What is affiliate marketing ? Affiliate Marketing is a form of content based Performance based marketing done by creating videos (Youtube),blog articles,paid advertising,email and everything in-between.The more sales you make the more you get paid,and the money you can make is not limited in most cases.

If you are serious about making money online,you can build a online business and learn everything you need know about affiliate marketing! Affiliate Marketing is worth billions in sales all around the world,if you want to learn how to take advantage of this industry,you can learn how to create a successful profitable affiliate marketing business.

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What is affiliate marketing – A Basic explanation

what is affiliate marketing ebook

What is affiliate marketing?There a few ways to do affiliate marketing. A lot of affiliates use a blog to promote their affiliate links.This can also be done through Youtube for FREE,or through paid advertising.

The process of affiliate marketing is to direct people to your landing page by providing value based content.When people land on your landing page,you will have an email opt-in form that links through to your email auto-responder like Aweber.

Once you have a persons email address,you can build trust in whats known as a nurturing process.Providing value based video or written content is the backbone of a successful affiliate business.You can learn all about this by taking a course HERE <<<.

Once you have learned how to do affiliate marketing,you can get hold of affiliate links to earn commissions.You can start by joining the following affiliate networks like Maxbounty,they have lots of products,services for every niche. Join the affiliate networks below for FREE and start getting your affiliate offers.

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What is affiliate marketing ? Continued…

>>Affiliate marketing definition on wikipedia<<<

This website is dedicated to learning all about Affiliate Marketing tip’s and tricks, and how to make money online through certain Affiliate techniques.There are plenty of WordPress tutorials and SEO tips.

There are plenty of articles covering email list building,Wordpress how to guides and how to get affiliate marketing offers to promote ect. So if you want to the Best Affiliate marketing tips,check out this blog and learn new skills.

There are plenty of ways to make money online but blogging is one of the best ways.You can build a online business by mixing your interest, and you can monetize your blogs/youtube videos by using affiliate marketing products and offers.

Some Affiliate products have massive commissions, and you don’t even need to buy stock or a shop to take advantage,you can just send traffic to your offers.

You can make $1000’s of dollars with high ticket niche products from health,wealth and relationship niches.The skills you learn from affiliate marketing courses,can be transferred to many other businesses models and you will learn all about digital marketing free lancer techniques as well

What is affiliate Marketing – Email Auto-responder

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At some point very early in your affiliate marketing career,you will have to get a email auto-responder.This is essential in building your email list,because without a list you have no business.All of the successful affiliates keep building their lists over time.I like to use Aweber email marketing.

Aweber are well known as one of the best companies out there for the following reasons;

  • 30 DAY FREE trial on signup
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  • Easy to build Aweber Hosted Landing Pages
  • Easy to build Email Opt-in form in HTML or JS
  • Easy import/export of email lists
  • World Class Support
  • Aweber Not seen as Spam by Hotmail,Google and most other email providers.So you know people will get your Emails

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Super Affiliate Classroom course

There is a course called Super Affiliate classroom,that is packed with lots of great video tutorials on all aspects of the skills needed to be a successful affiliate marketer.

The course is run by Paul Nicholl’s who started from nothing in manual dirty jobs (building sites). He then learned how to do affiliate marketing with massive results,making crazy commissions.

To learn more about becoming a super affiliate classroom student,just check out Paul’s ‘Super Affiliate Classroom course’ and blog below.


The 12 minute affiliate system

The 12 minute affiliate system – Make money online system – passive income automated system

The 12 minute affiliate system is a pre-made system that is all in one package,a bit like similar products like Click Funnels. This biz opp will help you to start making money online very quickly,you can enter this online business system. You can set this system up in around 12 minutes,or a least before the end of the day.

The 12 minute affiliate system has everything you need all in one package and you can leave it on autopilot 24/7 365 days a year.

The 12 minute affiliate system has been made by Devon Brown,he has been an affiliate marketer since 2001 and finally came up with a business opportunity that works.You can even try this system out on a 14 day trial at a reduced price of just under $10,or if you want lifetime access to this system you can get it for just under $400.

I am a big fan of blogging,but this system is great for beginners and entrepreneurs who are looking for extra residual passive income.It has pre made landing pages,sales funnels and instructions on using solo ads and autoresponders.

This pre-made system can help you promote your affiliate offers.
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How to start Blogging as an affiliate

Niche website owners can make lots of money, through writing blogs and promoting affiliate offers.You can also make money by using Google Adsense and placing Google ads on your blog website.

Paid advertising can also be a great way of creating passive income by driving Facebook,Google and other social media advertising traffic to your landing page.

Web hosting

If you want to start building your blog you will need to get web hosting and wordpress by signing up for,a web hosting service like Siteground.

Siteground will migrate your wordpress or any other website across from your old hosting provider to their server for FREE,once you have chosen on of their hosting plans.
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Then you can learn how to create a profitable niche website with the course below!!

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The skills you will learn from my blogs will point you in the right direction you need to go in.There can be times when you will want to give up,but you also need to have the motivation to move things forward,you can then start to make money online with the right skills.

Learn how to build a profitable niche blog site with courses from $10! I really like Udemy.com,because the courses on there have great advice that’s so helpful and useful for building a passive income blog site.

You can learn a lot by watching the online video courses on Udemy.com.The blogging courses help you every step of the way.The instructors will run through every step from start to finish,of all of the things you need to create a passive income website.

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You can make massive amounts of money online by using blogging,to create wealth through passive income. When answering the question ‘What is affiliate marketing’,most affiliate tend to be bloggers,closely followed by Youtubers.

The most important thing for you to do is TAKE ACTION, and start your online business today.

clickbank University Affiliate course

Clickbank is a world renowned affiliate offers network,and has lots of digital products for you to sell, and make massive commissions online. Clickbank University is a Marketing course that teaches you in step by step online videos,you also get supporting materials you can download for each section of the course.

Some commisions are 50 to 90% of the initial sale and there are products for every niche. The team at clickbank decided to create a course called clickbank university and help entrepreneurs develop their skills .

The skills you will learn are transferable to most other online businesses.TAKE ACTION NOW and begin your journey, and start learning about affiliate marketing NOW! with Clickbank University marketing courses!

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Final thoughts

To learn more about Legendary Marketer,just watch the video of Dave Sharpe by clicking the link BELOW!!!

My number one recommended online course is Legendary Marketer,the “15 Day Business Builder Challenge” is a mini course you can take,that walks you through the affiliate marketing business in easy step by step fashion.


The most important advice I can give you about affiliate marketing is this!!!

Don’t give up!

Most people fail at affiliate marketing because they either NEVER TAKE ACTION and they give up too quickly. Writing blog posts and building websites takes time and dedication.This can put a lot of people off,because they dont see results straight away.

A great example of why you shouldn’t give up is SEO (search engine optimization).Websites can take up to 8 to 12 months to start getting large amounts search traffic. Lots of people give up after 6 months,thinking that their website is not working, or that they are not getting commissions.

Giving up is not an option

If they had just kept on writing blogs every week and adding to their website pages,they would gain the traction to get more traffic. Your blog posts should be answering questions and giving solutions to problems that the public are searching for online.

You have got this far DON’T GIVE UP!!!

Like i mentioned at the beginning of this page,the ‘Super affiliate classroom’ can give you fast results. You will still need a website and organic search results for a long term success in online business.

All super affiliates need a blog to collect emails and leads,So start your blog website and try and write a blog every week or every day if you can.

It’s cheap to start a WordPress website,even if you are on a low income. The only other thing you will need to do is GIVE YOUR TIME to create your blogs and online content.

My youtube channel has tutorials

Affiliate Marketing.Youtube logo.join me on youtube for some tuturials.Subscribe and comment with your ideas and progress.

Youtube is a great FREE traffic source and you can use it by creating a Youtube channel it’s FREE. There are billions of people around the planet that search Youtube for answers and tutorials. You can find me on Youtube by clicking the link below.

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pinterest is great for bloggers

If you want to get more FREE website traffic, try Pinterest. Pinterest is a great FREE traffic source for bloggers and Youtubers.You can create graphics with Canvas and Flyermaker apps and use them as pins.

Each pin can have its own URL linked to your blogs,website pages and Youtube videos. Pinterest pins show up in Google search results.

You can really make a massive different to your website and blog traffic,Its totally FREE to join and its worth taking advantage of it.

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Frequently asked Questions

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a form of Performance based marketing. This done by creating videos (Youtube),blog articles,paid advertising,email and everything in-between.The more sales you make the more you get paid,and the money you can make is not limited in most cases.

How to Start blogging as an affiliate?

You can start blogging as an affiliate,by creating a wordpress website that is hosted by a web hosting provider.

How do you build a niche website?

To build a niche website,you can either take a course that teaches you like the one’s on Udemy,or dive straight in to my post on ‘How to create a blog and make money’.

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