Weightloss tips

You are looking to get in shape and live a healthy and productive life, weight loss can help you improve everything.

The great thing about weight loss is that you will enjoy more confidence, and you will also enjoy looking good and feeling good.

You can get increased concentration and more energy, you will have a better mood and you will be able to tackle any task.

There are many different ways of losing weight in the world these days.

The keto diet is among one of the more popular ones, there are also many popular self-help groups like Weight Watchers and Slimming World.

If you want to become a healthy and be a vibrant go getter! You can take certain steps in the right direction.

In this blog post I will go through a few different tips for losing weight.

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Weightloss Tip 1 exercise

Get outside and take a walk or you can join a sports team. Walking has been proven to be great for the body, as well as the mind.

A walk in the countryside is great and you can go to plenty of really nice places to visit for FREE!

I would highly recommend downloading Meetup app for your phone, there are lots of sports activities and group walks around your local areas on there.

Once you have joined meet up, you can also create your own groups for a small annual fee.

You can pay for the group fee by charging group members a small yearly charge of 5 or $10.

Get in touch with sports societies and teams in your local area.

Apart from getting fit by doing a sport, there is also a social side to Sports activities.

You can make friends and business contacts but I joining a sports Society.

There are loads of different sports to choose from like American football, soccer, martial arts and tennis to mention just a few.

Try joining the gym or try an online gym like Beach body on demand for a 7 day FREE TRIAL exclusive for USA and Canadian citizens.

Weightloss tip 2 Diet

There are lots of diets out there to choose from.

It has long been proven that the high protein high vegetable based diet is a lot healthier than a high carb diet.

A Keto diet is one such diet that can help turn your body into a fat burning machine.

The basics of keto diets are low or zero carb, high protein, high veg and high fat.

Fat replaces the carbs for energy in a keto diet, this change encourages your own fat cells to be used as energy.

A mediterranean-style diet is also worth checking out.

If you have a partner and kids, you can cook healthy meals for everybody.

It becomes a lot more interesting and exciting when all of the family are involved in healthy eating.

Lean meats are great tasting and healthy like breast. Lamb and beef are really healthy in moderation.

Fish is also a really great way to find a high source of protein for your diet.

Oily fish like mackerel and Herring have high amounts of omega-3 fats that are essential for a healthy nervous system and heart.

Weight loss tip 3 treats

Everybody knows that fast food and takeaway are the fastest way to pilling on the pounds.

Eating sugary foods like soda and doughnuts and other tasty treats can make you feel bloated and put strain on your internal organs.

Diabetes is one of the biggest Killers and is linked to obesity.

If you want to have tasty treats then just keep them to once a week, you can also trade unhealthy treats for healthy treats like fruit and dried nuts.

Instead of having highly processed takeaway foods, try healthier lean meat grilled and low carb options.

I was chatting to a personal trainer quite some time ago, I was explaining my love of kebabs and takeaway food in general.

He was talking about how just by cutting out the bread (carbs) element, and replacing the bread with lots of vegetables and tasty treats like hummus, you can transform what would have been an unhealthy meal into a healthy meal.

Weightloss tip 4 Medical help

Your doctor and health service are willing to help you with losing weight.

Medical professionals are trained in human physiology and can refer you to nutritionists and other specialists.

Weightloss tip 5 Suppliments

There are plenty of suppliments for helping you lose weight.

If you combine a healthy lifestyle and some good suppliments,you can make losing weight easier.

Suppliments like Bioleptin and Slimtone are popular brands of weightloss aids.

They can help you burn fat and lose weight,so you feel healthier and look good.

Red tea has some great health benefits and is packed with vitamin C and other essential nutrients.Its also caffine free and can promote sleep.

The myriad of health benefits of red tea can help you live a healthier lifestyle.

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If you want to change your financial health,you can learn how to make money online by monetizing your blogs and youtube videos.

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How to get rich quick

Have you ever wondered how entrepreneurs can become so wealthy and how to get rich quick using the internet?

I am not always comfortable using the term get rich quick.

Because a lot of scam artists use this terminology when talking to people, with promises of Riches for a small investment.

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How to Get rich quick

What I am talking about is a legitimate way of learning how to make money online from affiliate marketing.

There are many ways to start affiliate marketing!

Why people fail at affiliate marketing

People fail at affiliate marketing because they give up too easily, or they choose a really difficult road without knowing how to get results.

The hard way of doing affiliate marketing,is by learning Everything by trial and error. This can take many many years to master, with lots of costly mistakes.

Common mistakes that amateurs and beginners do are things like;

Spamming youtube videos

Spamming social media

Sending uninvited messages through social media or email.

Getting their email address or website marked as spam or untrustworthy.

The list goes on and on of mistakes when you are a beginner.

The easy way of learning affiliate marketing is by joining a course that teaches you in fine detail, everything you need to know about affiliate marketing.

There are various courses out there for people who are have a keen interest in entrepreneurship and affiliate marketing.


When you go to college and learn your degree and various subjects, you will pay tuition (college) fees.

It’s a similar situation when it comes to learning entrepreneurial skills like affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing courses start from 50 Bucks, all the way up to thousands of Dollars.

What’s the difference between college education and entrepreneurial education?

College education and school education prepares you to become an employee.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, because we all need to pay our bills and earn some money.

Trading time for money is the way it has been since the dawn of time.

What your boss is doing, is leveraging you to complete a bigger task of running his or her company or organisation.

If we want to get on in life we do need a certain level of education like reading and writing, a lot of the other subjects that you will learn may possibly benefit, or not be useful in later life.

Entrepreneurial courses teach you how to become your own boss, how exciting is that!

You can learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing courses from anywhere in the world.

Affiliate marketing business model is so great because all you need is a smartphone or laptop.

You can write blogs or produce videos reviewing explaining or solving problems for people, and get paid a commission.

Being your own boss allows you to make money and even become very rich in the process.

There are different ways of making money with affiliate marketing, I have mentioned blogs and videos like the ones you see on YouTube.

You can also build a website with a landing page and get an opt-in form for collecting personal details like name email and mobile phone number.

Once you have a person’s email address you can then email offers reviews and newsletters out to your email list.

If you don’t want to build a website you can just place banner ads on popular websites or create Google and Bing ads, that will drive customers directly to your affiliate link.

You are really better off collecting emails because this is your asset in affiliate marketing.

If you have an email list of tens of thousands of people or even millions of people, this can be worth Fortunes in potential sales opportunities.

Entrepreneurial courses – How to get rich quick

So what are the best courses to learn affiliate marketing and entrepreneurial skills?

Many years ago I signed up for clickbank university and affilorama, these two courses taught me all about the steps needed to succeed online.

I have found really that it comes down to your overall mindset whether or not you will succeed.

So many people give up before they have cracked the code to affiliate marketing.

Knowledge is power and you will need to gain as much knowledge, experience and guidance as possible.

Social media advertising can be a really difficult skill to master,because you need to know the right way to do things.

The Super Affiliate System teaches you how to create and leverage facebook adverts and make massive six figure income online.Click the link below for more info

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Audio books

Audiobooks and podcast are very useful in learning technical knowledge and personal development, to improve your mindset for the business world.

At the time of writing this blog todate, I have bought over 50 audiobooks from audible.

Some of these audio books are about affiliate marketing, advertising and website traffic methods.

Order audiobooks from audible about mindset.

One of my favourite books for improving mindset is by Dan lok, this book is called f u money.

Another audiobook which I found really useful is by Grant cardone, called sell or be sold.

The list of really useful audio books on Audible will keep you occupied for years to come.

Every year there are hundreds if not thousands of audiobooks released on Audible, if you are not as good at reading, audio books are a great way of gaining knowledge.

I quite often listen to audiobooks in my van when I am on long journeys.


Ebooks are also a really useful way of learning technical information for business and online subjects like affiliate marketing.

Google Play has plenty of these ebooks for sale for just a couple of Dollars.

Amazon also has the Kindle bookstore which is a really good resource as well, you can get a 30 day free trial for Kindle unlimited.


The most traditional way to learn about any technical subject, is to read a good old-fashioned book.

Books are great reference materials, it’s obvious they don’t need batteries and they are highly portable most of the time.

Like audiobooks and ebooks they covered every subject you can possibly think of.

Products to promote

The products you promote will reflect upon your name as a blogger and affiliate marketer.

You will want to promote and write about products that you believe in,products that are in line with your ethical and moral fibre.

There are many different niches that you can use in affiliate marketing.

Weight loss

Health and fitness





The list goes on and on, there is a niche for every potential customer.


Mindset is really important when you want to become an entrepreneur. You need to concentrate on creating a better version of yourself.

Self belief and self development are key principles to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

If you are moving between lots of different money making ideas and schemes, STOP!

Becoming successful involves starting a project, developing the project, and following it through right to the end.

Although you can get rich quick, you should be focusing on The Long Game.

Taking time and accuracy in your endeavours.


A combination of online affiliate marketing/business courses and other media you can learn anything you want in this modern age.

The only way you can make a change in your life is to take action!

Making the decision to start your entrepreneurial journey comes down to you.

No one ever said it is going to be easy and getting rich quick can be achievable, if you start your journey now.

If you learn all the tools and knowledge that you need to succeed in affiliate marketing, you can have the potential to earn massive amounts of money online.

Like I said previously, all the knowledge is out there, for you to take the bull by the horns metaphorically speaking.

You can learn everything you need to know from all of the sources that I have mentioned, this doesn’t mean you have to give up your day job.

Building an online business can be done as a part-time venture, while you are working.

If you want to build a better life for you and your family, why not start today and learn some brilliant skills.

The skills and knowledge that you will learn from an online course from affilorama or clickbank university, will give you transferable skills to many other parts of your life or career.

Subjects worth learning about

If you want to take the path to becoming wealthy, both financially and from a knowledge Point of View.

You can learn about the following subjects;

WordPress (website/blogging builder)

Website SEO

Blog SEO

Affiliate marketing networks

Web hosting services

Website traffic methods

Affiliate marketing

SEO Keywords

The list just goes on and on so make a start today and start learning everything you need.


Instant gratification must be delayed with affiliate marketing and entrepreneurship.

Although you can make lots of money quite quickly and with affiliate marketing, you must gain the knowledge and techniques to do well in this industry.

So patience is a virtue and delayed gratification is a necessity until you have the true knowledge to succeed in the fully affiliate marketing.


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how to add no follow affiliate links to your blog and website


If you have just read the headline above, you may or may not know what it means,rel=”nofollow” is important.

When you write a blog and you are trying to monetize that blog, you will want to add affiliate links.

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After all the affiliate links allow you to get commissions from sales.

Not a lot of people know this, but search engine algorithms don’t like paid links.

It can affect your SEO for your website and blogs by having paid links.

Everytime you add a page link to a blog you are giving away authority to your website, and possibly sending people to untrusted links and sites.

The way round this is by using, rel=”nofollow” after every affiliate link, with a space between the final character of your link at the end.


<a href="signin.php" rel="nofollow">sign in</a>

So get your peerfly, clickbank and maxbounty links ect, and add the above-mentioned tag to the end of your affiliate links making sure you leave a space.

Rel=”nofollow” is added in html editor

You can only enter this code in the HTML EDITOR in WordPress,DO NOT ENTER I THE NORMAL LINK in the visual EDITOR,it won’t WORK.

If you have already written all your blogs it will be a little tedious, to add this tag at the end of every affiliate link.

The reality is that you will need to do this to improve your SEO score.

I have heard of plugins that you can get, that can make the job a little easier, but spending a little time adding this tag to the end of your links can be a time to check and tweak your content.

Google and wikipedia explains how to use this tag in more detail.

In some blog posts you may have dozens of affiliate links, if you don’t have the rel=”nofollow” you will get penalised.

The whole idea of adding nofollow tags to your affiliate links, or that they show that you are keeping authority for your own website.

Tip – Get the Google Chrome extension nofollow, this plugin for Google Chrome will help you by highlighting nofollow links in red.

Now let’s say you linked to Google or Apple website or any other big well-respected website.

You will not need to add tags to these links, because they are well respected websites and you as a Blog writer or expected to build links to other websites with a good authority.

I quite often link through to websites because they have a good authority online.

So remember to use rel=”nofollow” on your paid links to improve your tanking in Google.

Blog length matters

In this case size really does matter, your blog should be at least 1500 to 2000 words long.

Google likes blog content that is informative and valuable.

You can answer a question in 5 words or less or more or even less, but the job of a good writer is to right a detailed and quality blog article.

How boring would it be to just answer questions in just a few words.

It doesn’t matter what keywords you use when you are writing your blog, if your blog is not long enough or has enough detail for Google to consider as quality content.

Blog images

There are some great websites with plenty of stock images on the internet.

Shutterstock, iStock and pixabay are great places to find images.

Pixabay is great because there are lots of free images for you to use, that are royalty free and you can use for business purposes.

Shutterstock and iStock have a lot more higher quality images that are available to buy.

When you are starting out writing blogs and doing affiliate marketing projects, I would recommend pixabay to start with.

You should always have at least one good quality image on your blog to keep it interesting.

Having images on your blog can also affect the SEO rating.

Google search console also builds sitemaps based on the images on your blog/site.

Add social media links

Google also likes you to share your blog posts on social media, this can directly influence your SEO ranking done Google.

She’s always a good idea to add links to your blogs for your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media platforms.

If you get engagement through social media, this will help your website to rank better and you will also get more visitors to your website for free.

Backlinks help

Backlinks or links to your website that are on other people’s websites.

Building backlinks is definitely something that you need to consider.

Can be done by guest posting four organisations, like the Huffington Post, Forbes and any other guest blogging website.You can also sign up as a contributer for HARO (Help a Reporter Out),this service connects journalists and people with professional knowledge.

Beware of websites offering you paid backlinks to your content.

This can have a negative effect on your SEO rating.

This is the equivalent of paying for likes or views on your social media platforms, it is frowned upon and you can end up paying the consequences.

If you are a YouTuber you should also include links to your YouTube videos on your blog posts, especially if you have videos directly relating to what you are talking about.

Affiliate marketing training courses

If you would like to learn how to do affiliate marketing with an online course, then try clickbank University, affilorama and affiliate tuber courses.

If you would like to learn how to create a profitable blog website,then try Income Schools Proect 24 by clinking link below;



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Tube Buddy Youtube SEO tools

If you are a writer of content, or you are a business and you are looking for opportunities to reach the masses.Youtube tube buddy helps this to be the place to be!Imagine that you have access to billions of customers for free!YouTube has cornered the market in video content on the internet.Every smartphone, games console, Smart TV, laptop and Google Chromecast user has access to YouTube.There are many other devices that can stream video content from YouTube.This is great traffic and it’s so easy to get started, you really only need a Smartphone to do basic YouTube videos.The greatest thing about Youtube traffic is……….IT’S FREE!!!

There are apps that you can download from Google Play and the app store to edit your video content as well.You can be your own TV channel by using YouTube by creating video content.Doing YouTube videos can be a bit scary when you first start, but with a little bit of planning and some determination you can create a professional looking video.There are loads of free softwares and tutorials on the internet that can get your business loads of visitors.This is where Youtube tube buddy comes in.

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Youtube – Tube Buddy gets you views

Tubebuddy is a really useful keyword and SEO tool to get your YouTube videos to the top of search results.I use this plug-in myself and it’s a Google Chrome plug-in that allows you to do research into the best keywords, and best practices that you need to do in order to get your videos noticed on YouTube.

Why am I not getting views on Youtube ?

The main reason you are not getting views on your YouTube videos and YouTube channel and general, is because you need to use keywords that are easier to rank for.The keyword suggestion tool and the overall keyword tool in tubebuddy, can help you find keywords that not everybody else is using.

How to use Youtube Tube buddy

I have done a short tutorial on my Youtube channel CLICK HERE to view it.Remember to like,subscribe,comment and share the video and this info.

Affiliate training courses

If you want to learn all the online skills that you need to succeed, try these courses below.Clickbank University, affilorama and affiliate tuber are all designed to show you step by step everything you need to do to become successful at affiliate marketing.All you have to do is take action!!


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How to sell affiliate products

How to sell affiliate products.Selling affiliate products or telling people to buy your affiliate products never works.

If someone came up to you in the street and said “buy this can of Coke” or “come to my restaurant it’s really good”, what would you say to them?

They have basically invaded your space and made a Demand on you and your money.

Believe me when I say no one likes to be told what to do!!!!

This is because you need to provide valuable and informative content.

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Sales process

In traditional sales processes you would introduce yourself, find the wants and needs of the prospective buyer, introduce a product or service, and then you would close the deal.

You need to find out what people want, so that you can write your articles with a view to closing your deals, example; provide a solution to a problem that the customer has.

“Barry wants to find a web hosting service for his car sales business website”.

Valuable content

You need to create valuable content, this can be achieved by providing a genuine solution to a real world problem.

So rather than trying to sell people things, you can go about your blogging or vlogging in a different way.

That’s why you see lot of blogs about the “top 10 best of”, or ” the best places to visit in (location)”.

This approach of providing valuable reading exsperiences, creates rapport with your audience.

That’s why a lot of blogs are reviews of products or services, with good as well as bad points of products,services or anything inbetween.

People will be searching the internet using search engines like Google or Bing, in order to find a solution or information.

This is great because you can insert your affiliate links, into a blog posts in a quite covert Way.

You will not be putting pressure on the reader of your blog, or the viewer your video by trying to SELL!

After all, as an affiliate marketer your main Duty is to write great content.

Most people don’t realise this and that’s why they fail.

The selling is done by the company

Once you have sent the potential customer to the affiliate offer,it’s then the companies duty to sell the product.

This is normally done by using a well written article or video infomercial.

Good articles are reviews of certain niches,a good honest review is more likely to retain a reader than a selling pitch that sounds like a used car sales person! (Only one previous owner guvnah!)

Quality always sells

Always Remember that are good quality products will always sell theirselves!

I remember many years ago when I used to work in a thrift (secondhand) store selling furniture,people would come into the shop and spot an item.

When they spotted a piece of furniture that they really liked, I never had to sell it to them.

They had made the decision to buy the item of furniture or antique, before I had even opened my mouth to speak.

So don’t talk yourself out of a sale,let the company sell the item.

Always build a email list

Always collect a customers email address name and phone number, so that you can send follow up emails or SMS in the future.

Your biggest asset in online business including affiliate marketing is your email list.

Email lists are the best way of sending out newsletters and product reviews etc.

Your website for blog should at least have an opt-in box for collecting names and emails.

From experience the best way to build an email list quickly and efficiently, is to use solo ads!

There are lots of companies and websites out there that claim to be genuine, a lot of these companies are not genuine.

The main to genuine companies I have found that really do work in building email lists are Trafficforme and Udimi.

Trafficforme has a comprehensive high quality database of emails from top converting target audiences from the USA, UK and other English speaking countries.

The traffic that you will get from trafficforme is premium email traffic, this is reflected in the price.

Udimi is also a solo ad provider and has some great sellers on there with good quality email lists, for all types of business opportunities and niches.

I have found that udimi is a little cheaper than traffic for me, but I have also had great results from udimi.

If you are not using an email autoresponder to collect your email list and create your opt-in forms, try Aweber.

You can create some fantastic emails to send to your email list, with a brilliant drag and drop system for building emails and adding your affiliate links with Aweber.


The best thing to do if you are unsure about anything is to learn about the subject you are stuck on.

It doesn’t take a genius to understand that knowledge is power and you must investing your own knowledge base.

So where do you start with gaining your knowledge?

Books are a great way of learning if you are patient enough to find the right books and love reading.

I am severely dyslexic so I find that reading can be a real struggle for me, so I choose to watch YouTube videos and listen to audiobooks.

Also like to join online courses and find the video content a lot more useful and easier to remember than written word in books.

Learning about affiliate marketing

I signed up for clickbank university many years ago, I found this course really good.

It taught me a lot about the technical side of things, I also read a lot of books and listen to a lot of audiobooks, on the creative side of things.

I also found that affilorama was a great course as well, both clickbank University and affilorama had step-by-step videos teaching me everything I needed to know.


thank you for reading this short blog and if you have found the information useful, then please share with friends, family and colleagues.

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Why Facebook is the biggest business opportunity

Facebook is a social Media platform that everyone in the world is familiar with.

The creators of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg designed a sophisticated platform for sharing photographs and personal data.

Facebook is highly addictive, this is probably because of their constant news feed and design layout.

The business end of Facebook is great because you can create your own like/fan pages.

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social network facebook

Facebook business pages

Once you have created your own page in Facebook, you can then post your own products and website pages onto it.

You can then promote your posts and choose specific keywords to target specific interests and demographics.

The posts that you promote will show up in people’s news feeds as sponsored posts.

A great thing about this form of advertising, is that they look and blending very naturally with posts from friends and family.

Google loves Facebook and social media

Google search engine loves it when you share your blog and website content, onto Facebook and other social media platforms.

Another great reason why Facebook is so good for your search rankings, is that you will be getting genuine visitors to your page.

Viral marketing

Social media platforms like Facebook enable viral marketing.

If a post captures the public’s imagination, it can get millions or even billions of viewers.

After all there are about 2 billion users using the Facebook platform.

Brand awareness

FB is a great way of creating brand awareness for your website and service.

For many years I ran a small delivery service and my Facebook page got me the most work.

People come directly engage with your company by messaging you, or by sharing your services to their friends and family.

Multi generational demographics

In recent years the older generation Who were traditionally not tech-savvy, have embraced Facebook.

Your mum your dad, your Grandad and Grandma are all probably on Facebook these days.

This makes Facebook a really great place to share ideas and content from your website.

The advertising costs are very cheap as well,you can run effective facebook ads for just a couple of hundred dollars.

Affiliate marketing training courses

If you want to learn how to harness the power of Facebook and social media platforms,you can join some online courses.

Clickbank University,Affilorama and AffiliateTuber are a great start.

If you want to read the rest of my blogs,then click the link below.

If you have found this blog useful,then please share with friends,family and colleagues.

If you want a really useful blog full of tools for online business,try the link below for some great online tools and software

Alternative social media platforms for business

There are many other social media platforms that are just as useful and user-friendly as Facebook.

Pinterest,Snapchat, Instagram and LinkedIn or just a few to mention.
Let’s start with Pinterest!


Pinterest is a graphical search engine that allows users to upload graphical images,
Once you have uploaded your Image you can add hashtags and a description and title to your pin,
the most important feature of Pinterest is that you can add links to your blog posts.

Pinterest has become massive with blogger and bloggers, this is because you can share YouTube videos, as pins on Pinterest.
If you combine tailwind with your Pinterest account, you can use Pinterest tribes.

A Pinterest tribe allows you to upload your own pins to the tribe, in exchange for them sharing your pins, you must share other uses pens from the tribe.
This can create massive growth in views and followers on Pinterest, another great feature of tailwind is the smart loop function.

Smart loop function allows you to continuously repost your old pins as new pins in a schedule.

Pinterest pins will show up in Google Search results and this is a fantastic opportunity for you to get more traffic from organic searches.

In many ways Pinterest is similar to Instagram.

Instagram is a great place to share your photographs and graphic designs.
The main difference with Instagram from Pinterest, is that on Pinterest you only get a link to your URL on your profile page only.

Instagram has lots of uses and there is a lot of potential for getting your ideas out there.

You can use Instagram to create brand awareness with the general public. Instagram is also very user-friendly with hashtags, you can get a lot of momentum if you post your photographs with very popular hashtags like “ #photooftheday ” and other popular hashtags.

Instagram is owned by Facebook so you can combine the two in your advertising campaigns and brand awareness.

LinkedIn is a social network that business people love to use when networking with others in certain Industries.

When I went to the 2019 Manchester business Expo, lots of business people who I spoke to asked me if I was on LinkedIn, it seemed very important to the business people that LinkedIn was a great way to network and keep in touch with people they have met at seminars and business events.
All of the social media platforms generally allow you to create adverts and just like Facebook you can do this for a very reasonable price.

The best affiliate traffic sources

So what is the best affiliate traffic sources including other online businesses?


The USA gross domestic product was $20.5 trillion in 2018,compared to the UK GDP of £2.8 ($3.1) trillion.So the best traffic would be the wealthiest economy of the western world,the USA.

U.S. average disposable income comes out to $3,258 per person per month


The above reference is from the US new paper The Washington post,as you can see the americans have a large expendable income, if we compare this to China’s $731 per month.

So as affiliate marketers we need to be marketing our products and services to the USA to make maximum income.

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The best affiliate traffic sources

The traffic methods below are the main online methods for affiliate traffic.

  1. Pay-Per-Click Advertising. …
  2. Social Media Advertising. …
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO Marketing) …
  4. Social Media Marketing. …
  5. Contextual Advertising. …
  6. Native Advertising. …
  7. Display Advertising. …
  8. Email Advertising.

PPC (Pay per click) advertising

Pay per click advertising is were you bid on keywords to do with your niche.

Providers of PPC are companies like Google and Bing along with many other search engine providers.

PPC advertising can be very expensive, this is due to the cost of certain keywords because of the competition in the market.

The good points of PPC advertising are the amount of traffic you can potentially get.

Google gets tens of millions of searches per day, these people are looking for solutions to their problems.

According to Wordstream.com, the following cost of keywords are;

Insurance = $54.91 per click

Loans = $44.28 per click

Mortgage = $47.12 per click

Attorney = $47.07 per click

So you can see this form of advertising can be very expensive.

Social media advertising

This can be a lot cheaper than PPC advertising.

Different social media platforms are priced differently.

The cost of financial keywords can be as little as $3.77 but the average cost of a click on facebook is $1.86 according to fitssmallbusiness.com.

The advantages of social media, are the addictive nature of these platforms.

Sponsored posts come up in a person’s newsfeed, and blend in very well to a person’s interests and hobbies.

SEO (Search engine optimization)

There is no substitute for doing SEO on your blog and website.

SEO helps your website pages get organic search traffic through Google and other search engines.

Keywords and also long tail keywords can be researched using keyword research tools like KWfinder.

You can also get an SEO company or professional to get your website to the top of search results.

A great SEO tip for writing blogs is this;

Make sure your blogs are at least 2000 words long, most blogs that rank on the first page of Google or at least 2000 words long.

Google likes good quality content that you can read easily and has plenty of information.

Writing your articles around a key phrase/keyword will improve your SEO score.

You will also need to use your key phrase in your heading for your post, and also your subheadings and headings.

Like I mentioned in my other post,make sure that your affiliate links are “nofollow” example

rel=”nofollow” after every affiliate link.

If you are trying to find keywords for your YouTube videos tubebuddy is definitely the way to go.

Email advertising

If you haven’t been building an email list then you need to start right now.

You should have a email autoresponder like AWeber with a series of automated emails building trust and rapport with your email list.

If you want to build your email list fast, you can install an opt-in form on a landing page on your website.

You can do this using AWeber by creating an optin form and copying the HTML code onto your landing page.

Once you have your landing page set up, you can then use solo ads to buy clicks for the kind of industries that you are promoting.

Udimi and Trafficforme are the top providers of Solo ads.

Don’t be fooled by cheap solo ad providers, the cheap solo ad providers are just not very good quality.



So by using a combination of the mentioned traffic methods, you can target for USA and UK customers with large expendable incomes.

It all depends on your budget and what you are aiming to achieve.

Are you aiming for brand awareness or visitors to your website and blog?

The choice is yours and only you can take action!

Affiliate training programs

If you would like to become an affiliate marketer or would like to learn about traffic methods, then why not try an online course from clickbank university and Affilorama.


Thank you for reading this short blog post, if you have found this information useful, please share with friends, family and colleagues.

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How to become a guest blogger

How to become a guest blogger.If you have ever wondered how to get your blog up the search rankings, you will need to have backlinks.

affiliatemarketingcourses.net are looking for creative guest bloggers to contribute blog content.

If you have knowledge and skills in SEO affiliate marketing web design or any other online entrepreneurial skills, then drop me an email with your proposal.

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Wordpress logo.How to become a guest blogger.

How to become a guest blogger Now!

You can get your blog/website URL on this website for free, this consists of a backlink to boost your own site.

The only the criteria for doing this is that you put our url on your blog website for free.

As long as your content is honest and not scammy or misleading you will be accepted.

I don’t know how long I will be running this free offer, but you are welcome to drop me an email with full name and address and email address and blog idea.

Email me at affiliatemarketingcourses@hotmail.com with your blog proposal.

Affiliate marketing training

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing,try a course from Clickbank University,Affilorama or AffiliateTuber

Thanks for reading this short post.If you find this info useful please share with friends,family and colleagues.

So now you know how to become a guest blogger.

If you want to rank on google

Check out the rest of my blogs at the link below,there are loads of great tips and tricks for you to learn.Like how to build an email list from scratch and how to build a profitable niche website.

Thankyou for reading – How to become a guest blogger

Thanks for reading this short article on how to become a guest blogger.You can also signup for HARO (HELP A REPORTER OUT),this will help you to build backlinks to your website by providing answers to journalist’s questions.

Make money how ?

Make money how,there are lots of ways to make money online.

There are lots of ways of making money online such as trading the financial markets, dropshipping and a myriad of many other methods.

Affiliate marketing and blogging or a match made in Heaven.

When you write a blog that you are passionate about, there are lots of ways to monetize your content.

You can make money by writing blogs and get paid for it.

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If you join Fiverr,you can set yourself up as a freelance blog writer.

You can also use any skill you have to make money from, this can be from audio editing,creating videos,editing videos or providing professional services right to any other skill you may have.

Make money how

You can also write blogs for yourself, you can monetize your blogs by adding affiliate links.

If you are writing about your favorite subjects in your blog posts, you can join many affiliate networks that have offers relating to your content.

Maxbounty, peerfly and clickbank all have offers for products services, that your readers will be interested in.

You can also create YouTube videos that link through to your affiliate offers and blogs in the videos description.

The great thing about affiliate marketing is, that you can start small and build up to success.

Affiliate marketers are really just content creators, writers would be a better description if you do blogging.

Creating video content these days is very easy compared to just even just a few years ago.

You can create your blogs and tie them through to your YouTube videos.

How many people do you know including yourself, that search YouTube for solutions to problems.

Solutions may be cooking recipes, weight loss techniques, reviews about products and services, or any other thing that you can think of.

Who can write blogs

Anyone in the world can write blogs, it doesn’t matter what nationality, culture, gender or sexuality.

There are niches and blogs that meet all and every interest on the planet.

It is so easy to write a blog these days, you may have a passion or a hobby that you want to explore and write about.

Making money online can be a by-product of this passion.

Why wait,take action and start now!

So what are you waiting for?

Start writing about your favourite subjects and niches, try some of the affiliate networks mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Affiliate marketing training courses

You can also learn all the skills necessary to become an affiliate marketer, by using a online course that teaches you all the skills you need to succeed.

Clickbank University, affilorama and affiliate tuber are just a few to mention.

If you would like to read the rest of my blogs just click the link below, if you have family information in the show blog useful, then please do share with friends family and work colleagues.


Thank you for Reading my article and always remember, if you want anything in life you need to take action!

Youtube musicians

If you are a musician or a band, and you are aspiring to get your music out there, you can use the skills that affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs use.These skills are totally transferable to your music career.

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Legendary marketer

If you want to learn the secrets of marketing that affiliate marketers use on a daily basis,you can join a training program called Legendary Marketer.This course will teach you all of the marketing traffic and techniques you will need in the Marketers club Membership.

The first introduction course is called the ’15 Day Business Builder Challenge’,this course teaches you the basics of starting a online business.The skills that Legendary can be transferred into promoting you music and collecting Fan email’s and building your own following.

To try this course and learn a new skill that might make you some money as well,just click the link below.

Join the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge

Build an email list

You will want to build email lists by collecting fan emails and using an autoresponder.

A great way of collecting large emails is using Solo ads try the links below


You will need to set up a email capture page to collect the fan emails from solo ads.

Getting traffic to your Facebook, Band website or any other conent like on YouTube, can be achieved by the online skills you can learn.

I am a musician and I understand how frustrating it can be to get your music seen by other people.I am also a youtube musician and it can be hard to make an impact.

Social media is also a great way of advertising your band, and building a email list.You can target age,gender and location to send traffic to your email capture page.

Ed Sheeran

You can achieve a great online following, artists like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift have utilised the internet for massive amount of fame,just like other youtube musicians.

I heard on the radio, that Ed Sheeran would plough his earnings back into more marketing of his music.

He would invest and reinvest in his marketing.

In fact record companies, are really marketing machines for the music industry.

Record companies and labels used many online marketing techniques, that affiliate marketers use to create a buzz about a band.

Record companies also look for youtube musicians,an example of this can be seen with Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber was found through youtube,he is a prime example of youtube musicians.

Although this is no substitute for getting out on the road and gigging, you need to do both.

What to do next if you are a Youtube Musician ?

If you want to learn the online skills and learn about traffic sources for your website, you can sign up for an affiliate marketing course.

You will learn how to build a landing page to capture your fans name and email address.

Also you will learn how to Drive traffic to your websites and fanpages.

Below are three different courses that can help a band, solo artist and manager to succeed.

Clickbank University, Affilorama and Affiliatetuber courses will help you.

Another great tool for ranking your videos on YouTube is Tubebuddy.

Tubebuddy is a SEO tool for YouTube videos and is a Google Chrome plug-in.

This plug-in allows you to choose the best keywords 4 ranking your videos to the top of search results.

Tubebuddy also allows you to optimise your YouTube videos, by showing you lots of tips and tricks such as your end screen and thumbnails.


Youtube musicians will need to write extensive articles about their music and band history,remember all publicity is good publicity.

Your articles should be at least 2000 words long, Google loves comprehensive valuable content, and so will your fans.

You should be using WordPress as this is the best platform.

Try to become the best youtube musicians you can,use the internet to it’s full potential.


Thank you for taking the time to read the short blog post, you can definitely take your music to the next level, by getting it exposed to as many people as possible.

If you would like to read any of my other blog posts, then please click the link below.

How youtbue and other mizspelins can get you traffic

Did you know 55,600,000 people misspelled YouTube as Youtbue.

I can totally understand that not everyone can spell very well, I suffer with dyslexia so I have direct experience of spelling mistakes.

It is also very easy 2 misspell on a mobile device, because the keys on the keyboard are so close together.

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We can take advantage as affiliate marketers and online business owners, by ranking for words that are misspelled.

If you visit Neil Patel’s website, he has a really great feature called Ubersuggest.

What ubersuggest allows you to do where is, put your rivals niche website URL into research field.

When you click search, it will come up with all the keywords, that your rivals website has used for search rankings.

You will then notice miss spellings of popular search terms like, YouTube,mortgage and all other related search terms to the niche.

I have also found some online software called good keywords.

The good keywords software allows you to search for regular keywords, but also has an option to show misspelled keywords.

I find this very surprising the amount of keywords that are misspelled that get lots of results.

Affiliate marketing courses

If you would like to learn more about the skills you need for affiliate marketing, you can join one of the course is mentioned below.

Clickbank University and affilorama are world-class class online affiliate courses, with videos and supporting materials.

Click the links below to learn more about these two amazing courses.

>>Join Clickbank University<<

>>>Join Affilorama<<<


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