Anti Malware software

Malware is a big problem

Malware (wikipedia article) is software that ends up on your Mac or PC, and can cause some serious damage to your personal circumstances and businesses,it is called malware because it has malicious Intent.

In this modern digital world you will need to protect yourself from malware, but what are the reasons that you need to protect yourself?

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Personal data

Your personal data can be bought and sold on the black market and malware can play a part in ruining your life.

Personal data can include your name address date of birth and passwords for websites.

Even worse than this is the fact that your bank details can also be stored on devices and can be stolen by malware.

The best way of not being a victim of malware is to, get some specialist anti malware software.

Anti malware software

Anti-malware software works by scanning your computer including lots of components of your computer, and protect you from your data been stolen and malicious acts.

If you are a business person and like to do everything online, anti malware can save your business from some serious disruptions.

There are billions of dollars worth of company data and money that goes missing due to malware every year around the world.

Protecting yourself is such a necessity these days and cyber attacks or even attracting attention from governments.

Government’s and large businesses as well as small businesses are becoming a target for criminals and fraudsters.

The NHS in Britain was attacked by malware also known as ransomware just a few years ago.

The ransomeware/malware was called wannacry (wikipedia article) and according to wikipeda article over 200,000 across 150 countries.

You can protect yourself by keeping your PC and Mac up-to-date with the updates.

A better option for protecting yourself against malware and ransomware is,to use specialist anti-malware software like Outbyte anti malware software.

Outbyte anti malware software can detect malware that you didn’t even think existed on your PC.

This software keeps you safe online.

Spam emails

You should always be suspicious of emails sent to your inbox.

Do not open anything in your inbox that you did not sign up for, this is because as soon as you open an email or click on a link, it could be spyware or malware or ransomware.

Even my own family have been victims of malware in the past.

My father ended up clicking on spam email link and the picture below shows you the demands that these fraudsters make.

So it’s not just the text savvy younger generation that are at risk of being scammed buy malware and phishing attacks.

The older generation are getting online more and more and a lot more trusting of people and emails they received.

Protect yourself and your business

So the best option is prevention and if you run your own business or you are just a member of the public, just consider how much heartache and trouble that you could find yourself in by being a victim of malware.

How to protect yourself from malware try the software below, it can prevent problems arising in the future.


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