So Are You Failing At Facebook Affiliate Marketing and other methods of Work From Home business? Do You want a Solution to the Frustration of where you are going wrong? If the answer is YES! Then you have found yourself in the right place.

work from home facebook affiliate marketing

Since the publication of books like ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ and ‘The 4-Hour Work Week’, people have made it their goal to become financially free. If you want to work from home and spend time with your family and have time to do the things you love, then read on.


You can do work from home and create content just once and get paid passively for years to come. Affiliate Marketing is a form of content marketing that’s Performance based. The more sales you make, the more you get paid.

So i’m guessing you’ve tried affiliate marketing? You learned loads of info and tried to make money online and failed. Did you know that most people who do affiliate marketing fail. They fail because they are learning out of date knowledge or just didn’t take action!

You can go round in circles or make the important decision to take you from ZERO to HERO. That’s right. By taking action from the right affiliate industry professionals, you can make a success of yourself.

You can learn from the number 1 affiliate on Clickbank. He has made millions by promoting Clickbank products on Facebook. So how can you learn to do the same?

That’s where Commission Hero flies in to save the day and rescue you from disappointment, failure and frustration.

Facebook Affiliate Marketing Course – Commission Hero

You can work from home by learning Facebook affiliate marketing with Commission Hero.

The course was designed by Robby Blanchard who’s the number 1 ClickBank Affiliate in the world. Robby wasn’t always a success though. He started out just like you, until he cracked the secret formula to success. Robby went from personal trainer for the rich and wealthy, to massively wealthy from Facebook Affiliate Marketing.

The course shows you exactly how to create successful Facebook ad campaigns specifically for affiliate offers. Another great thing about commission hero is the amount of FREE resources you get included, like the Facebook compliant Million Dollar Images that are proven to work n your ads. You also gain access to the private members Facebook group, so you can be part of a community of like-minded people.

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Courses – Work from home facebook affiliate marketing

All you need is a laptop, smartphone and internet connection to start your training TODAY. There are only a couple of affiliate courses that are genuine these days. Legendary Marketer and Commission Hero have been created by master affiliate marketing professionals. These courses will help you get over the frustration and stress of trial and error that most affiliate feel in the beginning.

Did you know!

Some people prefer to work from home by creating blogs, facebook ads and Youtube videos. They get paid massive amounts of money by creating content over and over again. Just from doing the work just once!

Work from home facebook affiliate marketing

Legendary Marketer was created by David Sharpe. In the past David was a high school drop out and found himself hooked hard drugs. He managed to turn his life around and make a success through affiliate marketing.

The Legendary Marketer courses delve into many aspects of copywriting, lead generation, affiliate traffic and content creation. Legendary Marketer offers many advanced courses once you are inside.

The first entry level course is called the “15 Day Business Builder Challenge”. It comes FREE when you purchase the Ebook “The Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing” for $1.99.

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Work from home facebook affiliate marketing

The Affiliate Marketing industry is worth billions in sales globally. The courses I have mentioned will help you from little or no knowledge to advanced techniques.

Affiliate Networks

Once you have learned how to do affiliate marketing,you can get hold of affiliate links to earn commissions.You can start by joining the following affiliate networks like Maxbounty,they have lots of products,services for every niche.

Join the affiliate networks below for FREE and start getting your affiliate offers.This helps you Make money and work from home.

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Learn how to get leads with Tiktok

Did you know there’s a platform that can send 1000s of FREE leads to your business every Day,Week,Month and Year. Did you also know that hardly any other entrepreneurs are using this traffic technique.

It’s very surprising that 15 second videos on Tiktok can be used to drive massive amounts of traffic to your instagram and youtube,you can gain access to 800 million potential customers on Tiktok for FREE.

If you want to take full advantage and go viral and generate hundreds or thousands of leads,try the course below for $1. The Legendary Marketer 15 Second Leads course is packed with Tiktok optimization tips with in-depth knowledge from Super Affiliates.

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What is Email Marketing

Try AWeber free for 30 days! – AWeber Communications

Email marketing is one of the core skills you will need to develop as an affiliate and content marketer. Email is still one of the top ways you can build trust and grow a following.At some point very early in your affiliate content marketing career,you will have to get a email auto-responder.

This is essential in building your email list,because without a list you have no business.All of the successful affiliates keep building their lists over time.

I like to use Aweber email marketing. You can use Aweber to insert HTML and Java Email submission form into your content. They also have landing page templates with email forms already pre loaded.

Aweber are well known as one of the best companies out there for the following reasons;

  • 30 DAY FREE trial on signup
  • Cheap monthly subscriptions
  • Easy to build Aweber Hosted Landing Pages
  • Email Opt-in form in HTML or JS code formats
  • Easy import/export of email lists
  • World Class Support
  • Aweber Not seen as Spam by Hotmail,Google and most other email providers.So you know people will get your Emails

If you want to take advantage of Awebers fantastic email marketing services get your 30 Day FREE Trial,you can signup below!

Building a Email List Fast

So once you have your email auto-responder and landing page setup,you can then start driving traffic to your email list.There are two different methods you can use to build your email list;

  1. Organic Traffic – FREE traffic methods
  2. Paid Traffic

If you go for the organic traffic methods,it can take years to build up enough traffic to build an email list. Youtube,Google Search and social media can all be great methods of getting FREE traffic to your landing and web pages.You will need to continuously create content for your FREE traffic methods and make sure your blog posts and videos are correctly SEO’d.

There is a short cut to building a email list fast by using targeted traffic using solo ads.Solo ads are great for building an email list,but what are solo ads? When someone has a large niche specific email list,they can make money out of their list by selling solo ads. This is done by sending a broadcast message to their followers,paid for by the advertiser. The solo ad is linked to your offers landing page.

Solo ads for Building email lists

The two main companies that provide solo ads are Udimi and Trafficforme.Both of these solo ad providers sell clicks for a set price,example 300 clicks for $0.60 each.Udimi is a marketplace where you can search for solo ad sellers and check out reviews of those sellers. Udimi also has a wide variety of price ranges for with some sellers with at as little as $0.30 per click. If you want to check Udimi out,this is their website

Trafficforme sell premium email traffic and focus more on the USA and other tier 1 countries like the UK. I found when I used Trafficforme to promote various landing pages,most of the traffic was USA,I also had 40-70% opt-ins,depending on what I was promoting. If you want to check out Trafficforme this is their site .I have also done a review of Trafficforme,you can read it here

Web hosting for WordPress

If you want to Make money by doing content marketing to promote your affiliate links and start building your blog. You will need to get web hosting and wordpress by signing up for,a web hosting service like Siteground.

Siteground will migrate your wordpress or any other website across from your old hosting provider to their server for FREE,once you have chosen one of their hosting plans.

Their fees are very reasonable and I write a review about Siteground,check it out here
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Giving up is not an option

If affiliates just keep on creating content like writing blog posts/videos on Youtube every week,they would gain the traction to get more traffic. Your blog posts should be answering questions and giving solutions to Search terms.

The same can be said of Youtube videos as well.Training and skill development are also important,especially if you are stuck on certain aspects of affiliate/content marketing.

You have got this far so DON’T GIVE UP!!!

Like i mentioned at the beginning of this page,’Legendary Marketer’ can give you faster results when creating your online business, and gives plenty of tips on affiliate content marketing.

Try learning about passive income and affiliate marketing through Legendary Marketers ‘Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing Ebook’ for the BARGAIN Price of $1.99,you also get a the ’15 Day Business Builder Challenge’ Included.

I have done a review about this book and what it contains here

Work from home facebook affiliate marketing continued..

My youtube channel has tutorials

Affiliate Marketing.Youtube logo.join me on youtube for some tuturials.Subscribe and comment with your ideas and progress.

Youtube is a great FREE traffic source for content marketing,creating a Youtube channel it’s FREE. There are billions of people around the planet that search Youtube for answers and tutorials.

Lots of Youtubers create free content to promote their offers from affiliate networks and collect email leads. You can also find me on Youtube by clicking the link below.Remember to subscribe,like,comment and share.

Just click the bell icon for all new videos.

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pinterest is great Free Traffic for blogs, Youtube Videos and Ecommerce

If you want to get more FREE website traffic, try Pinterest. Pinterest is a great FREE traffic source for bloggers and Youtubers.You can create graphics with Canvas and Flyermaker apps and use them as pins.

Each pin can have its own URL linked to your blogs,website pages and Youtube videos. Pinterest pins show up in Google search results. You can really make a massive different to your website,Youtube videos and blog traffic.

Its totally FREE to join and its worth taking advantage of it.

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