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Udimi courses here.If you want to learn how to use Udimi, I will show you how with this short Udimi Courses guide to using solo ads.

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If you want to know how to build an email list for affiliate marketing,read on.….

The first thing you need to do is build a landing page on your website.

Landing pages are there for you to send your customers to recieve an offer in exchange for emails. You might offer your customers a free eBook or webinar, in exchange for the email address.

Landing pages have an email opt in form for collecting names and email addresses. You can do this by using Aweber opt in forms, just simply create your form and copy the HTML or JavaScript, then paste it into an HTML box in your WordPress article or web page.

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how to build an email list for affiliate marketing continued…..


Once you have your landing page setup and published, you won’t need to send traffic to populate your email list.

The easiest way to do this is by using solo ads. Solo ads are adverts that I bought from people with large email lists.

The two main companies that I use and that I recommend are;

Udimi Solo ads and Trafficforme

There are lots of other solo ad providers that claim to be genuine, but from my own personal experience a lot of these providers are just scams.

Udimi and Trafficforme are genuine solo ad providers that work with big business to help you create massive email lists for a reasonable price.

The average price of a solenoid can be around the $0.50 per visit. As you can see by the low price offered buy solo and providers on these two platforms, it is a very cost-effective way of building your email list.

The potential for selling to your email list at such a low cost, truly phenomenal. You can potentially make thousands from an email list, over and over again.

Just sign up for both of these providers for free, and explore their platforms.

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How to build an email list for affiliate marketing read on…..


The first thing you will need to do is choose what kind of traffic you want!

Choosing the right kind of traffic for your offers and niche, I will come down to location of customer and the niche they are most likely to be interested in.

The main tears of traffic are top tier, which is USA UK Canada and English speaking countries.

The lower tier traffic are from developing countries and non-english speaking peoples. This is because the Western countries have higher disposable income on average.

Generally the niches from Hollywood providers on sellers are broken down into different categories.

Biz opp,weightloss,health and fitness,dating,self development are just a few to mention.


A free method of sending traffic to your landing page, is by using YouTube videos.

Just make a video and upload it to YouTube talking about your products and services and offering a free taster product.

You can then add a link to your landing page in the description of your YouTube video.

This method works best when you are already established on YouTube.So this only works when your YouTube channel is getting a lot of coverage on the homepage or under certain niches.

Using YouTube is a great free tool but using solo ads is better because it is a quicker method.

Paying for solo ads or website traffic is just a cold hard truth of being in business in the online world.


Pinterest is also a great way of driving traffic to your landing page, and building your email list.

All you need to do is create quality pins (images) and place the link to your landing page in the website URL section when posting.

YouTube and Pinterest show up in Google Search results. So these are great free ways of building your email list by getting free traffic.

Like I mentioned before solo ads are the best and quickest way of building your email list.


So to conclude the subject of how to build an email list for affiliate marketing, you only need to use various methods to do this.

The fastest and easiest way to do this is using solo ads. People on the internet will try to sell you pre-made email lists, or try to rent you email lists on their database, do not do this or you will be labelled as a spammer.

Building an email list should be thought of as building an asset for your online business. If you build an email list the correct way you can make lots of money by re targeting your email list over and over again.


In order to be successful at affiliate marketing,you will need a WordPress website on a web hosting service.

Hostgator provides cheap web hosting with support for WordPress. Simply click the link below and join Hostgator,then sign into the customer portal,then Cpanel and click install wordpress.

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Thanks for reading this short article about Udimi courses, these techniques can be used for any online business or location-based business.

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Super Affiliate Classroom Course

Super Affiliate Classroom Course.If you want to learn affiliate marketing,you will need some professional training.This is where the Super Affiliate Classroom Course comes in.This is a course that goes through the essential skills to become a super affiliate marketer.You can’t go wrong when your learning from top industry professionals.

Learn all aspects of affiliate marketing with easy to follow online videos and step by step tutorials.The Super Affiliate classroom course if one of the best online affiliate marketing training courses EVER!!

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Super affiliate classroom course.A woman sat at her laptop learning about affiliate marketing

Super Affiliate Classroom Course – Introduction

The super affiliate classroom course was created by Paul Nicholls. Paul Nicholls this course by finding out techniques that actually work with affiliate marketing.

The course is separated into 21 step-by-step videos, that show you all aspects of building email lists, getting traffic, organising your campaigns and much more.

Amazingly you can learn all the skills you need to get you started in affiliate marketing the super affiliate classroom course.

Click the above link and watch Paul Nicholl’s introduction video,to learn more about the course content.

Loads of extra affiliate training included

The great thing i noticed about this course, is that you get lots of extra content included in the price.In fact you get $2000 of content and training videos for a fraction of that.

Paul has loads of step by step instructional videos in the members area of his website,these a valuable lessons in affiliate marketing,

This extra training is really useful, when learning about the affiliate marketing industry.The different training videos are grouped into various different menus, e.g Traffic,video marketing,product creation ect ect.

super affiliate classroom course.a woman at her laptop learning affiliate marketing techniques

Affiliate marketing secrets

The one thing that I noticed about this course, that no other courses cover, is the amount of tips that I would never have found out on my own.

All of the videos have a unique training Style, that combines traditional affiliate marketing methods, we’ve never seen before techniques.Paul goes through paid and FREE traffic methods,that can have high conversions with small amounts of traffic.

You need this affiliate course – It’s value is phenomenal

This course has so much content, it will truly take you weeks to work through all of the lessons.The bonus training extras are literally hours worth of content,designed to help you in all aspects of affiliate marketing.

I have used many other affiliate marketing courses in the past, but none of them as intense and packed with so much content, as ‘The Super Affiliate Classroom’ course.

The super affiliate classroom has techniques that are evergreen in the changing world of affiliate marketing.

Paul will teach you how to build your email list in the correct way, as well as techniques to retarget unopened emails,amongst other more advanced knowledge.

super affiliate classroom course.money growing

Tap into the $6.8 billion Affiliate Marketing industry?

learning the skills in this will allow you to, tap into the 6.8 billion dollar affiliate marketing industry.

There are affiliates online right this minute, making tens of thousands of dollars a day.

Selling other people’s products for a commission. If you choose affiliate products with massive high ticket commissions, you can use the techniques in this course to make Fortunes.

I won’t lie to you,you will need to put some hard work into your business. because training will give you the skills you need to succeed.

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get a blog – the super affiliate classroom course

I know what you’re thinking! You’ve explored blogging before I thought about it. To you, it sounds like such a ball ache to create a blog.

But it really is quite easy to do.All you need is web hosting and WordPress. Your web hosting will only cost you a small amount each month.

I personally use HostGator web hosting, it’s less than $3 a month and super reliable.

The customer service is 24/7 365 days a year.They can be reached by email chat and telephone at any time, day or night.

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The thing is,you really do need a blog to create and promote your products and create you landing pages.You can also get FREE traffic from Google search results as well,so its a win win situation.

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