TikTok Money Step By Step

If You want to make TikTok Money,Follow this step by step guide and learn the secret strategy that businesses,brands and affiliate marketers don’t want you to know about.I will walk through what you need to make money on Tiktok and how you can go viral.There are a few things you need to do, so let’s start with step 1.

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TikTok Money

Tiktok Money step 1-Create Tiktok Account

The obvious thing you need to do is download the Tiktok app from Google play or the Apple app store.Then sign up for Tiktok using the app,you can use your mobile number or email to do this,it only take a few minutes and its totally FREE.

If you want to learn the secrets of setting up your profile to make Tiktok money CLICK HERE

Tiktok Money Step 2-setup Instagram

When you want to make tiktok money,you will need two social media accounts, Instagram and Youtube. To setup your instagram account with tiktok,just go to your tiktok profile and click edit profile.Then you will need to link your instagram account,people can now visit your Instagram through Tiktok.

TikTok Money

To make Tiktok money through your Instagram account,you will need to have a landing page connected to you email list/lead magnet. You can also use a service like https://many.link/links to host your affiliate links and landing pages on,this gives you the ability to promote lots of affiliate offers. You then simply copy your many links profile URL and paste it into your Instagram profile as your website URL.

Below is an example of a many links profile

TikTok Money. Use many links to add multiple links to your instagram profile

The screen shot below shows the manylinks URL containing all of your affiliate and website links. If you want to find affiliate offers to promote on your many links profile,you can use Clickbank and Maxbounty affiliate networks.Below is an example of a manylinks profile URL on instagram enabling Tiktok Money to be made.

TikTok Money. Instagram Profile link that allows for multiple affiliate and website links,using manylinks

The great thing about tiktok is that you can also share your tiktok videos on your instagram.So you can make tiktok money from your instagram profile using the same video as on Tiktok. Although Instagram allow sharing of Tiktok videos,it will cut the video down to instagram size formats,so you might lose some text. You can play around with your tiktok video formats and find a winning style that works on tiktok or instagram.

Step 3-Setup Youtube

If you don’t have a Youtube channel,you can set one up very easily in a few minutes for FREE.Link your Youtube channel in your Tiktok profile the same way as your instagram account.

To make Tiktok money through Youtube,you can place affiliate,landing page and eCommerce links in your Youtube video descriptions. you can also link your main shop/website link through your Youtube channel settings.

You can guide people from Tiktok to your Youtube channel videos by creating a promo/teaser video for each video. If you have already gained youtube monetization through adsense,you can make money from having ads on your Youtube videos. The affiliate links in your video description is the quickest way of making Tiktok money.

Step 4-Create Videos

To create videos on Tiktok is very easy and they are in 15 or 60 second lengths. You can use the plus icon to enter video recording mode,see screenshot below.

TikTok Money

When You press this icon you will be taken through to a screen where you can record videos,choose from 15 or 60 second video lengths. When you hold down the red button,tiktok will keep on recording until you release the red button. Below is a screenshot of the record screen functions.

TikTok Money. Link your Instagram and Youtube

Once you have created your videos,you can add text,effects,stickers and sounds to your video.Tiktok videos can become viral even if they are only 15 seconds long,so you can make Tiktok money from short videos. The best Tiktok videos are funny,animals,controversial and dancing.

You can create video content about anything really,if you want to promote your affiliate or products,I would say provide some sort of value that will get people interested in visiting your Instagram or Youtube.

You can make Tiktok Money by sending massive amounts of traffic to your business/affiliate links. There are over 800 million Tiktok Users all around the world,you can tap into this FREE traffic source by learning the viral strategies below.

Hashtags can help you to reach lots of people with certain interests and hobbies on Tiktok,the secret strategy below will show you how to use them to go viral.

Step 5 – Learn The Secret TIKTOK MONEY Strategy

If you want to make some serious Tiktok money,you will need to learn about the secret strategy that has allowed some of the biggest Tiktok users to make millions of dollars all around the world.

You can learn the secret to going viral on Tiktok using #tiktokmoney and various other hashtags like #fyp .If you want to learn how you can learn to use Tiktok to generate leads/sales for your affiliate marketing,eCommerce and businesses,just click the link below to find out more.


Don’t miss out on this limited time opportunity to make some cash from your Tiktok account.

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Philip Morris

Commission Hero Review 2020

Commission Hero is a online training course for affiliate marketers who want to make money online using Facebook.The course has been created by Clickbanks number 1 affiliate marketer Robby Blanchard.Commission Hero is designed so even newbies can make money using Facebook ads,with easy to follow Step by step tutorials.

The course is designed to help you make lots of money online in a short period of time. The course will show you how to make $1000 per day or much more,by teaching you the tricks that made Robby Blanchard the top affiliate marketer on Clickbank.

Clickbank or CB as it’s known,is the largest and most popular affiliate marketplace for digital products. Clickbank also have some physical products like weight loss suppliments and health suppliments. Despite what some people say about clickbank products,there is plenty of money to be made on there.

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Whats Inside commission Hero

This course has been designed for people who have never done affiliate marketing or Facebook ads.I am sure that even more advanced affiliates and entrepreneurs will gain a lot of knowledge from this course. Facebook ads can be quite daunting,even for experienced marketers.

This is where Commission Hero comes in to save the day! As some of you may or may not know Facebook does not like affiliate marketers,Robby teaches you how to set up multiple facebook accounts to help combat your affiliate ads getting you shutdown.

The Commission hero course shows you the same techniques that have helped Robby Blanchard to Make $50,000 in a day and over $250,000 in a week. The course bypassed the BS that most courses teach,and shows you what most other courses won’t. Commission Hero shows you the exact way to kill under performing Facebook ads and scale your winning ads.

When you Join Commission Hero and you are inside,you will gain access to the 3 step formula for success when making affiliate commissions.There are also loads of Done For You landing pages,facebook ads and video lessons for you to follow.This course if by far the best for newbies to affiliate marketing.

You also get exclusive access to the Commission Hero private coaching group,where you can get questions answered and get help and advice.This group of affiliate support each other and share strategies to help you win,and boost your motivation when you feel like giving up.

Commission Hero Million dollar Ad Images:

When joining this course,you will also get access to 20 images that have made Robby Blanchard over a million dollars in sales.These images are also Facebook friendly,so you can use them straight away with your facebook ads.

These million dollar images are also proven to work on Facebook,you can even use these images as inspiration to create your own.

Complete Facebook Super Profits Training System:

This is the Golden Ticket of Facebook Affiliate Marketing. You will get the ad scaling tactics along with how to get more facebook ad accounts.This course also teaches you credit card tricks in your marketing,how to get 25% more sales and how to command higher commissions.

Complete Done-For-You Landing pages:

These Landing Pages have Helped Robby personally make millions on Facebook advertising,he is giving you them as part of his course.They are Clickfunnel easy to install landing pages you can instantly use. If you don’t use Clickfunnels,you can use them as inspiration for your own website landing pages.

The course starts off at a beginner level,so you can understand the Commission Hero course from the start.You will find out how to get the highest click through rate (CTR) on your Facebook ads,and how to find the most profitable niches in affiliate marketing.

This course will also teach you how to build a niche specific Pre-Sell Page and examples of what good one’s look like. Robby Blanchard will show you how to start running Facebook ads on a really small budget,he will then show to how to scale the winners and ditch the losers.

commission hero

Commission Hero 12 Month Money back guarantee

The Commission Hero course is so good,they have a 12 month money back guarantee.This course is the real deal and will give you the skills to succeed with Facebook ads and affiliate marketing,so you can make money online from home.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who want to gain financial freedom and work towards quitting their day job.If you want to watch the FREE training webinar,you can watch it below.


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How to Go Viral and make money on tiktok

You can learn how to go viral and make money on TikTok using the course in this post. The course Will also show you how you can build a online business from home,anywhere in the world from home.The great thing about this course,is that it’s only $1 to join and its full of loads of value,with a Viral TikTok strategy that is making people lots of money. Even if you just want to learn the trick to viral TikTok Success and not make money,its worth every penny! So the first things you’ll need are…..

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how to go viral and make money on tiktok

Things you need To Go Viral and make money on Tiktok

You will need a Instagram and Youtube accounts before entering this TikTok Money course. They will be the way you can monetize your tiktok account.They are free to set up and only take a few minutes to get a basic setup done.

You can use your URL link in your Instagram profile for your Tiktok money offers,Youtube also allows you to place URL’s in a videos description. Once you have created both accounts,you will need offers to promote.

You can find affiliate offers through many different platforms such as ClickBank,Maxbounty or any companies affiliate program. You can also use this method to drive traffic to your website,where you may already have a shop,blog or service you want to promote.

If you don’t have a website,you can still take advantage of this Tiktok Money Making Course. You can use https://many.link/ to host your affiliate marketing or business links.You will also need to have the right mindset to succeed,along with persistence to make what you learn succeed.

how to go viral and make money on tiktok

TikTok Money Viral Course Bonus

You will also get a bonus included when you buy this TikTok Money Making Course with a real world value of $297. The bonus course will walk you through how to build a online business over 15 days. You will start by learning about affiliate marketing and why it’s a top way to make money online,along with some detailed processes when starting a online business.

  • Some of the steps covered in the Bonus Course are
  • How to do a business plan
  • How to build a business in 30 minutes
  • What High Income Skills You Need
  • Lead Generation and copy writing explained

If Your Still Interested In Going Viral to make money on Tiktok

You can gain instant access to this course by Clicking The Button below to guarantee your spot below.But don’t wait around,this is a limited time offer for people who want to to learn how to become successful with affiliate marketing and Making Money on TikTok. Learn how to go viral and make money on TikTok TODAY!

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How To Make Money On TikTok

How to make money on Tiktok is a question many business people and marketers have started asking.When any new platform is created,it becomes a free for all and can be monetized with various steps and techniques. Tiktok is no different and currently has no restrictions placed on the amount of traffic you can get.Yet!!!

How to Make Money on tiktok

So when answering How to make money on Tiktok,we need to firstly look at the statistics.

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Tiktok Stats

Below are some interesting statistics about Tiktok you might want to pay attention to.

  • Tiktok has over 800 million active users worldwide
  • Tiktok is the 2nd most popular app of 2019
  • The app is available in 154 Countries
  • The app has the highest engagement rates per post
  • 400 Million active users in China
  • 119 Million active users in India
  • You can become go viral from just one 15 second video
  • More adults are downloading and using this app
  • More brands are using this app in their marketing
How to Make Money on tiktok

How to make money with Tiktok

The great thing about Tiktok.is that you can link your instagram and Youtube channels to your Tiktok profile. Youtube can be montetized with affiliate/website links and Google adsense. It gets really interesting when you use Instagram,you can set your Instagram profile link to your landing page and collect emails.

You can also do what I do and use services like https://many.link/affiliatemarketingcourses to add multiple links to your products,stores,landing pages and much more.

Tiktok can be used to drive massive amounts of FREE traffic to your Instagram and Youtube. The potential for entrepreneurs,affiliates and businesses is phenomenal.But the truth is! It won’t last forever. Like we see with Instragram,Facebook and Youtube,as soon as you need to buy advertising for your business organic reach is squeezed.

How to Make Money on tiktok

Who Makes The Most Money On TikTok

The stats for Tiktok are astounding and many affiliate marketers and businesses are starting to take notices of the traffic potential.The people who make the most money on Tiktok are the ones who get in early. The Tiktok app in its newest version has been around since 2016 and smart people have been driving traffic and making money.Who makes the most money on Tiktok? Check these Tiktokers below.

  • Charli D’Amelio makes $48,000 per post
  • Loren Gray makes $42,000 Per Post
  • Zach King $41,000 Per Post
  • Riyaz Afreen $35,000 Per Post

So your now scratching your head and wondering how can I make money from Tiktok?Allow me to let you in on the secret formula for success with Tiktok.I have found a secret strategy that has helped many affiliate marketers and business owners to make literally millions over night.

If you want to learn more about this secret Tiktok strategy techniques and learn how to make money on Tiktok,watch this video below and be amazed.

Thanks for reading my short blog post on how to make money on Tiktok.Visit my home page and social media profiles below for some FREE tips and tricks.

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How to make money on tiktok
Philip Morris

how to make money on tiktok hack

How to make money on tiktok. TikTok is a new app that has become extremely popular all around the world. There are literally millions of users making and consuming videos on this app. The trending hashtags and various other features like viral sounds can help you boost your video rankings.

There are also plenty of people who are making money on TikTok,if you want to learn how you can get massive success and drive leads to your landing page,heres what you do.

  1. Download TikTok and create a FREE account
  2. Link your Youtube and Instagram accounts
  3. Make sure your instagram profile link has store,landing page or service
  4. Make a TikTok Videos and drive traffic to your Youtube and Instagram

How to make money on tiktok! It sounds simple,but there’s actually a trick to gaining followers,views and getting those leads/sales. You can find out how to make money on TikTok by following the link below.

Learn how to make money on TikTok and get 15 Second Leads CLICK HERE

So what are you waiting for? Learn how to make money on TikTok with your smartphone from home.

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