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I have the ultimate email marketing solutions for your online business needs in this blog.You can create beautifully crafted emails with images,youtube videos and fonts to create email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing is the process of writing creative emails, for the purpose of creating interest in a product or service.Email marketing is done by Email autoresponders like Aweber.This service is a cheap and professional service to create email marketing to take your business to the next level.Your audience will be under your spell as you send out email marketing for providing solutions to their needs.

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What is email marketing

Since the dawn of the internet, there has been email services and email marketing.

Any modern business needs to build an email list and market to that list.

The great thing about email Marketing, is that you can reach massive amounts of people for a very small cost.

Because email Marketing is so important in modern day business, it is important to build a large email list of potential customers.

How to build a business email list

In order to build an email list of potential customers and clients, you will need create an opt-in form for your landing page.

Once you have created an opt-in form by using service like Aweber, you will then need to build your email list.

If your website has large amounts of traffic you may or may not have an email list building up as we speak.

There is a faster way of building an email list for your business

Read on…………

How to build a business email list fast

The fastest way of building an email list is by using a service known as solo ads.

There are internet entrepreneurs that have built up millions or tens of thousands of emails.

These owners of email lists have potential customers from every niche available online today.

Solo ads offer a cheap and easy way to drive traffic to your landing page and opt in form.

Buying and renting email lists is a big no no, this is because the big tech firms like Google and Microsoft,and the big autoresponder companies like Aweber ect, can detect email lists that have been raided by such businesses.

How to build an email list using solo ads

There are many companies out there claiming to be premium solo ad providers, but the truth is that there are only two major players worth checking out in my opinion.

Udimi and Trafficforme are industry leaders in providing solo ad traffic, for building your email list in a fast and efficient manner.

Solo ads are an affordable way of build large email lists of potential customers,fans and clients in the modern age.

I have found from experience that a $120 solo ad for 300 clicks, will have an opt-in of around 100 to 120 to your email list.

How to build an email optin form

In order to build an email opt-in form that links through to your email list, you will need to create and install this form on your landing page.I use Aweber to create online forms for collecting emails on a website.You will need a form linked to your autoresponder in order to build an email list for email marketing.

Aweber allows you to build opt-in forms in HTML and JavaScript with various designs,there are plenty of templates to choose from.

You simply copy and paste the cold from the opt-in form, into your HTML widget or WordPress site page.

Now everytime I customer that is being sent to your landing page from your solo ads, will fill in their name address and any other information, and automatically be added to your email list when they click the submit button.

It’s really that simple…….

Solo ad traffic + Landing page optin form = Email list

How to give people an incentive to signup to your email list

To entice people into giving you the email address, name and other data, you can give them something for free.

The best way of offering free stuff for building an email list, can be a free eBook, free trial or a discount code.

People love getting something for free, they really like your product or service, they are more likely to sign up once they are hooked.

We see this practice with internet marketers on YouTube,adverts,websites and on blogs.

How to use an email list

An email list can be used to build trust and rapport with potential customers.

The first email that you send from your autoresponder, will be a welcome email with a link to some free content.

Free content ideas can also include webinars and tutorials.

Creating email marketing that stands out

Modern email autoresponders like Aweber allow you to create really stunning personalised emails.

Aweber is great because you can change font colours, Styles and size.

You can also embed photographs and YouTube videos.

Adding links to your emails is very easy.

Learn how to become a master of Social media advertising by….

Social media advertising courses

If you want to learn how to create social media adverts to sell your products and affiliate products, you can sign up for the super affiliate system.

This course can teach you how to make 6 and 7 figures a year, through social media advertising.

This course is ideal for affiliate marketers and business professionals who want to increase their sales through social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Affiliate marketing courses

If you want to learn digital and affiliate marketing,there are some great courses to choose from.

Easy to follow online courses created by marketing professionals,you can learn about how to build landing pages,automate emails and lots more.

The courses contain video tutorials with step by step instructions on how to achieve each step of the way.

Clickbank University and Affilorama are the two leading affiliate/digital marketing courses.

To Join Clickbank University CLICK HERE!!

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How to make a 6 figure income

You can make a six figure income by learning ‘The Super Affiliate System’.You can learn how to make a 6 figure income through leveraging social media marketing.Learn more HERE!!!

How to make a 6 figure income.Imagine having a life where you would never have to worry about having no money.

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There are some people in the world that don’t have to worry about financial burdens.

Because in this day and age, there are people who are internet entrepreneurs they make 6 figure incomes every year.

Internet entrepreneurs can work from anywhere in the world, all they need is a smartphone and or a laptop.

They put in some work at the beginning and reap the rewards passively, over and over again.

Continue reading…..

How to they make 6 and 7 figure incomes?

Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is not a new concept at all, it’s been around for quite some time now.

Because affiliate marketing is so lucrative, the internet was it’s next evolution.

Basically affiliate marketing is taking a company’s products or services, then promoting those products and services on blogs and websites.

Everytime someone clicks on a link to your affiliate products, you can get a commission of up to 90% or more.

How can companies give such high commissions?

Companies that provide products and services can give such high commissions, because they do what’s called upselling.

Upselling is the practice of trying to offer a customer more Extras on their purchase.

Who can do Affiliate marketing?

Anyone can become an affiliate marketer, like I mentioned before, all you need is a laptop smartphone and internet connection.

Just imagine sitting on a beach while the money keeps on rolling In to your bank account.

How great would it be to have so much money, that you could do whatever you wanted I’m not have to worry about your bills.

The only thing you would need to worry about is which holiday you was going to go on next

How do Affiliates make so much money?

Affiliate marketers and internet entrepreneurs can make lots of money, by using something we are all very familiar with.

Read on….

Social media advertising

You will be familiar with social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.

These social media platforms are excellent ways of advertising.

Have you ever noticed that in your news feed you will see sponsored posts and advertisements?

The adverts are specially crafted to appeal to your interests and demographics.

Many people have tried Facebook ads and failed miserably, they even end up owing hundreds of thousands of Dollars to Facebook or any other social media platform.

How can we make social media ads work?

If you want to be successful at anything in life, you will need training to benefit from this life-changing opportunity.

I have something very special for you today, this training course that im about to reveal to you can be truly life changing.

You could be able to make 6 and 7 figures by learning the top secrets of an affiliate expert, by leveraging social media advertising.

To learn more about this amazing training opportunity, by clicking the link below you will receive a free taste of this training.
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Successful Entrepreneur

The successful entrepreneur Imagine sitting in the tropical sunshine on a beach with the waves gently lapping on the shoreline.

You have your gin and tonic primed and ready, you look at the clear Crystal blue waters that invite you in.

Then you go for a swim in the sea, the warm Waters of the Pacific Ocean soothe and caress your body.

You think back to the time when you couldn’t even afford a loaf of bread,a tear gently runs down your cheek remembering those days.

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Do you want to make money online and find the secrets and become a successful entrepreneur?

Success was never easy in the beginning, you heard a Million Voices constantly pulling you in every Direction.

Because you wanted success and you really wanted it that bad, you will tried anything and everything to succeed in life and business.

The only reason you wanted financial freedom, was to be able to spend more time with your friends and family, and watch your kids, nephews and nieces grow up in comfort.

Then you woke up from that Dream, frustrated and disappointed that you never took the chance.

Continue reading……..

Successful entrepreneur’s know one thing

Successful entrepreneurs have an advantage, over people who do not make it in the business world.

A successful entrepreneur will know that knowledge is power, because you can learn to do anything in life and business,if you just try.

There is a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips by using the internet.

Failing is part of the success process for entrepreneurs, the difference between entrepreneurs and the rest of people, is that they never give up on their dreams.

You can learn how to be a successful entrepreneur by taking action and learning all the skills that you need to succeed online.

Free training and courses are an essential part of the entrepreneurs success.

Do you really want it?

A lot of people say that they want to be successful at something, but never take action.

You need to take action right this minute and become the person you deserve to be, I financially free and successful entrepreneur.

Affiliate marketing is an industry that is worth billions, because the entrepreneurs that take part in this industry all know the truth…..

The truth about affiliate marketing and online business is this……..

They all started just like you with little on zero knowledge!

The Successful entrepreneur made a decision to take training and do plenty of research and Reading.

So how bad do you really want this?

You have a decision to make that will affect the rest of your life.

Just like on the film The Matrix with the red pill and the blue pill

If you want to make a success of yourself stop sitting on the couch watching soap operas and whining about how your life is or how poor you are, because you can change your life right this minute with a simple step and…….

Social media is everywhere

So now I have your attention, and you have decided to take the red pill and fulfill your true potential.

Nearly everyone on the planet uses social media, this is because we are all curious creatures.

We like to listen,watch and read the stories on our news feeds from our friends and family.

You may or may not have noticed, that’s your news feed will have advertisements in them.

The successful entrepreneur will create adverts for Facebook and many other social media platforms.

These adverts can be photos, videos and text. Adverts on social media or targeted buy people’s interests and demographics.

Lots of entrepreneurial people try social media advertising and fail miserably, sometimes they have hundreds of thousands of Dollars of debt in their advertising accounts.

It can bring even the hardiest entrepreneur to tears, knowing that their advertising efforts on social media have not converted into sales.

I have a solution for you…….

There are many courses for learning your entrepreneurial skills online today.

I have found a course that will change your opinion of social media advertising.

You can learn the skills that will enable you to Leverage social media advertising.

The link below will take you to one of the internet’s most successful social media affiliate marketers of the early 21st century.

His course can enable you to make 6 and 7 figure incomes per year.He earns over $10,000 per day selling other peoples products.

You cannot afford to throw away this chance of a lifetime, by signing up you will received some free training to give you a taste!!

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You could always take the blue pill and go back to your life of 9 to 5

Because life is an adventure, we shouldn’t have to be a Slave to the wage.

Live your life and be free!!

Start your new career as an affiliate marketer, and become one of the top 4% earners

Your worth it!!!!

Remember to join now,there are limited spaces on this course,this knowledge is very powerful.


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Social Media Trends 2019

Social media trends

It is really important to find out what trends are happening online, and on social media. Social media trends can be researched for free.

You can search social media trends and other online search terms by using Google Trends.

Google Trends is a free tool provided by Google, you can find out the search volume of keywords topics and other fundamental data online.

Most of the social media platforms also have technical data for you to look at Facebook,instagram,pinterest and other social media platforms all have insights.

You can look at social media trends by upgrading your social Media account to a business account,

most of the time this is free and the insights can be accessed for free as well.

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Why search social media trends 2019

If you want to create an online business or promote other people’s products on Facebook and all other platforms, you will need all the targeting data possible.

Targeting data includes;

Demographics (gender,age ect)

Search terms/keywords

Country (USA,UK)

Once you have searched Google Trends and checked out insights,

it will give you lots of data that you can use to target your Facebook ads.

Google Trends can also show you if it’s a downtrend or an uptrend, and which countries are searching for those terms.

Social media trends 2019 and 2020

The rise of using video as a medium for marketing has gain massive popularity over the years 2019 and will be leading into 2020.

If you can identify an uptrend on a certain subject,

you can create videos using your smartphone or home movie studio,

and take advantage of the trend by marketing your products and services.

Facebook has allowed videos for many years now, Instagram allows short videos to a minute,

Pinterest has started allowing videos to be uploaded as long as they are under 2 gigabyte.

These social media platforms are there for you to take advantage of, most of all they are free.

Did you know that YouTube has millions of people if not billions that search for solutions and problems everyday.

If you use all of the tools like Google Trends and insights, you can take advantage im getting to the market before anybody else does.

To take advantage of social media advertising and the trends that are happening on these platforms, you will need 2 get some social media advertising training


Social media advertising course

The super affiliate and entrepreneur John crestani, has created the super affiliate system course.

This course teaches you everything that you need to know to create online adverts fourth social media platforms.

John creates massive wealth and earns millions of Dollars a year promoting affiliate products online.

Whether your niche is health, wealth or happiness,

beauty products,cryptocurrency,financial, travel or any other niche,

you can take advantage of upcoming trends by taking the super affiliate system course.

Below is a message from John Crestini

To Join this Super Affiliate System,checkout the FREE training John offers by CLICKING THE LINK BELOW

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Ubersuggest Research Tool

Neil Patel is a successful entrepreneur and mentor, who has helped millions of people on Youtube and his website.His latest and greatest addition to his excellence in providing value to the affiliate marketing and business community world is Ubersuggest.

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Ubersuggest is a FREE tool on Neil’s website that allows it’s user to search for keywords,so you can analyse the SEO rank of keywords and search volume.

Ubersuggest detects keywords on domains

The other great feature of Ubersuggest is the domain data that you can get for FREE from competitors domains.

You can find out what keywords a domain is using and ranking for,this can help people in many ways,giving a blogger or entrepreneur the inspiration and aim in the right direction for creating content that can be seen on Google search results.

There are a lot of paid tools around these days,but a FREE tool like Ubersuggest can be a breath of fresh air.

Neil Patel’s Youtube

Neil Patel’s youtube channel has loads of great content for you to explore,it’s helped me a lot of the last couple of years.

It’s great finding people online who are all about value and content.

The best way of learning affiliate marketing is through knowledge and TAKING ACTION!!

I thought i’d share Ubersuggest with you,because it’s useful to have a FREE tool that can help so many people.

Super Affiliate System Training course

John Crestini has created an online course that teaches you how to use Facebook and social media advertising, to help you make 6 and 7 figure incomes.

You can become a super affiliate by doing a really great training course from John Crestani by CLICKING the link below.

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Affiliate Marketing Tips

I have plenty of blogs with some helpful tips, just click the link below and you can explore some of the basics you will need to know.


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social media advertising how to

You will learn how to leverage paid traffic training to make massive affiliate commissions online.People are talking about John’s Course in Forbes magazine and he’s has gone viral making his students into a 6 and 7 figures income super affiliate.
John teaches about lots of cold and hot traffic methods and this video is his NBC News interview.

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Become a super affiliate

Join Johns social media advertsing how to course (Super Affiliate System) and learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing and how to make a six figure income from home or anywhere you want in the world.Click below to start your marketing super affiliate system training course.

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The most important thing for you to do is TAKE ACTION and start your online business today.Paid traffic is an essential part of any online business and passive income idea.
Affiliate marketing training with John crestani with be much easier with his super affiliate system.

social media advertising how to course can make you business boom

Marketing can be a daunting journey and it is easy to get lost in the make money online space.
John shows people how to make their passive income ideas come into life and start actually making passive income and how to make money online.
John also offers FREE training to get you going,it’s really worth looking at his FREE training to give you a taste of his course below

Super affiliate system – Social media advertising how to course

How to get Facebook ads approved

Facebook has billions of users and you can make lots of conversions on your affiliate products, when you use Facebook advertising.How to get your facebook ads approved by following simple steps.Over recent years they have become very strict about what they will allow an affiliate marketer and business to promote on their platform, with good reason.If you are serious about learning how to make money through Facebook ads,then try the ultimate affiliate marketing course Commission Hero .The 3-Step Profit System can help you.

Read this short article and find out how to get your facebook ads approved.It doesn’t matter is your adverts are weight loss,make money online or any other niche.You can find out how to get your facebook ads approved.Its easy when you know how!!!!

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How to get ads approved in Facebook

You need to choose images that don’t have a lot of text on them.You also can’t use images that can offend people e.g Obese people,suffering of people/animals or violent images etc….

If your image has text on it, it should not be more than 20% of the image.There is a tool in the creative hub section of the Facebook ads manager.

Misleading information or fake information/news

How to get your facebook ads approved can be tricky depending on your niche.Your ad cannot be misleading or fraudulent with fake claims.Facebook have been strict because of those immoral affiliate marketers and companies have been taking advantage of people viewing ads.

Facebook users can report dodgy (scam) adverts, and its just not worth being caught up in mess of rubbish and misleading adverts.If you make false or elaborate claims about a product without being able to back it up, you will be banned from Facebook advertising.

how to request manual review facebook ad

In order to get your Facebook ad approved you will need to choose your words and images very carefully.Facebook has a duty of care by looking after its users on its platform.Sometimes your adverts will get stuck in review status in ads manager.Click this link below to manually have your advert approved by Facebook.

why do my facebook ads keep getting rejected

Facebook ads can be rejected if you don’t keep your ads to a tried and tested format.If you want to treat Facebook advertising like a business then take it seriously.Don’t go in gun ho,you will end up being barred from Facebook ads. Because me when I say they will ban you, they will can you if you put misleading ad copy and images in your Facebook ads.

If you want to learn how to get your facebook ads approved,try the Commission Hero Course by Clickbanks Number 1 Affiliate Robby Blanchard.A note of caution, If you keep on making the same mistakes, they will block your advertising account on Facebook completely.

(Game Over man)

how to find out why facebook ad not approved

Tweak and make changes to adverts to get them approved.It’s all about testing your adverts and staying within Facebook guidelines. The main reasons Facebook ads are not approved are offensive or misleading images,ad copy or headlines. Try playing around with them until you get approved,you can also use the link I provided for a manual review if your ads get stuck in Review,this is quicker.

  • First try different images
  • Try different ad copy
  • Try different ad healines

Above is another example of another approved facebook ad

why you shouldn’t direct link on facebook ads

You should not be Direct linking your affiliate links in your Facebook ads, this is because Facebook does not allow this anymore.Build a landing page, and insert your affiliate links on your landing page or email your affiliate offers once you have their email.This will allow you to promote your landing page on your Facebook adverts.

Linking to pages with low quality content or no meaningful content can also cause your facebook ads to be rejected.If you landing page has malicious or illegal content,you will also get rejected or even banned.

Example of an approved ad

The above screenshot is a perfect example of how to get your facebook ads approved, within the weight loss niche.The photograph in the advert is compliant and promotes a healthy lifestyle, the use of open loop psychology in the ad copy and the headline.

What open loop does is create a sense of curiosity for the reader of the ad, to click the link to find out more about the product you are promoting.

Facebook ads take a few days to become optimised

Once your Facebook ad has been approved, it can take a few days for your advert to be optimised by Facebook.So patience is really important within the first few days of launching an ad campaign.You should also try multiple different ads within your ad set.

Creating audiences

I bet you didn’t know that you could import your email list, to your FB audiences in the Facebook ads manager.You can even create lookalike audiences that will look at your current email list, and match up your list with other Facebook members with similar interests.

It is well worth looking into this feature in the Facebook ads manager, creating audiences and lookalike audiences from your email list, can help targeting the right people to view your adverts.

Never give up on How to get your facebook ads approved

It can be frustrating when you are trying to do facebook ads,because you can easily get it wrong and have your ads rejected.Trial and error can be the only way to get it right,but do too many errors and rejected ads and your Facebook ads account can frozen.

If you keeps on trying,you will learn How to get your facebook ads approved,but a course can help!!! Because I care about your progression READ BELOW……………

Commission Hero – The ultimate Facebook Affiliate ads course

how to get facebook ads approved

If you really want to to become a super affiliate and learn how to make lots of money from Facebook ads,then try Commission Hero.This 3-Step System course is designed for people who want to learn all of the profit making tricks when using Facebook Ads.

The course can be done at any level from beginner to advanced,if you want to make money online using Facebook then TRY the FREE Webinar at


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Anti Malware software

Malware is a big problem

Malware (wikipedia article) is software that ends up on your Mac or PC, and can cause some serious damage to your personal circumstances and businesses,it is called malware because it has malicious Intent.

In this modern digital world you will need to protect yourself from malware, but what are the reasons that you need to protect yourself?

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Personal data

Your personal data can be bought and sold on the black market and malware can play a part in ruining your life.

Personal data can include your name address date of birth and passwords for websites.

Even worse than this is the fact that your bank details can also be stored on devices and can be stolen by malware.

The best way of not being a victim of malware is to, get some specialist anti malware software.

Anti malware software

Anti-malware software works by scanning your computer including lots of components of your computer, and protect you from your data been stolen and malicious acts.

If you are a business person and like to do everything online, anti malware can save your business from some serious disruptions.

There are billions of dollars worth of company data and money that goes missing due to malware every year around the world.

Protecting yourself is such a necessity these days and cyber attacks or even attracting attention from governments.

Government’s and large businesses as well as small businesses are becoming a target for criminals and fraudsters.

The NHS in Britain was attacked by malware also known as ransomware just a few years ago.

The ransomeware/malware was called wannacry (wikipedia article) and according to wikipeda article over 200,000 across 150 countries.

You can protect yourself by keeping your PC and Mac up-to-date with the updates.

A better option for protecting yourself against malware and ransomware is,to use specialist anti-malware software like Outbyte anti malware software.

Outbyte anti malware software can detect malware that you didn’t even think existed on your PC.

This software keeps you safe online.

Spam emails

You should always be suspicious of emails sent to your inbox.

Do not open anything in your inbox that you did not sign up for, this is because as soon as you open an email or click on a link, it could be spyware or malware or ransomware.

Even my own family have been victims of malware in the past.

My father ended up clicking on spam email link and the picture below shows you the demands that these fraudsters make.

So it’s not just the text savvy younger generation that are at risk of being scammed buy malware and phishing attacks.

The older generation are getting online more and more and a lot more trusting of people and emails they received.

Protect yourself and your business

So the best option is prevention and if you run your own business or you are just a member of the public, just consider how much heartache and trouble that you could find yourself in by being a victim of malware.

How to protect yourself from malware try the software below, it can prevent problems arising in the future.


Affiliate marketing courses

If you want to become an affiliate marketer and become financially independent, or maybe you just want to earn a little extra money per month.

Then try affiliate marketing courses and tools by clicking the link below

If you I found this article interesting then please feel free to share with friends family and colleagues.

Thank you for reading this article and make sure that you stay safe online!