Why Bitcoin XRP Ripple Zilliqa & other crypto Will Change The World

Why Will Bitcoin XRP Ripple Zilliqa & Other Cryptocurrencies Change The World? Bitcoin has been around for a decade but why?

In this article I will be explaining how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Zilliqa and XRP Ripple are going to change the world.

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Bitcoin XRP Ripple Zilliqa

20th Century Internet

Ever since the origins of the internet back in the 1960s,the world has been changing. Who would believe that a US military project under the ARPA ( advanced research projects agency),would lead the way to the modern internet.

Advancements in technology like HTML,Java,streaming,email and many of others have changed the way we run our personal and business lives.

Towards the end of the 20th century, the world saw the.com Boom. The internet-based companies,saw massive speculation and technological innovations.

Although there was the.com bubble crash around the year 2000,the strongest and most innovative companies survived. We saw Amazon,ebay and Google gain dominance, by gaining more market share from weaker competitors that failed.

21st Century Internet

The 21st Century Internet has been moving towards the ‘internet of value’ and the ‘Internet of things’. The CEO of Ripple company Brad Garlinghouse talked about the internet of value in 2018,he talks about the use of Blockchain technology and the banking sector. This leads us to think that……

Bitcoin, XRP Ripple and Zilliqa are examples of crypto currencies, that are changing the world of finance and the internet as we know it. Before I carry on,Read this below!

The Great Reset -Bitcoin XRP Ripple Zilliqa

There are some organizations like the World Economic Forum calling for a ‘Great Reset’, and a change to way the worlds financial,political and business practice has on communities and the worlds environment. It is no secret that cash will become obsolete some time in the future. A great reset will always have winners and losers,only time will tell.

The great reset may involve massive changes to our lives. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will revolutionize the 21st century by allowing governments to create a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) to replace cash.

China has been developing a digital Yuan CBDC,you can guarantee that other countries are also racing towards this goal. The countries that don’t utilize this technology will probably be left behind.

We certainly live in interesting times,especially while the 2020 pandemic unravels. Who knows what the future holds. Will crypto be the saving grace of capitalism and innovation? Read on….

Bitcoin XRP Ripple Zilliqa

So where does this leave Bitcoin , XRP Ripple , Zilliqa and other cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin has now gone mainstream,with payment providers like Paypal allowing buying and selling of Bitcoin to the general public. To put Paypal into perspective,they have bought 70% of all Bitcoin in 2020 . This has sent the price skyrocketing in value,while drastically lowering the Bitcoin supply.

The financial institutions,hedge funds and private investors are all getting in on the Bitcoin action. Bitcoin has come a long way from its shady past on the dark web. Bitcoin is now becoming as normal as buying Gold or Shares on the stock exchange.

Bitcoin XRP Ripple Zilliqa

Why Buy Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is seen by many as Digital Gold,a store of value with a limited supply. Bitcoin is also a decentralized and deflationary asset,meaning no one person or entity controls it.

Bitcoin,XRP Ripple and Zilliqa ect can be stored offline on a Ledger Nano S hardware crypto currency wallet. These hardware wallets are USB devices that store your private keys on the device itself,unlike software wallets that can be hacked.

Bitcoin and other cryptos can be bought and sold on exchanges like Coinbase and Bittrex and Binance using cash or other cryptos.

Cryptocurrency custody solutions are offered by Coinbase and read below for a recent developement!

The banks in the USA had the green light to offer Bitcoin and crypto custody solutions by the OCC (The Office of the Comptroller Of The Currency).

Elon Musk and many other top business leaders are buying Bitcoin as part of their treasury balances. Banks,institutions and entrepreneurs are also getting in on the action.

This has been big news for American investors,this also legitimizes the crypto currency space for investors worldwide. Basically Banks will be allowed to store Bitcoin, XRP Ripple and possibly Zilliqa to mention a few.

The price of Bitcoin at the time of writing this article is $17,019

Bitcoin XRP Ripple Zilliqa

Why Buy XRP Ripple?

The XRP Ripple Token has been developed for the banking/financial industry,to allow instant settlement of cross border payments. XRP Ripple does this in around 3 seconds! Unlike Bitcoin that can take hours depending on network congestion.

Basically Ripple is revolutionising the banking sector worldwide,using the XRP Ledger and its software solutions. Did you know that over 90% of the Ripple companies customers are outside the USA!

Ripples technology will also work with Central Bank digital currencies in the future. Ripple has described itself as the ‘Amazon of payments’. Remember the.com bubble survivors Amazon!

At the time of writing this article, XRP Ripple Token is valued at $0.55 each. Many institutions and private investors, feel that xrp ripple tokens are undervalued.

What will be the price of XRP Ripple tokens, if central banks around the world use it? I don’t know the answer to this question,but XRP Ripple tokens could have massive upsides in price. Ripple the company is also funding and working with many projects like The Flare network.

This means the XRP Ripple token will be involved in the defi ( decentralized finance), space along with other use cases being added to the XRP Ledger. On December 12th 2020 XRP Ripple holders can claim FREE Flare’s spark tokens,at a ratio of 1 XRP for 1 Spark.

Currently the company Ripple is navigating a court case brought by the USA government’s SEC (Securities and exchange commission). Trading XRP is being suspended by many exchanges including Coinbase (19th Jan 2021). Who knows what will happen to XRP in the short and long-term!

Bitcoin XRP Ripple Zilliqa

Why buy Zilliqa?

Zilliqa (ZIL) is an interesting crypto currency because of the ecosystem that is being built around it. Zilliqa can also be staked, this is where you can make passive income by staking your tokens.

Zilliqa also has the gZil governance token, that allows you to vote on the ecosystem. Zilliqa is fast and virtually nothing in fees when sending it to other wallets. Zilliqa is constantly developing new projects on its platform. An example is Zilswap,an exchange for swapping zil into other cryptos and vice versa.

Zilliqa is also working in the defi space. The constant developments with Zilliqa are astounding,considering its only been around since 2017. The price of Zilliqa is $0.0247 each at the time of writing of this article.

Why Will Bitcoin XRP Ripple Zilliqa & Other Cryptocurrencies Change The World – Conclusion

Blockchain technology has been around for a decade now. Like the internet started developing in the 1960s, blockchain is set to change the world we live in. A cashless society is possibly around the corner,cryptos are most likely going to facilitate this. Bitcoin zilliqa and xrp Ripple, are examples of the utilisation of blockchain technology.

There are literally over 1000 or more cryptocurrencies, many are total rubbish, but some have the potential to change the world we live in.

If you would like to buy cryptocurrencies. I would highly Bittrex and coinbase exchanges,both are operated in the USA.

Join for Coinbase and Bittrex for FREE. You can use debit/credit cards and bank transfers to buy cryptos like Bitcoin,XRP Ripple and Zilliqa ect.

You can also store your crypto currency offline on a Ledger Nano S hardware crypto currency wallet. This is the safest and most secure way to keep your crypto safe.

Bitcoin XRP Ripple Zilliqa

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This this article is in no way financial advice. Cryptocurrency investing can be highly volatile and risky. Always remember to do your own research and consult your own regulated financial advisor. Also check your local laws to see if it is legal in your country

Some of the links in this article are affiliate referral links. By using the links in this article to purchase cryptocurrency or hardware wallets, you will be helping to support this website.

Thank you for reading my article on Why Bitcoin XRP Ripple Zilliqa & Other Cryptocurrencies Will Change The World #zilliqa #zil #bitcoin #xrp #ripple

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What Is The AIDA model In Advertising,Sales and Marketing ?

There’s something called the AIDA model in the world of advertising and marketing. This is the best kept secret to becoming a success in affiliate marketing, sales, digital marketing and all other forms of advertising. Not many newbie people have heard of the AIDA model, but allow me to explain.

This article has the power to send your sales through the roof and beyond,just by following these simple tips contained in the AIDA model. Are you ready to get the best FREE lesson of your sales and affiliate marketing career ? Ok, let’s begin!

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aida model diagram

Introduction To The AIDA Model

When trying to convince anyone to part with their money, it can be really frustrating to get zero results from your efforts. So you might have spent hours researching and writing blog posts, video scripts and advert text (Ad copy) just to see people turn their nose up at it.

Humans are really fussy creatures and the AIDA model is here to help you improve your writing (copywriting), so you get more sales, leads and results from your content. The AIDA model was created in 1898 by E. St. Elmo Lewis. Its original scientific steps were used to optimize sales calls to customers. The legacy of Mr Lewis is over 100 years old and still being used to this day, so this tells us how important and successful it is. So what does AIDA model stand for ?

AIDA stands for the following;

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

In order to persuade people to buy anything we need to win them over, kind of like flirting. This process of working is used by all successful affiliates, sales, YouTubers, marketers, digital marketers, TV, Radio ect. In short, the AIDA model is the steps a customer goes through when purchasing a product. So let’s start with Attention.

aida model attention

AIDA Model – “Attention”

When we talk about Attention, we are really talking about the catchy headlines that makes you want to click. If you’re a YouTuber it could be a combination of the thumbnail and headline. We basically are wanting the potential customer to click on our content by getting their attention. The look and feel of the graphics and the colors used can also grab peoples attention.

The affiliate and digital marketing world is crowded, so you need to give people a reason to view your content over others. Proven examples of blog and YouTube headlines that grab attention are;

  • How to…………………..
  • Top 10………….
  • The untold truth of …………….
  • They don’t want you to see this……..
  • The Tragic Life of……

The catchy headline can really make a real difference on whether someone clicks on a blog post or advert. Sometimes humor can be a way of catching people’s attention using the AIDA model. You really need to stand out from the crowd while using this tried and tested model of copywriting.

aida model interest

AIDA Model – “Interest”

The Interest phase of the AIDA model is used to tell customers about the product. You need to use language that makes people want to continue reading or watching your content. Getting people interested in products can be done through facts and figures. You must know your product inside and out, so you can create a good basis for the next step, “Desire”.

aida model desire


This phase concentrates on engaging the customers emotions and paint points. You need to give examples on how your product will provide a solution to their needs. Testimonials can be used in this step, testimonials provide social proof. The desire step should be enticing enough to make the customer want to buy the product. Setting time limitations and scarcity can also help to create desire and Action, people hate feeling like they are missing out.

aida model action

AIDA Model “Action”

Once the customer has been aroused to want to purchase the product/service, they must be given a call to action. Examples of a call to action would be “Add to Cart”,”Proceed To Checkout”. It can also be a call to action like “Enter your Email”, when generating email leads. If it’s a Youtube video, you can direct people to click the link in the description.

Sometimes adding a discount or something FREE e,g ebook/gift can entice people to enter the buying process. “Get 50% Off for a limited time only” or “Offer ends today, get yours before they’re all gone”.

Profits can also be maximized in the sales funnel by introducing upsells. Upsells are optional products that customers can add to their shopping cart. Your funnel software will enable this, a popular sales funnel software is Clickfunnels.

Learn more About Copywriting and affiliate marketing

This article is an introduction to the basics, and all the steps work together to guide the customer through the sales process efficiently. So do you get more conversions on your product and content? If you want to learn more about it, you can try the “Copywriters Playbook” (CLICK HERE). This product helps you by giving tips and tricks for creating brilliant copywriting. You will also get loads of extra FREE Bonuses included, on how to make money online and start a successful affiliate marketing business.

You can use copywriting to make amazing content and also make lots of money from affiliate marketing. So don’t miss the Copywriters playbook. Making money online can become a lot easier using the correct formula and training.

Visit my homepage for suggestions on world-class products and training, including facebook ads training, affiliate courses and essential tools for your business.

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Thanks for reading my short blog post on the AIDA model.