How To Buy And Store Reef Finance Tokens

How to buy and store Reef Finance tokens with this short how to guide. Reef Finance is the latest hot DeFi cryptocurrency token everyone’s talking about. In this short guide, I will cover where you can buy it and the safest way to store it.

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Reef Finance is a ERC20 token at the time of writing this article. Reef Finance is a brand new decentralized finance platform, that will work on the Polkadot ecosystem. This project has started to build up some major interest in the crypto community. This token has so much potential to become a big player in the DeFi industry.

Where can you buy Reef? You can buy Reef tokens on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange and Uniswap.

How To Buy And Store Reef Finance Tokens – Buying Reef!

The best place to buy Reef is on Binance because of the cheap fees they offer. Binance also has many features that other exchanges lack. You can earn interest from many cryptos on Binance as well as staking many tokens in flexible or fixed terms.

Why not buy Reef on Uniswap?

The main problem with using platforms like Uniswap are the fees. A single trade can cost upwards of $50,unlike Binance. Choosing Binance exchange will be the easiest way to buy Reef Finance. Binance accepts funding with bank deposit, crypto or debit cards.


To get the most out of the trading features on Binance, you should use the advanced trading system. You can place market orders for instant purchases, or use limit orders to buy or sell at specific prices. Binance also has margin trading and Launchpad/pool.

Launchpad on Binance allows you to stake coins to earn rewards on new projects. Reef started on Launchpad in 2020 and is now openly traded against many other crypto pairs like Bitcoin and USDT.

Reef Finance has been scrutinized and audited by the Binance team, so you know the fundamentals for the Reef token have been checked.

So how do you store Reef Finance Tokens?

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How To Store Reef Finance Tokens

You can store the cryptocurrency on an Ethereum address. ERC20 versions of tokens can be withdrawn to a hardware wallet like a Ledger Nano S. As long as you have the Ethereum app installed on your ledger. You will then need to add an Ethereum account on your Ledger Live desktop or mobile app. You can use the Ledger nano to safely store Reef tokens by keeping your private keys offline and safe.

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To send your Reef Finance ERC20 tokens from your Ledger Nano S to an exchange, you will need some Ethereum to pay the fees. This can be stored on the same address as your Reef tokens. Ethereum can also be purchased from Binance.

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