your winning ads.

When you Join Commission Hero and you are inside,you will gain access to the 3 step formula for success when making affiliate commissions.There are also loads of Done For You landing pages,facebook ads and video lessons for you to follow.This course if by far the best for newbies to affiliate marketing.

You also get exclusive access to the Commission Hero private coaching group,where you can get questions answered and get help and advice.This group of affiliate support each other and share strategies to help you win,and boost your motivation when you feel like giving up.

Commission Hero Million dollar Ad Images:

When joining this course,you will also get access to 20 images that have made Robby Blanchard over a million dollars in sales.These images are also Facebook friendly,so you can use them straight away with your facebook ads.

These million dollar images are also proven to work on Facebook,you can even use these images as inspiration to create your own.

Complete Facebook Super Profits Training System:

This is the Golden Ticket of Facebook Affiliate Marketing. You will get the ad scaling tactics along with how to get more facebook ad accounts.This course also teaches you credit card tricks in your marketing,how to get 25% more sales and how to command higher commissions.

Complete Done-For-You Landing pages:

These Landing Pages have Helped Robby personally make millions on Facebook advertising,he is giving you them as part of his course.They are Clickfunnel easy to install landing pages you can instantly use. If you don’t use Clickfunnels,you can use them as inspiration for your own website landing pages.

The course starts off at a beginner level,so you can understand the Commission Hero course from the start.You will find out how to get the highest click through rate (CTR) on your Facebook ads,and how to find the most profitable niches in affiliate marketing.

This course will also teach you how to build a niche specific Pre-Sell Page and examples of what good one’s look like. Robby Blanchard will show you how to start running Facebook ads on a really small budget,he will then show to how to scale the winners and ditch the losers.

commission hero

Commission Hero 12 Month Money back guarantee

The Commission Hero course is so good,they have a 12 month money back guarantee.This course is the real deal and will give you the skills to succeed with Facebook ads and affiliate marketing,so you can make money online from home.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who want to gain financial freedom and work towards quitting their day job.If you want to watch the FREE training webinar,you can watch it below.

Thanks for reading

Thanks for reading my short review of Commission Hero,if you want to follow me on Youtube or visit my homepage,just use the links below.

How to Go Viral and make money on tiktok

You can learn how to go viral and make money on TikTok using the course in this post. The course Will also show you how you can build a online business from home,anywhere in the world from home.The great thing about this course,is that it’s only $1 to join and its full of loads of value,with a Viral TikTok strategy that is making people lots of money. Even if you just want to learn the trick to viral TikTok Success and not make money,its worth every penny! So the first things you’ll need are…..

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how to go viral and make money on tiktok

Things you need To Go Viral and make money on Tiktok

You will need a Instagram and Youtube accounts before entering this TikTok Money course. They will be the way you can monetize your tiktok account.They are free to set up and only take a few minutes to get a basic setup done.

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how to go viral and make money on tiktok

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How To Make Money On TikTok

How to make money on Tiktok is a question many business people and marketers have started asking.When any new platform is created,it becomes a free for all and can be monetized with various steps and techniques. Tiktok is no different and currently has no restrictions placed on the amount of traffic you can get.Yet!!!

How to Make Money on tiktok

So when answering How to make money on Tiktok,we need to firstly look at the statistics.

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Tiktok Stats

Below are some interesting statistics about Tiktok you might want to pay attention to.

  • Tiktok has over 800 million active users worldwide
  • Tiktok is the 2nd most popular app of 2019
  • The app is available in 154 Countries
  • The app has the highest engagement rates per post
  • 400 Million active users in China
  • 119 Million active users in India
  • You can become go viral from just one 15 second video
  • More adults are downloading and using this app
  • More brands are using this app in their marketing
How to Make Money on tiktok

How to make money with Tiktok

The great thing about that you can link your instagram and Youtube channels to your Tiktok profile. Youtube can be montetized with affiliate/website links and Google adsense. It gets really interesting when you use Instagram,you can set your Instagram profile link to your landing page and collect emails.

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How to Make Money on tiktok

Who Makes The Most Money On TikTok

The stats for Tiktok are astounding and many affiliate marketers and businesses are starting to take notices of the traffic potential.The people who make the most money on Tiktok are the ones who get in early. The Tiktok app in its newest version has been around since 2016 and smart people have been driving traffic and making money.Who makes the most money on Tiktok? Check these Tiktokers below.

  • Charli D’Amelio makes $48,000 per post
  • Loren Gray makes $42,000 Per Post
  • Zach King $41,000 Per Post
  • Riyaz Afreen $35,000 Per Post

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How to make money on tiktok
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how to make money on tiktok hack

How to make money on tiktok. TikTok is a new app that has become extremely popular all around the world. There are literally millions of users making and consuming videos on this app. The trending hashtags and various other features like viral sounds can help you boost your video rankings.

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  1. Download TikTok and create a FREE account
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  4. Make a TikTok Videos and drive traffic to your Youtube and Instagram

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Bitcoin Price

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The Great Depression (Could This Happen Again?)

The Great Depression was one of the most severe worldwide economic events that has happened in world history. The Great Depression is often quoted as the mother of all financial disasters. It’s used by many historians, as an example/warning of the consequences of mass consumerism,greed and debt.

The great depression of the early 20th century, can teach us a lot about what can happen in society and business.This article will be delving into to the many different aspects of the Great Depression. At the time I am writing this article, the world is in The Great Lockdown of 2020, due to COVID19,a highly contagious disease.

There have been lots of financial analysts and news organizations predicting another Great Depression.Nobody knows whats going to happen for sure, but history does tend to repeat itself again and again! Read THIS post to the end,if you want to improve your prospects for making money in a crisis.

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the great depression

So let’s start with the prelude to the Great Depression, “The Roaring Twenties”.

The Roaring Twenties

After watching movies or reading books like “The Great Gatsby” and “The Grapes of Wrath”, we can sometimes get a mixed view of the 20s and 30s. The Roaring Twenties (1920s) was a unique time in human history,and a lot happened in that decade.

The 1920s or the Roaring Twenties was a period in human history, that saw dramatic changes in politics,technology, society and business around the world.

If you take a look at 1920s America for example.This was the first time in its history, that more people lived in cities than in rural communities.

A series of Republican presidents starting with Warren G. Harding in 1921,Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover took away most restrictions on trade and entrepreneurship.

Lots of different ways of doing business, and living came into existence. This was due to the mass consumerism of american society.

The birth of consumer Credit, buy now and pay later, started to emerge in this time period.

Women won the right to vote in 1920,and this gave women more liberation.

The women of the twenties were able to live more adventurous lives.The emergence of the Flapper’s,pushed against the traditional boundaries for women.

The Vamps of the 20s, were women who had more taboo breaking behaviors. A lot of religious people called this a “moral disaster”.

The rise of the Klu Klux Klan in the southern states,caused racial tensions with Black communities.

African Americans decided to uproot their families in the south,and moved to the northern states. 6 million African Americans moved to the major cities of the north.This was called the “The Great Migration”,and it happened between 1910 and 1930.

America became more connected via the telegram services, and more places had electricity.Radio’s became the must have luxury,people would listen to music and sports.

The electrification of the USA fueled the production of appliances,and new entertainment services, and equipment businesses could use for manufacturing.

Products and services were also marketed via the mass media of radio.People were also encouraged to buy luxury high ticket items on credit,like Radio’s and labor saving devices.

This increased the personal debt people had,by living for today without any thought of tomorrow.

The traditional values and social etiquette changed massively in the 1920s. The older generation came into constant conflict with young people.

Many views on Sex, religion and politics were changing in the 1920s. Some young people who lived in major cities like New York,had a thrilling time in the 1920s.

The roaring twenties started with a brand new craze called Jazz.

Jazz Music

When Black Americans moved north,they brought Blues and Jazz music with them.White Americans fell in love with Jazz music,starting a fantastic mix of cultures never seen before in the USA.

Jazz played a major part of the social scene in the 20’s. Cities like Chicago and New York had Jazz many bands. playing at the most famous of venues.Establishments like the Savoy in New York and the Aragon in Chicago,had become famous for Jazz.

Many of the new founded radio stations played lots of jazz, and jazz phonograph records started to be recorded.

In 1927 100 million jazz phonograph records was sold.The mass production of recorded music sent Jazz into the mainstream.

The older generation found jazz to be vulgar, and blamed Jazz for the moral outrages in society.

Just like Rock n’ roll in the 1950s/60s,Jazz was a major part of youth culture in the 1920s. The novel ‘ The Great Gatsby’ by F.Scott Fitzgerald captures the height of the jazz era.

The roaring 20s jazz music inspired many dance styles like ‘The Charleston’,’The Cakewalk’,’The black bottom’ and ‘The Flea hop’. Jazz music was played at speakeasy bars around major cities like New York.

speakeasy and prohibition

The 1920s also saw the prohibition of alcohol, and the rise of the speakeasy. Speak easy’s were hidden bars,ran by entrepreneurial people.The illegal alcohol was supplied by business people like Al Capone.A lot of gangs got in on the action and bootleggers would always be one step ahead of the authorities.

The line between gangster and business people became blurred in this era,many people like Al Capone had massive fame, and political connections.This outraged authorities,and on 27th March 1929,Al Capone was arrested by the FBI.

Many customers at speak easy’s would be from all walks of life,even people in positions of power.The conflict of interest and double lives of these so called respectable people, caused a lot of corruption and double standards.

1920s Car culture

The great depression.A Ford model T automobile.
Ford Model T Car

Car’s became more popular with young people, and the term ” brothels on Wheels” was coined.

Henry Ford famously said “People can have any color they want,as long as it’s black”,referring to his Ford Model T.

Young people found it a lot easier to consummate their relationship’s in the new automobile culture.

In 1924 you could buy a Model T Ford for around $260-$300, this luxury was made affordable by using consumer credit.

The roaring twenties was a time of wealth and huge excess, even regular working class people could get in on the action.Everyone from the shoe shine boy to the store clerk, started to buy into the stock markets on Wall street.

Stock market

People were actively encouraged to invest in the stock market during the roaring twenties. This was done through mass marketing formats like newspapers,radio and magazines.

The brokerage firms in the USA, offered something called margin trading.

The brokerage firms on Wall Street would lend money to people,who wanted to get rich quick. Margin trading is also known as using leverage. So for example; you could buy $100,000 of stock with $10,000 of money.This would be a leverage of 10X.

When people in the 1920’s bought stocks on margin, they could put a small amounts down and make big profits.Fueling record high speculation,further pumping up stock market prices.

The bull market in the roaring Twenties got people really excited. People would invest their life savings in the Wall Street stock exchanges.

The stock market kept on going up in price,people said it was a licence to print money. More and more people from all walks of Life, had money in the stock market.The bull run of the 1920s would soon take a devastating turn.

Meanwhile as the stock market pumped,nearly 80% of luxury goods are being bought on credit.Most Americans had no savings at all!People would live paycheck to paycheck and put all their extra money in stocks.

It was becoming very clear that people had spread themselves too thin. This was because people were buying high ticket items using credit.This was combined with people speculating on the financial markets.

Then the first signs of disaster started to emerge on wallstreet.

When Was The Great Depression

When was the Great Depression? It is generally accepted that the year of 1929 was the start of the great depression.This was caused by a series of stock market crashes that had a knock on effect, with the wider economy suffering as a result.

the great depression
A queue of people waiting for food in The great depression

What Caused The Stock Market Crash Of 1929

The Great depression timeline starts in March 1929!

On March 25th 1929 a small crash occurred in the New York Stock Exchange. This was after the Federal Reserve warned about excessive speculation on the stock market.

The fear uncertainty and doubt, started the rapid selling of stocks by investors. The market fell by 10%, and the panic started to intensify. Charles E Mitchell of National City Bank,managed to secure 25 million dollars in credit stop the crash.It worked as a temporary measure,but things would start to get much worse.

When September 1929 arrived, the Dow Jones had already tripled in value since 1924.Then on September 20th 1929 the London Stock Exchange has crashes.This is after a top investor called Clarence Hatry and some associates, are jailed for fraud and forgery charges.

American investors took notice of the LSE crash, and the US stock markets started to become even more unstable.The volatility of the markets started make people become more concerned about investing overseas.

Then on October 24th 1929,after months of volatile stock selling and buying volumes, “Black Thursday” happened.This was when 11% of the value of the NYSE was lost on the opening bell,causing even more panic selling.

What’s known as the “Wallstreet Crash” also known as “Black Tuesday”,was on 29th October 1929.Although the reality of the crash, was played out in the year of 1929.

The crash on 29th of October 1929, saw NYSE lose $14 Billion in just one day!

Whe everything transpired,banks all over the USA shut down.There ended up being $140 Billion in savings lost forever.Back in those days,there was no bank deposit insurance.There was a run on the banks,but no money was left to pay customers.Most victims of the bank failures were regular people with no other assets.

The stock market continued to crash and eventually hit the bottom, on the 23rd November 1929 and ended up traded sideways.When a market trades sideways,there is no price action.

So now we have covered the cause of The Great Depression,let’s continue...

What Ended The Great Depression

The Republican President Herbert Hoover was criticized a lot during the early 1930s with regards to the depression.It became a central issue of his presidency,he won the election in 1929 as the crash was just happening.President Hoover was an advocate of Laissez-faire Capitalism.The meant that he believed the markets and economy, would self correct themselves.

President Hoover lost the election of 1933 to Flanklin D. Roosevelt.FDR (as he was known) was a democrat with big ambitions and made lots of new changes to federal legislation.The changes he made helped people and businesses struggling in the great depression.His legislation was famously called the New Deal.

World War 2

the great depression

President D.Roosevelt’s policies helped business,he also helped the agriculture sectors who were suffering from the worst drought in history.The dust bowl drought decimated crops in the mid Atlantic states.FDR’s policies also helped the unemployed.

The USA didn’t enter WW2 until 1941,but America was certainly a key player in the production of supplies for the war in Europe.The USA sent military supplies the UK and France in 1939,to help the defend against the Axis of evil.

The great depression ended with the outbreak of World War 2,some people say it still carried on into the 1950’s.

The combination of government spending on weapons and manufacturing industry helped the economy. After most industries were being repurposed for the war effort. The reduction in unemployment also helped the economy.

After the bombing at Pearl Harbor by the Japanese in 1941,the USA was officially fully mobilized for war.

FDR worked with the leaders of the other nations like the UK,Canada,Australia and Soviets (Russians), to bring down the Nazi and axis forces around the world.

Many young people lied about their age to go and fight in WW2. My grand father Jack Adams was only 15 years old, when he served in the Royal Navy on HMS Violet, his rank was Able Seaman.

We have the brave people of the allied forces to thank for our freedom, for saving us from the tyranny of the Nazis’s.

Great Depression Timeline

Below is the great depression timeline,and contains some of the key events.

  • 1929USA and UK stock market crashes. Herbert Hoover is elected president of the USA.
  • Then 650+ banks failed and the money supply dwindled,meaning there was no credit available.
  • The dust bowl drought starts,farmers cant grow food in the mid Atlantic states of the USA.
  • 1930 The Smoot-Hawley Act is signed by Hoover,with 900 import tariffs. This raised taxes 40-48% on foreign imports.
  • The raising of taxes triggered a trade war with many countries around the world,who also raised their import taxes in retaliation.
  • Global trade was forced down by 65%.
  • 1931Civil unrest started,with food riots happening in Minneapolis USA
  • Unemployment rises 15.9%
  • 1932 – Top rate income tax in the USA rises to 65%
  • Congress approves lending of $2 Billion to financial institutions, to prevent further failures.
  • Dow bottoms at 41.22.This is a 90% drop from the 1929 pre-crash high.
  • 1933 – Prohibition ends and alcohol is taxed,helping raise government revenue.
  • President Roosevelt launches his NEW DEAL policies.
  • The Gold Standard for the US Dollar is scrapped.
  • Unemployment rises to 24.9%,this is a record breaking high for the USA.
  • 1934 – The Gold Reserve Act made it illegal to privately own Gold
  • The economy grew by 10%
  • Unemployment dropped fell to 21.7%
  • Debt rose to $27 Billion
  • 1935 – The Social Security Act provides help for elderly,disabled and children from low income families.
  • 1936 – FDR raises top rate income tax to 79%
  • Economy grew to 12.9%
  • Unemployment goes down to 16.9%
  • Debt grows to $34 Billion
  • 1937 – Franklin D. Roosevelt is re-elected
  • The president cuts spending, this sends the US economy back into depression
  • The Minimum Wage is introduced,to try and help people on the lowest incomes.
  • 1938 – The threat of war is looming in Europe
  • 1939 – Hitler invades Poland starting World War 2
  • FDR Repeals the US Military arms embargo on France and the UK
  • 1940 – The war in Europe intensifies with London being bombed by German Luftwaffe.
  • France falls to the Nazis and they march on Paris
  • The US economy grows 8.8%
  • Unemployment to 14.6%
  • Debt rises to $51 Billion
  • 1941 – The USA sends war supplies to the UK,to help fight the Nazi’s
  • Germany sinks the US Navy Destroyer “USS Reuben James”
  • The attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan happens.
  • USA declares war on Japan
  • The US officially enters World War 2

There are lots of fine details about the great depression timeline,but I wanted to keep this post as short as possible.The subject of the great depression has so much info, I could write a book on it.

Good Things That Came Out Of The Great Depression

There was a lot of bad things happened in The Great Depression,like poverty,unemployment and starvation.Some people lost everything,with suicides skyrocketing.People lost money when stock markets crashed and banks failed.

Some good things did happened on the flip side,like welfare reforms for vulnerable groups in society.

surprisingly a lot of millionaires were made in the great depression,people under difficult times had their entrepreneurial spirit ignited, when trying to solve the problems the encountered. Many entrepreneurs worked their way out of poverty by inventing,creating and serving people.Lessons have been learned about the excess of consumer spending with unregulated credit.

Prohibition of alcohol was abolished in 1933,helping to raise taxes for the US government.The black market in alcohol was finished, and the police could concentrate on serious crimes.

The old ways of doing things had to change and people became wiser.Many people of that generation stopped trusting banks.People started using due diligence, when doing business/investing in markets.

Will there be Another Great Depression ?

Like I said at the beginning of this article,there are plenty of top people in finance,business and economics, who think the 2020 lockdown might be the start a global depression.You can’t stop an economy without there being serious consequences.

Top investor Warren Buffet has sold all of his shares in US airlines.People pay close attention to what he does,his company Berkshire Hathaway, are a major player in the buying and selling of large amount of stocks.

The current situation with Lockdown and COVID 19 has killed local businesses like retail,food,entertainment,travel and a myriad of industries.

The key to the future of wealth creation is online business and entrepreneurship.This can help people thrive in another great depression.

The internet helps people to educate themselves and run businesses from the safety of their homes.

I think that we could be in the perfect storm with recent events in 2020. We could see “The Great Depression 2.0” with a shift in the social and work life norms.There are lots of similarities to the roaring twenties and the dark days of the 30’s.History seems to repeat itself over and over.

We have never had it so good at the beginning of the 21st century. This has been driven by a consumer culture,that buys shiny things on credit cards.The personal debts are astounding,just like the prelude to 1929. The stock market could have a massive crash,as nobody is spending money in the economy.

Commercial and private landlords will also be taking a hit.The housing market on rentals is on Lockdown. The buying and selling of houses is impossible,the banks have stopped lending mortgages (Credit).House sales are falling through,people may also lose their homes when they default on repayments.

It’s looking very bleak for the property markets and house prices will probably crash,leaving people with negative equity.

There is some light still shining in the online business world.The entrepreneurs of modern times have created online businesses models,that are really profitable.Entrepreneurs can work anywhere in the world with a laptop,smartphone and a internet connection.

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There are many profitable home business ideas out there. If you’re willing to get educated you can start with this top-10 list of home business ideas.Some of these ideas can be done in the current Lockdown period in USA,UK and other countries!

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Home Business Ideas.profitable home business ideas

The traditional businesses that you might think of, no longer apply in these modern times. As long as you have a laptop smartphone and internet connection, you can work from anywhere in the world.

A great thing about having a home based business, is the fact that you can take advantage of small business trends.

These most successful home based businesses available today, don’t require you to rent commercial property, commute to work or manage employees.

In fact if you do need any tasks doing, you can just use freelancing websites like upwork and fiverr.

Some of these ideas might require you to repurpose your garage or rooms in your house.

The Pros and Cons Of Starting A Home Based Business

So what are the benefits of a home based business?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of starting your own business and working from home?

What business can be started from home?

These are all questions that are quite common when you are interested or curious about starting a home business.

A home-based business is usually a full-time or part-time side Hustle. Let’s now look at the pros and cons of starting a home based business.

Home based Business Pros:

  • It has a low cost of investment to start up a home based business, you can also get tax deductions that you can claim.
  • You can be based locally or cover the entire planet, this can be selling products or services.
  • Home based businesses will give you a lot more time to be at home with your family.
  • Gain financial freedom.
  • You can also start a family business from home and get your partner and children involved.

Home Based Business Cons:

  • You might need to do a massive clear out of junk, so you can clear space for storage or home office.
  • You might need to comply with laws and regulations, and get licences and special insurance policies. e.g Food production or health and safety standards.
  • Your business might become a massive success, and you may need to expand to external premises.
  • You might need to deal with awkward customers,timewasters or complaints.
  • You might miss working with other people, especially if you love having dinner or a few drinks after work.

10 home business ideas you can start today

There are literally hundreds of home based businesses that you can start from home. You just need to find the right one for you. Below the most profitable online business ideas you can do from home.

Home Business Ideas

1:Home Business Ideas – Affiliate Marketing

One of the most profitable home business ideas is affiliate marketing. There are many people around the world that work from home.They can make 6 and 7 figure incomes from affiliate marketing home business.

Affiliate marketing performance based marketing, is content driven. The basics of this business model are, you create a blog or YouTube channel and review products and services.

Then you funnel those customers into a landing page, where you collect the email address,so you can send affiliate offers.

Affiliate offers can be found on affiliate networks and programs,when someone click on your link and buys,you get a commission.Affiliate marketing is also known as attraction based marketing.

When doing attraction based affiliate marketing, you are giving valuable content to your audience, and then converting them audience members into leads.

You can do free traffic methods like YouTube and blog posts, but the scale your business you will need to do paid traffic.

Paid traffic methods are the following;

If you are interested in learning affiliate marketing, there are some good companies that specialise in online training for this business home model.

Legendary Marketer and Clickbank University are online two of the best online course providers.

2:Retail arbitrage

Retail arbitrage is a business based around grabbing reduce stock from shops, usually in bargain buckets or clearance sections.

You can use the eBay or Amazon app app to scan barcodes. Once you scan the barcode you can see the recommended retail price.

If you can grab an item that is 50% off, you can make good money on high ticket items. Sometimes you can get 70% off off-colour more.

You just simply take that items home and list them on Amazon or eBay. You can also use some free sites like shpock, Craigslist and Gumtree.

Home Business Ideas.

3: Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a home home based business idea that can be very profitable. I have a friend who has a successful home business.

He finds suppliers on , and contacts them. My friend John does a private label product, he gets his logo design put on the product.

Everytime John makes a sale, he takes the cost of the item and gives it to the supplier.

He then keeps the profit for himself. John then decided to buy bulk products from the Chinese supplier on

Home Business Ideas

4:Teach Online Courses

There are many websites like and skillshare, that you can sign up for and create your own online lessons and courses.

All you need is a camera,laptop with screen capture software or a smartphone.

You don’t need to market your online course, because your course will be available in the search categories of their websites.

Leveraging your existing skills can be one of the most profitable home business ideas.

Teaching online is certainly one of the most successful home based businesses available today.

5: Home Business Ideas – ecommerce Shop

Like I was just saying about dropshipping, my friend moved into ecommerce.He bought 500 units of his private label product from his supplier in China.

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Home Business Ideas

6:Pet Grooming

Pet grooming is an amazing phenomenon in small business trends in recent years. This is one of the most popular successful home business.

Most dogs need to be groomed every 6 to 10 weeks. The going price for a cut in the UK ok is between £40 to £60. In the USA dog cuts can reach $100 or more, especially in affluent areas like New York City.

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The pet sitting business is the ideal home business for a lot of people, especially stay at home Mum’s and retired folk.

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This is all so similar rate in the USA. There are plenty of websites that you can join to get customers, is an example.Just do a Google search.

Pet sitting also ties into house sitting,so you might be able to stop in some nice houses and locations.If you decide to travel.

Home Business Ideas

8:Homemade Craft Gift Products

The craft and creative arts Industries are worth billions around the world.Lots of craft items can be posted very cheaply, and most can be made at home without any specialist equipment.

Crafts can range from Woodworking to cards and candles,there are so many to choose from.

If you don’t know how to make anything significant, you can learn on could even expand in your field, by creating a blog and YouTube channel. This can be used to build your email list up with potential customers for your products.

Home Business Ideas

9:Skill Based Service – Home Business Ideas

If you are a skilled tradesperson, it is very easy for you to take those skills and go online.You can work as a mobile service like a builder, plumber or any other construction type work.

I worked from a Facebook page myself, doing a man and van removals house clearance service.Setting up a Facebook page is so easy and it’s free traffic.

You can also be totally online if you are are doing services like accountancy, Consultancy or any kind of skilled trade similar.

Websites like upwork, and fiverr make it easy to sell your services.You don’t even need to spend a lot of money when creating a successful home business.

There are plenty of tools that you can use like zoom, Skype and WhatsApp, for making free local and international calls to customers.

So using your skills to set up home business idea with low startup costs, can become a reality very quickly.

Home Business Ideas

10:Homemade Food Products

If you have a keen interest in cooking and creating recipes, making home food products might be the business for you.

The amount of farmers markets that I have been to, over the years. I’ve seen plenty of husband and wife/people selling their homemade food and drinks.

Some of the biggest names in food started home business ideas.Try this article on Big Companies that started with little of no money.

Depending on where you are,you will need to register with your local authorities.The rules around food production are very strict,but don’t let this put you off.There is something special about hand crafted food and drink,it makes most people feel good supporting independent producers.

Profitable Home Business Ideas

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Is Udemy Good and Worth It ?

So is Udemy good and is Udemy worth it? You’ve been searching the internet trying to find out loads of stuff about udemy.You’ve got a couple of questions on your mind like “is udemy worth it” or ” is udemy good”.

When reviewing and educational online learning sites like udemy, you need to be looking at what you really want.

Do you want a flashy fancy course that will cost thousands of Dollars, or a practical course that is affordable to most people?

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No, I won’t say that udemy is a perfect online learning platform. But what I will say is that, it does try to cater for everybody.

Sure there are plenty of Udemy coupon codes for you to use, but is udemy good or worth it.

Sure answer for is Yes! Udemy is good for people who want to learn a wide variety of skills at a low cost.

Courses start from about $10 and can go into the hundreds of Dollars price range. I think this is why udemy is good.

What is Udemy ?


Udemy is an online course platform that’s become very popular in recent years. The main reason that udemy has become so popular is because they offer 130,000.

They also have a huge array of different courses. You can learn just about anything on udemy, from computer programming, business skills, right through to fun stuff like crafts, musical instruments other kinds of fun things.

In the year 2020, udemy has about 50 million students. This number keeps growing exponentially.

Save up to 75% now! Don't miss out.

Now there are other kinds of online learning platforms such as EDX and Coursera, that provide courses by colleges and universities from around the world.

Udemy doesn’t have accredited qualifications in the same way as these online course providers.

This isn’t to say that Udemy is not good, but anyone can become a udemy instructor and create a course and upload it to the platform.

A. Shows the main category for each section. B. Shows the sub categories under each main category.

If you look at the screenshot above, you can access all the categories and subcategories of courses.

The overall usability of this website is very easy to follow. Under each sub-category there are different courses.

So now you know what udemy is, and how many good potential options for online learning can be.

Is Udemy Legit ?

Yes!Udemy is legit, and a good company to learn with. They have been featured in many different magazines/websites such as Forbes and mashable.

There are also many major companies that praise Udemy.

The companies that Udemy are trusted by include;

  • SurveyMonkey
  • Adidas
  • General Mills
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Volkswagen (VW)

The main reason that is trusted by major industry, is that according to a 2019 IDC report, companies see up to 869% ROI, when partnering with them.

Although anyone can become an instructor and create a course, there is a review system in place for quality control purposes.

I have used this website for many years, and found some real gems in it’s course catalog.

There are courses by some top entrepreneurs and teachers in their Fields, so udemy are completely legitimate.

Save up to 75% now! Don't miss out.

Is Udemy Worth It for Online Learning?

I have personally found this website, to be one of the best online learning platforms. So yes it’s a fantastic place to get your brain working and learn new skills.

Another great thing about udemy are the sales that they often have on courses. You can pick up a course for as little as 10 or 20 dollars.

Although udemy is not an accredited online learning platform, you do get a certificate that you can print off.

Employers might not see these qualifications as valid, but you can possibly use this as a bargaining chip.

If you said to your potential employer, that you would be willing to take the accredited qualification, they might see your Udemy Qual as you showing that you have a good work ethic.

It also shows that you might have a better chance of passing an accredited qualification, from an employers point of view.

Even from a fun point of view, there’s something for everybody on udemy. If you are self-employed there are plenty of really useful courses,that will help you grow your business skills and knowledge.

Is Udemy Course format good for me ?

Each course on udemy uses a online video format,it’s also split into easily manageable sections. I really like the easy-to-follow structure of udemy courses.

Each course also has a question section,you can ask the instructor if you are confused, or need more info.

The better courses on this website also have supporting documentation and course materials, to help you through your course.

The are also closed caption options for videos and a facility to help you take notes, as you go through your course.

Another great feature of udemy is that you can watch the courses through Apple TV and Google Chromecast, straight from your smart phone onto your TV.

So YES Udemy also has an app, available on apple and Android devices.So Udemy is worth it for functionality as well as course structure.See the screen shot below to see how the course structure looks.


Is Udemy Good Is Udemy Worth it – Conclusion

If you really want to learn on a good platform with plenty of variety, this is the platform for you.

When using online learning platforms, you only get what you put into it. Meaning, if you complete all the courses that you start, you will have an enjoyable experience.

You will also learn lots of interesting facts and skills on Udemy.

At the time of writing this article, we are in the midst of a lockdown due to COVID 19. So udemy is definitely worth it, and is a good way to to kill some time.

Maybe you want to learn how to play an instrument, like that guitar your partner bought you for your birthday.

You might want to learn self sufficiency courses. Maybe you want to start an online business, and brush up on the skills or learn new ones.

Whatever you’re into, or whatever your educational level is, udemy is definitely worth checking out.

You can join for FREE,and have a look around below.

Do you want to Start A Profitable Online Business ?

If you want to start a profitable online business, and work from anywhere in the world especially home.

You can find out more information by entering your name and email address below. If you want to make money online and become an entrepreneur, this is the course for you.

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Trafficforme Review

In this trafficforme review, you will learn how you can send, targeted paid traffic to your website landing page. The problem most entrepreneurs and website owners and entrepreneurs have, is getting traffic.

This review will be exploring what they offer, and what kind of people will benefit most from this company. offers this targeted traffic to its customers for a price per click. The main niches that are MLM,M.M.O,BIZOPP and Network marketing. They also have access to to weight loss health and many other niches.

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Who are Trafficforme? is a digital traffic agency based in the USA, in the city of Las Vegas. The company was founded by Harris Fellman. are known as a solo ad broker that approaches people, businesses and entrepreneurs with large email lists.

They will then offer the owner of the list, financial compensation for placing a solo ad broadcast email.

Most people sign up as a buyer of traffic. You can also sign up as a email with provider but they are very specific and careful who they are they will work with.

How Works as traffic buyer

So like I mentioned trafficforme provide solo ads. When you sign up for traffic for me, the simply login to your account.

Once you have logged in you will come to the dashboard section. Just simply follow the steps below.

  1. Specify which market your landing page is aimed at. So you will need to choose which kind niche from the drop down menu. E.g. Bizopp,M.M.O, crypto or six other markets to choose from.
  2. Choose the quality of the traffic that you want.They have starter packages, 100% USA email traffic and super premium email traffic. These can be bought at weekly,biweekly or monthly frequencies.
  3. Fund your campaign by simply using PayPal or your credit debit card. The more traffic you buy from traffic for me, the cheaper the traffic is.
  4. Creating your promo – you will need to create your advert by using a template provided by them, or by creating your own design. You will also add your URL.
  5. Receive your traffic and view the statistics by looking under the stats section of the dashboard.

Main Good points of Trafficforme

Traffic for me monitor all of the clicks that are sent to your promo, if they detect a bot, they will not count that as a click.

They will also detect whereabouts the traffic is coming from, and tracking software. So with traffic for me you always get genuine traffic.

The traffic from this company is also no tier 1, this is for top tier of traffic. Tier 1 traffic is USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

Traffic for me also has a Loyalty Program if you choose the re-occurring billing system when you order.

How Much Does The Traffic Cost?

The traffic on starts at about 50 cents to around 80 cents per click,USD.

To get the cheaper end of the traffic you need to buy lots of it, but the great thing about this site is the starter packs.

The trafficforme starter packs are sold in 200,500,1000,2000,5000 and 10000 click packages.

It’s a similar setup when ordering the super premium and USA only traffic, the more you buy the cheaper it is.

There is no limit to the amount of traffic you can buy, you can just keep buying and buying and buying it.

Does this traffic convert

Because of the traffic that they provide is already pre-qualified, it converts very well. The traffic is also fresh traffic, unlike other solo ad providers that I have used in the past.

Like I mentioned before the traffic on trafficforme genuine tier 1 traffic.

There are many major high ticket affiliate training programs that recommend this traffic.

Legendary marketer is one of those high ticket affiliate training programs. Review Conclusion

I would say that is definitely worth checking out, especially if you have been stung with poor quality traffic in the past.

Everything that they say they’re going to do, it is exactly what you are going to get.

To make this traffic worthwhile, I would certainly consider promoting high ticket offers.

From personal experience solo ads traffic isn’t really worth it with low ticket MLM,BIZOPP,M.M.O,Network Marketing or any other low commission offers.

I would say that doing regular weekly or monthly campaigns, is essential for promoting your affiliate landing pages and offers.If you would like to visit the Trafficforme website,it’s FREE to signup and have a look around.

Just check the link below

Start a profitable online business

If you would like to start a profitable online business,then check out this high ticket training program. Just put your name and email to gain access to this amazing opportunity.You will also get a FREE Ebook in your first email!!!

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Whats Inside The 15 Day Business Builder Challenge

So whats inside the 15 day business builder challenge ? The 15-day business builder challenge is a course by Legendary Marketer. This course is an entry-level affiliate marketing course, that helps you to start a profitable online business.

The 15-day business builder challenge is a part of one of the most powerful training platforms for affiliates. Read the rest of this review to get an overview of what’s actually inside the 15 day business builder challenge by Legendary Marketer.

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Whats inside the 15 day business builder challenge – Introduction

Have you ever wondered how to gain financial freedom online? Affiliate marketing is a well-known business model that enables people to work from home or anywhere in the world.

All you need is a laptop and a smartphone, to start the business builder challenge.I will be showing you what is in the 15 day business builder challenge, so that you know what you are letting yourself in for.

whats inside the 15 day business builder challenge.Dave Sharpe
Dave Sharpe – Motivating at his event

What is the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge?

I have to say that this 15 day business builder Challenge by legendary marketer, is one of the best courses I have ever encountered.Now you might think, that because I am promoting this course, I would be biased.

This is not the case though, because I have been using Legendary Marketer products for years.The training that Legendary Marketer provides, is second to none.

The 15 day business builder challenge and other courses, have helped me grow my affiliate skills on YouTube channel, email Marketing on my blog.

The course does this by guiding you through a, step-by-step 15 day program to your first online sales.

So to put the 15 day business builder challenge into a nutshell, it’s a powerful online business and marketing training tool.

Who is Dave Sharpe?

Dave Sharpe is the founding father of Legendary Marketer and he has as made over $200 million in sales.

He started from a working class background and Dave was also a High School Dropout. Once he discovered the world of online business and affiliate marketing, his life started to improve and it has changed immeasurably.

Dave Sharpe with his family

Dave Sharpe is a entrepreneur and family man, that has created many multi-million dollar companies. His latest and greatest achievement has been Legendary Marketer. online learning course website.

He has tried many of the other poorer cousins of affiliate marketing, such as MLM,NETWORK MARKETING and a myriad of other ventures.After he discovered affiliate marketing,he was pleasantly surprised with its profitability.

whats inside the 15 day business builder challenge?….Continued!!!

So whats inside The 15 Day Business Builder Challenge?

Once you have taken action and joined the 15-day business builder challenge. You will discover day by day video tutorials towards getting paid as an affiliate marketer.

So basically the course gives you the entry level skills that you need to succeed at Affiliate Marketing.

You will also get a one to one business plan consultation, with your business advisor from the Legendary Marketer team.

You will get the affiliate domination formula which includes ad copy, email templates, video and phone scripts.

You will also get access to the Legendary Marketer private Facebook group community, that has over 18000 other students.

whats inside the 15 day business builder challenge.
Laziness will get you know where

Who is this challenge for?

I will start with who this challenge is NOT suitable for. This challenge is definitely not suitable for people who want to get rich quick.

This challenge is not suitable for the metaphorical tyre kicker or Window Shopper.

The 15-day business builder challenge is there for action takers, who want to start a online business that can potentially be life-changing.

This course is for people who have ambition and like to put into action, what they have learned.I will also say that this course has been designed for people who have a good work ethic.

This course is definitely not for lazy people, who think the world owes them something.

It’s for those people who are looking for financial freedom. Think of this course as the entry level for a road-map to success.

This course is for those who are stuck with online business, or those just starting out and who want to know how to move forward.

What you will be getting is a reputable low ticket entry level product, created by actual digital marketers.

There are so many fake gurus selling rubbish courses on the internet on YouTube, so don’t be fooled by those Jokers.

The 15-day business builder challenge is the real deal and you will get a lot of value from this course.

I am really surprised that this course is not in the hundreds of Dollars range. In the past I have bought many courses and spent upwards of $300, and those courses didn’t even have nowhere near as much value and info as this course does.

whats inside the 15 day business builder challenge?….Continued!!!

Is Legendary Marketer a MLM Or Scam?

No! Some people will think that this company is an mlm or scam, but it’s not for a few reasons.

The first reason that legendary marketer is not a scam company, is that there is no pressure to sell the products they provide.

Generally mlm schemes will pressure you to recruit other people, and sell them poor quality products.

Although legendary marketer has a fantastic high ticket affiliate program, the products they provide are all high quality and useful. Sure you can learn how to make $1000 to $10,000 in commissions promoting Legendary,but you don’t have to promote them.

Another point to mention is that the affiliate program has a free option for you to become a member, the team at Legendary will even email your leads for you. You can also download your leads to a 3rd party email marketing platform like Aweber.

Legendary marketer is not a pyramid or mlm scheme, because you simply can’t build a pyramid structure business model with the affiliate program.

They are also very open and honest, and your business advisor is very approachable. Your business advisor can be contacted via email and phone call.

Get the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge Inluded with the Ebook

15-Day Business Builder Challenge Day-By-Day

What’s Inside The 15 Day Business Builder Challenge – Day 1

When you sign up for the 15 day business builder challenge, you will see see the dashboard. You can easily navigate through all of the days on the left-hand side of the screen.

You can also so book a call with your business advisor on the tabs at the top of the screen.

On day 1 you will learn the number one secret to building a high ticket high profit business online.

You will also learn about sales funnels and why websites are not always the best way of making money anymore.

Amazon Associates have just reduced their the commission rates on most products’, so blogging has become even less profitable than it used to be! As of April 2020!

You’ll also learn about the value ladder, and why it’s important to have a value ladder in your business.

Once you have watched the video you can complete your digital marketing assessment quiz.

Don’t forget to schedule your one-on-one business plan call with your advisor!

You can also claim your free bonus scripts and templates.Don’t forget to tune into your wake up legendary calls. You can also use the Aweber share code to import pre-written emails provided by Legendary,if you decide to promote them.

whats inside the 15 day business builder challenge?….Read on!!!

Day 2

On Day 2 you will find out the top 4 successful online business models, and why high ticket products are better.

You will also find out what affiliate marketing is in fine detail and how it works.

David also talks about affiliate marketing in easy-to-understand language for beginners.

He will also talk about the five different things you need to know, before choosing any online business opportunity.

Day 3

As we move on today 3 you will learn how to sell using a power of affiliate marketing, also learning what not to do.

You will also learn how to create an email list, and why you need an email list for your online business.

You will also find out how to setup your funnel, for your affiliate marketing business. This video shows you how to build a Bridge Funnel in less than 30 minutes.

As well as all the valuable content you’ve learned, you will also get to meet the 30 plus person team behind Legendary Marketer in a video.

What’s Inside The 15 Day Business Builder Challenge – Day 4

On day 4 you will learn what your money blueprint is, and how you can change it.

Dave also talks about the best lessons that you can find in rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert kiyosaki. A brilliant book that has the secrets to wealth, and the Millionaire mindset.

You will also fill out the clarity process questionnaire, this will help you a lot in focusing on your goals.

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a highly recommended book in the entrepreneurial world, and you can order a copy from Amazon.

Day 5

Learn about Jay Abraham’s three pillars of Revenue, to grow your business online.

You will also learn why you need a business plan and get 5 questions that will help you get started in creating it.

You will also complete and submit your business plan.

Day 6

You will learn on day 6, about how to be resourceful with money.

How to use haters and people who don’t support your ideas to fuel your business.

You will also get a limited time offer to purchase the business blueprint bundle.This includes the five major programs that legendary offers plus many bonuses, for the price of just one program.

You will also get to hear from real testimonials from real people, who have gone through the Legendary marketer training system.

What’s Inside The 15 Day Business Builder Challenge – Day 7

On day 7 you’ll also get very good advice on when is the right time, to “quit your job and build your business full-time”.

Dave also talks about why patience is the ultimate key To Success in your business and your life.

Day 8

On day 8 you will learn what are high income skills, and why you need them to be successful.

You will also learn why sucking at something, can also be a vital part of creating your online success.

Day 9

In day 9 Dave talks about, “what is lead Generation” on why you need it to build an online business.

You also get lessons learned from Mark Harbert on how to generate leads online.

There is also a section you can complete, “what is your biggest challenge or question around lead Generation?”.

Day 10

On day 10 you will learn what is copy-writing, and also how to grow your business by using it.

Tips learned from Steph Perez about email marketing.

You will also complete: what is your biggest challenge or question about copywriting.

Day 11

On day 11 you will learn why sales and presenting skills are important for your online business.You will also complete: what is your biggest challenge or question around sales and presenting?

Day 12 – What’s Inside The 15 Day Business Builder Challenge

You will learn about the three core income skills, that you will need to outsource when starting an online business.

Would you like to have all your copywriting,lead Generation and other technical set up done for you?

Day 13

On day 13 you will learn how to use other people’s money to start your online business and build it.

Day 14

You get three tips that are really valuable, that will take you from being a wantrepreneur through to a entrepreneur.

Why making long-term commitments to stay focused and persistence, when building your online business are really important.

Even when you feel like giving up and things get really tough.

Day 15

On this final day of the 15 day business builder challenge you will have faith in yourself.

It’s important to believe in yourself, and build on that.You will also need to follow your business plan.

The option for applying for the Legendary marketer affiliate program, is also offered but not compulsory.

In fact you can use the skills that you learn through legendary marketer, and apply them to any niche that you want to promote.

You will also be able to Pat yourself on the back, and be proud of yourself for making it to the last day of the Challenge.

How Much Does The 15 Day Business Builder Challenge Cost?

The 15-day business builder challenge costs less than a cup of coffee, or cheeky snack at your local fast food place.

You can get the 15 day business builder Challenge for $1.99, when you purchase the insider’s guide to affiliate marketing eBook.

Other Legendary Marketer Product’s

Legendary marketer are such a good training company, that they have on vast array of training videos online.

The marketers club has thousands of hours with of amazing training. The traffic University bundle teaches you everything you need to know, about getting traffic from social media and paid ad platforms.

Theres also another entry level product called the copywriters PlayBook. This will help you when writing ad copy and other content.

You will also find some highly advanced training courses on Legendary Marketer.The business blueprint is the ultimate affiliate marketing course. There’s also a coaching and Consulting business blueprint, as well as events and mastermind business blueprints.

super affiliate classroom course.a woman at her laptop learning affiliate marketing techniques

So Now It’s Time to stop wasting money on fake courses and TAKE ACTION!

I hope you have found this review informative and packed with interesting stuff. If you want to learn more,then try the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge for yourself.

There are different ways to access it below;

Thanks for reading and if you want to read more tips and tricks,just visit my homepage

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