Are You Looking For a Youtube Video Download Site? Try This!

A Youtube Video Download can be needed for many reasons. Some people need to download a youtube video for school of college, some people need to download Youtube videos for affiliate marketing as well. Maybe you just want to download your youtube videos for your own channel, I will show you how in this article, it’s really easy.


Before I tell you about this FREE trick that enables you to do a youtube video download, would you like to learn how to make money online? If you ain’t interested in learning the skills to make money online and want to carry on with your boring day job, then skip the next section.

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The secret to making money on Youtube

It’s no secret that Youtube is a great way of spending your time,learning,laughing and doing research. By the way, did you know that some of the top Youtubers make massive amounts of money? YES! Youtubers make money from Google Adsense,you know those adverts that play on their videos, but that’s not their main income source.

Most successful Youtubers use affiliate marketing to make money on their channels. They recommend products and do reviews and make $1000’s in commissions. You can do the same by learning the secrets to Youtube success as well.

The first course will show you how to start an affiliate marketing business using Youtube. It’s been created by a high school dropout who’s made over $200 in affiliate marketing sales. The course will show you the steps you need to take over 15 days. In fact you can do this course in less than 15 days if you want to.

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So now I will show you how you can do a Youtube video download, but first! Just remember that if you download a video from Youtube, you can land yourself in hot water if you reupload it.

Youtube has the right to shutdown your channel for copyright violations, for video and music soundtracks that someone owns the rights to. Intellectual copyright infringement can cause you a real headache, so you have been warned.


How to do a Youtube video download for FREE

This website I will now share with you is . This website allows Youtube video download, along with facebook videos as well. Just simply follow these steps.

  1. Login to your Youtube account
  2. Find a video you want to download
  3. Click the share button
  4. Copy the URL for the Youtube video
  5. Visit
  6. Paste the video URL into the Downvidz URL box
  7. Choose the video format .mp4
  8. Choose the video quality
  9. CLICK Download

The process is really easy and you will be able to do it on smartphone or desktop internet browsers. Some videos may not be able to be downloaded, like Youtube movies you rent to purchase. You can also get FREE software to edit those videos, I have used shotcut to edit my own videos for my own Youtube channel. Just download it for FREE here .


Youtube money Reminder

Like I mentioned before, you want to make money online by using Youtube and various other techniques, just try this course CLICK HERE! The course will turn your Youtube and social media channels into a business.

Thanks for Reading How to do a Youtube video download

If you would like to join me on Youtube then CLICK HERE and check out my tutorial videos. Thanks for reading my short article on how to do a youtube video download. #youtubevideodownload #howtodoayoutubevideodownload #howtodownloadayoutubevideo

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Why Does The Tiktok Money Calculator Mean Nothing?

I am going to let you into a little secret that will blow your mind! Many people are using a Tiktok money calculator to work out Tiktokers and their own potential earnings. The truth is much more about strategy. Let me tell you about the strategy that will help you become a top Tiktoker without wasting your time with a Tiktok Money Calculator.

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Tiktok money calculator

Take Dave’s story for example. Dave used to think Tiktok was some stupid app that his daughter used. Then his friend told him about how much money he was making on it. Dave was curious and sceptical.

He had never heard about anyone making money on Tiktok, he just thought it was full of videos of silly dances and pranks. Then Dave’s friend showed him some startling facts about Tiktok that no Tiktok Money calculator would ever show.

  1. Tiktok has over 800 million users Worldwide
  2. The app has people from all age and financial groups
  3. People are making $1000’s a day from 15 second videos
  4. Companies pay you big commissions for promoting them on Tiktok

Dave’s friend showed him his bank balance. Dave was shocked! Dave’s friend was making $1000 commissions and had amassed a small fortune over the days,weeks and months. Just from this secret strategy he was sharing with him.

Tiktok money calculator

Do This instead of a Tiktok Money Calculator

Now I could waffle on for hours explaining how Dave’s friend made loads of money using Tiktok. By doing that you would probably fall asleep. But I won’t to do that. Because you deserve to know the truth how Dave and his friend did it.

After all, making money online can be fun and rewarding with the right strategy in place. So I will show you how the big Tiktokers don’t use a Tiktok money calculator, they do something different. This method shows you how to reach the maximum number of people and make massive commissions as well.

But Firstly

This secret knowledge is only for people who are action takers. It’s for people who are fed up with their day job and want to become a success. It’s for people who believe in their selves and won’t give up.

Does your boss really annoy you? Do you find trading time for money to be soul crushing? If the answer is YES!

Just imagine being financially free and not having to worry about paying your next bill. Think how it will feel to be able to make money online and get rid of all that debt. If you are up for the challenge and want to learn this secret to success and Tiktok money, just TAKE ACTION.

This secret strategy is way better than having blind hope in a Tiktok Money Calculator. Action based strategies are always the best one’s to take.


Are you ready to learn? If so, just watch Dave’s video below. So you can learn this secret to Tiktok success.

So forget about a Tiktok Money calculator and start your journey to success. #tiktokmoneycalculator

Facebook Affiliate Marketing – Steps To Take For Success!

Facebook Affiliate Marketing can be really tricky to do. The main reason is that Facebook doesn’t like affiliate marketing on it’s platform.

But don’t despair, you can still do affiliate marketing on Facebook, just read on and I will show you how it can be done. Ready?

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Facebook Affiliate Marketing

Step 1:Facebook Affiliate Marketing

The first thing to do is sign up for a Facebook account,it’s FREE and easy to do.I Know what your thinking,”I already have a Facebook account!”.

You will need to create a NEW separate Facebook account,just for doing business.

Once you have created your account,you need to upload a picture of yourself and fill out the details of your profile to make it look professional.

If you have a website and other social media links,place them into your profile.Just try and make your profile look like a real one,share some content on your profile.

If you write blog posts/Youtube videos share them on your page.

I would also recommend uploading a cover photo with your website and social media accounts on it.

You can create graphics with for FREE,it’s super easy to do. Just type in facebook cover photo and add text and images.

Step 2:Setup A Facebook Business Page

Setting up a Facebook business page for affiliate marketing is super easy and FREE. It only takes a few minutes. Doing this is really important!

You will need to add images and info onto your page and make it look appealing.When you have created your page,you will be ready to create,share content and ads with people.

Step 3:Join Affiliate Programs

You will need to join affiliate programs to get product links to promote.Although affiliate marketing on facebook is not directly allowed,

you can funnel people through to a landing page or some content to collect emails and also to sell.

When you create a facebook ad,it will ask for your business/landing page URL.

Facebook Affiliate Marketing

One of the most popular affiliate networks providing products to promote is .There are plenty of other networks to choose from like Maxbounty.

Companies also have their own affiliate programs,just do a Google search or check a companies website. Normally affiliate programs can be found through a link at the bottom of the homepage.

Step 4:Create a Landing Page

You can create a landing page using your wordpress website,aweber landing page,wix,Clickfunnels.

Once you have created a landing page,you can use it to collect email addresses. You can also set the landing page up to divert through to your offer,once they enter their email address.

A landing page should be simple with a call to action. .

Step 5:Facebook ads And Marketing Training

To gain the knowledge to do facebook affiliate marketing,it is essential that you get a training course.

I mentioned before, you can use Facebook ads to drive massive amounts of targeted traffic to your landing pages and content. One of the top facebook affiliate marketing courses out there is Commission Hero.

Facebook Affiliate Marketing

Robby Blanchard is the number 1 affiliate on clickbank, he makes millions of dollars a year promoting clickbank products on facebook.

Robby has created a Facebook affiliate marketing course, that teaches you everything you need to know. You can learn more by clicking the link below.

You can also learn about lots of other affiliate marketing techniques, and start a proper affiliate marketing business by learning the secret to success below.

The courses I have mentioned will put you on the right path with facebook affiliate marketing and other social media platforms.

The courses also cover in fine detail about the steps I have mentioned. Now all you need to do is take action!