Google Stories – The WordPress Plugin

The Google stories wordpress plugin has just been launched in Beta and this could be a game changer for SEO on your website ranking.Instagram and Facebook have had the stories format for some time,and website owners can now create bite size content for promoting their URL’s.

Google are really big on the user experience and it’s no secret that this can affect your website rankings.The great thing about the Google stories wordpress plugin,is that it’s FREE to download and implement on your website in minutes. You can even use your instagram stories and upload them to this plugin.I have created an example below to show you.

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How to get The Google Stories WordPress Plugin

Like I mentioned the Google stories wordpress plugin is FREE and you can Download it HERE.I will show you how to use it in this article and you can get your Google stories online in less than 30 minutes or less.This plugin is still in its beta testing phase but will be rolled out over the next year or two.

  1. Firstly download the plugin
  2. Go to add new plugin
  3. Upload the Google stories Zip file
  4. Install and Activate the plugin

How Do I Create Google Stories?

Once you have the Google Stories WordPress plugin you can reuse your old instagram storys by downloading them and uploading them to the plugin or create new ones. Canva is a useful graphic design website you can use for FREE. Just go to and type in stories into the template search bar.

Once you have found your template or chosen your blank template,you can start adding text and images.There are plenty of FREE stock photos and fonts to choose from.Every time you have created a new story slide,you can keep on building your web story. I would recommend a minimum of 5 story slides to keep things interesting.

Check out my Google Stories Youtube Tutorial

You can check out my youtube channel below.

Once you have made your Google stories slides

When you have completed your story slides in Canva,log into wordpress and hover the stories section on the left.Then you have three options;

  • Dashboard
  • All stories
  • Add New
google stories

You need to click on the “add new” and create your first story. Once in the story editor you can upload your slides on each new story page. You might need to adjust the size to fit,just make sure you don’t put your text too near the edge of the slide,I found it can be half missing. Once you have uploaded all of your slides you will need to choose them from the images panel.

You also need to click the plus symbol to add more slides for your Google stories,see the screenshot above.

Adding a URL To Google Stories

Then you need to add a URL on your slides,I have heard that only one URL per story is allowed.To do this simply select the slide you want to put the URL on,then scroll through the right hand panel in stories plugin. Paste your URL in the link section.See the screen shot below.

Publishing Google Stories

When you have done all of your adjustments and you are ready for the story to go live,you can click publish.You will then get a URL specific to that story,you can post it anywhere. I always use Google Search Console and inspect URL,I then submit the Google Stories URL for Google to index.

You can add stories through the block editor in wordpress to liven up you pages and posts.Google are rolling this format out over the next couple of years and it’s worth taking the time to be ready for it. The Google stories plugin make it easy to create a great user experience,so give it a try.

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